The Road to PS5

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2 aylar önce

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

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Dat_boi_Juan712 48 dakika önce
Sony better fix the fans, if not I’ll be disappointed
Khalid MI
Khalid MI Saatler önce
Rewatching this in preparation for the 4th of June event....
Jean Aymán
Jean Aymán 2 saatler önce
Sony's big reveal on 4th of June: The Road To PS5-video was a tech demo from upcoming Hideo Kojima ASMR-game called "The Road To PS5" and Mark Cerny will be your friendly NPC-companion through your journey.
Ben Eve
Ben Eve 4 saatler önce
why does Mark Cerny looks like he is explaining hunger games?!?!
demian valero
demian valero 5 saatler önce
No entiendou inglish solo español ñero JAJAJAJ
analisajofficial 6 saatler önce
The dislikes are from xbox users
Max Danylenko
Max Danylenko 7 saatler önce
Wow, Dana Carvey sure is muli-talented...
Dante Gabriel2005
Dante Gabriel2005 8 saatler önce
The Hardware of this console is amazing, i can't wait to see how many developent will make exclusive games for the ps5.
Dan-D 10 saatler önce
Make online free again on PS5!!!
Mahaveer Singh
Mahaveer Singh 10 saatler önce
Dan-D you are right
Mahaveer Singh
Mahaveer Singh 10 saatler önce
Plz protect this person from anything for ps5
KingMath22232 11 saatler önce
That presentation ist great!
Nathan Grey
Nathan Grey 11 saatler önce
Cerny talks like he is trying to explain stuff to stupid people
yorgos protogeros
yorgos protogeros 11 saatler önce
Amazing speaker!
Andreas Tzimboukakis
Andreas Tzimboukakis 12 saatler önce
we need a new wipeout game to showcase how fast things can go with the new SSD XD
Parker Gordon
Parker Gordon 12 saatler önce
PlayStation is gey
Jinx 1234
Jinx 1234 12 saatler önce
It’s very kind of them to be showing off the console in action for the whole video
zoko_cx 13 saatler önce
Why so many thumb downs, you are disappointed not getting exact launch time so you can starting camping in front of stores on time ? This is high quality talk, a really informative and clear even for non technical users. I really like how clearly this man speaks.
Oliver the theorist
Oliver the theorist 14 saatler önce
sounds like ryan renolds
annu yadav
annu yadav 14 saatler önce
Will it run elder scrolls 6?? Who am i kidding we will get ps6 till then!!
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam Saatler önce
Bethesda is garbage
Seiko Sanjii
Seiko Sanjii 14 saatler önce
Speech level: 100000
Jaylious Yew
Jaylious Yew 16 saatler önce
This guy is on Xbox hit list, we need to activate all form of federal protection for him.
Up What’s
Up What’s 16 saatler önce
I just hope ps4 and ps5 can play together
Clippa caddy
Clippa caddy 16 saatler önce
I swear Mark Cerny is a advanced android sent by a quantum playstation in the future to ensure its globe take over! 😉
XxRoxanne_WolfxX 17 saatler önce
Yessss ps5 yay
FiZiKaL-ReFLeX 19 saatler önce
This guy was awesome!!! Loved his presentation!!!
bananatube inc
bananatube inc 19 saatler önce
I am Nintendo gamer I'm sad that there is no new console in 2020
MV PM 20 saatler önce
sony, you don’t know how happy I am that you finally released PS5 😅
dima9917 20 saatler önce
The dude is a 100% AI hologram.
Ray Cism 65
Ray Cism 65 21 saatler önce
This dude did all the work
m-dlg Gün önce
Watching this again, its time to give props to Mark Cerny
In-N-Out Gün önce
His friend didn't come up with the line, 'A rise in tide lifts all boats' - that was lifted from JFK's speech in 1963 regarding economic reform.
Max Glubokyj
Max Glubokyj Gün önce
Great presentation! This time I don't have any doubts it will be PS5 and not Xbox solution.
CybeCyber Gün önce
Look at the dislikes.
CybeCyber Saatler önce
@Harbaj Grewal seen them, hey I mean this has alot of dislikes, but atleast the likes are higher. The Xbox dislikes are more higher than there likes. 😂
Harbaj Grewal
Harbaj Grewal 20 saatler önce
look at inside xbox dislikes
ZeldaX Gamer
ZeldaX Gamer Gün önce
Honestly yes it was an ok presentation but the most of the people and fans care about playing it only because they'll think it s better because it s a new console but yeah some people don't honestly care about what s inside the console and i understand that.
Lorenzo Campani
Lorenzo Campani Gün önce
Like chi è italiano e non ha capito nulla
Personal Vision
Personal Vision Gün önce
Mark Cerny is a legend in game development. This presentation was impeccable. I wonder what will Microsoft do to keep up with this.
Acharya Tanawata
Acharya Tanawata Gün önce
Could ps5 play ps4 game ?
Necro Spencer
Necro Spencer Gün önce
through updates yes
zcjrz Gün önce
Fantastic deep dive, Mark!
Mehmed Cavas
Mehmed Cavas Gün önce
just liked because of this dude
Rocky Deep
Rocky Deep Gün önce
This guy could walk up there and say that he banged my mom and girlfriend and I’d just take notes and ask if that’ll be on the exam.
Dom Lang
Dom Lang Gün önce
Where can I buy one of these presentation bots
Cesar Emiliano Vázquez Moctezuma
Cesar Emiliano Vázquez Moctezuma Gün önce
Im sure the "people" in the background got paid only to hear this man talking during 50 mins
Alfie Gün önce
If you find this video boring, then it isn’t for you kid. I actually find this really interesting.
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia Gün önce
Ni la pandemia los para, solo intereses económicos y políticos son los que cuentan, no aporta nada la presentación de una consola cuando hay un culapso mundial en temas se salud y humanidad.
mattropolis99 Gün önce
Um, I'm not super-wowed here. Almost all this technology has existed for some time in the desktop and GPU world - and they're mostly just making tweaks to that existing technology. The hard drive is just standard next PCI express 4.x interface with some firmware tweaks. The custom DMA engines are cool but nothing new. PCIe 5 will soon give desktops 16 channels, not just 12. Optane desktop drives are already an order of magnitude faster than what he's describing. Shockwave 3D and racing games had progressive asset loading for the last 10 years - not new technology. Basically they're pulling slightly tweaked components from the PC world and plugging them into a standard console. In short, the consoles - both Xbox and PS - are admitting the PC world has won the technology war and joining the winning team.
Christopher O'Grady
Christopher O'Grady Gün önce
A masterclass in public speaking
D-Ken Gün önce
SirRevolver Gün önce
I want this man to speak at my funeral
The Khani Project
The Khani Project Gün önce
Who‘s watching this in 2025?
Daniel Castellanos
Daniel Castellanos Gün önce
MMM yo hablo español
StrangeCalibur Gün önce
Great presentation, thanks!
Jay_sagrado Gün önce
Unintentional asmr 💤
CAE Productions
CAE Productions Gün önce
Crosssplay plzz
Totallytrippin 2 gün önce
Is the audience fake? It feel like they are not real people
mutalix Gün önce
Yes, this was made during corona lockdown, how tf would ppl be there?
Darrel Und
Darrel Und 2 gün önce
why people are disliking this video, the title is clear "road to ps5" not the entire console reveal
mutalix Gün önce
Pc and xbots triggered at the ps5s super fast ssd , 12 channel data lane and its super efficient i/o system.
shahaf shamir
shahaf shamir 2 gün önce
I haven't heard one word about DISCORD
Subscribeman Great
Subscribeman Great 2 gün önce
This guy created the ps6 by himself in one hour already
Shimohira Reika
Shimohira Reika 2 gün önce
Hey, where is my Psvita 2?
jaytmtb 2 gün önce
Is this guy Willie Wonka, he sounds so condescending I've bought every Playstation since the start, and the PS5 is going to be no exception, I was sold at "there's gonna be a PS5" :-)
mutalix Gün önce
Mark Cerny is an autistic genius!! Sony is extremely fortunate to have him.
Painkiller 007
Painkiller 007 2 gün önce
but why 120k dislikes,
mutalix Gün önce
Pcmasterrace and xbots triggered by super fast ssd, 12 channel data highway and uber fast and efficient I/O infrastructure.
Bloody Gamer2
Bloody Gamer2 2 gün önce
Some of my friends said when ps4 came out all ps3 games where free online without ps plus so they are saying that if ps5 comes out all ps4 games maybe be free ps plus
mutalix Gün önce
lol I dont think so, but I would hope so too lol
shadowph4ntom fortniteplay3r
shadowph4ntom fortniteplay3r 2 gün önce
The 118k dislikes are from xbox fans...
iThinkIAteMyMum yum
iThinkIAteMyMum yum 2 gün önce
The dislikes are from the Xbox kids
Vaimast 2 gün önce
The real shut up and take my money. The patch download always bother me
Akademiya Samuraya
Akademiya Samuraya 2 gün önce
Mister Jester
Mister Jester 2 gün önce
The real question is, will GTA V Online loading be longer?
Omar Aseery
Omar Aseery 2 gün önce
if this was age restricted , the video would have 0 dislikes
hubsoftecommerce 2 gün önce
The Dislikers are from Xbox
Grauer Yoshi
Grauer Yoshi 2 gün önce
It will be short they said, we will be excited they said.. Just a Joke PS5
Aaike Van Roekeghem
Aaike Van Roekeghem 2 gün önce
Absolutely amazing road map... I haven't been this excited for the gaming industry in a very very long time. This is what we have all been waiting for !! Thank you Sony for not only understanding the vision but actually realizing it. This together with tech like Unreal Engine 5 opens up freedom just like he said ... I can't wait to see the games that will be released on this system... i also believe games will be created at a faster pace and developers will be able to focus on gameplay again without sacrificing graphic quality.
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