The Vows Tana Didn't End Up Making At The Altar | Tana Turns 21: 'Til Clout Do Us Part | Episode 7

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As Tana struggles to write her wedding vows to Jake, Jordan is made aware of a plot that could derail the #Jana nuptials.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child TanaMongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV TRwomen.
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Want more ☕? Check out Ashly & Imari spilling tea from some of the biggest Tana Turns 21 moments:
Penny Goulding
Penny Goulding 18 gün önce
Please a season two with no Jake n more Imari, Ashly n Trevor PLEASE
Tr Ash
Tr Ash 27 gün önce
this wasn’t it, chiefs. nobody wants more of this
Sandra  Barbour
Sandra Barbour Aylar önce
She making money off all you squirts and laughing all the way to the bank ..... What a joke !!! Real ....Real.... Real ......
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 4 dakika önce
I genuinely wonder which of Shane’s docuseries featured creators will hitch up together next
Cadence Paullus
Cadence Paullus 12 saatler önce
she's very sweet and it's kinda sad to see she is putting more into the relationship than Jake does
niva almstedt
niva almstedt 18 saatler önce
tana is the only one who can rock bad eyebrows, love my mom
Green Eyes
Green Eyes 19 saatler önce
Ana S
Ana S 2 gün önce
When ash noticed jordan's cheek was red, that really showed they care for each other
Jack C
Jack C 3 gün önce
I wanna be Ashley’s best friend Sarah Fuckin Baska and omg Gage was there
alicia austin
alicia austin 3 gün önce
Tanas friends wanting better for her for 30 mins straight
abby leigh
abby leigh 4 gün önce
I felt secondhand embarrassment the entire time watching this video yikes
XGamingTimeX X
XGamingTimeX X 4 gün önce
I swear if this is the last Tana Turns 21 I’m gunna go off
Hector Muñoz
Hector Muñoz 5 gün önce
and my shooter best tf outta them 😂😂😂😂
Sakura 5 gün önce
Dear children, marriage is not something to mess around with. Don't be like these people.
Aurora Morning-Star
Aurora Morning-Star 5 gün önce
Marvin Mckenzie
Marvin Mckenzie 6 gün önce
no shade but Jordan should push for Trisha to have a show ...maybe on bravo for a different audience or vh1
Jules A
Jules A 7 gün önce
LMAO, Sara Baska and her damn fan i can't !!!
ChinaBeann 8 gün önce
No paperwork means it’s not legal.... but it was a Vegas wedding and I guess that’s something.
dolles 8 gün önce
The only marriage that's important atm is Pewdiepie and Marzia
It'sMeCecy 9 gün önce
was this the last episode???
Aubre 10 gün önce
Jordan seems so reasonable and like he really cares for Tana
Meena Lupe
Meena Lupe 11 gün önce
RhianafeatEileen 11 gün önce
Sooo are we ever gonna see tanas 21?
kiarraaleesha. 12 gün önce
Sarah Baska in the back fanning them 😭😂😂😂😂
Genevieve Redfern
Genevieve Redfern 13 gün önce
I fucking love Ashly
Punchbag 100
Punchbag 100 14 gün önce
Wait why does her face look weird
Jr Estrada
Jr Estrada 14 gün önce
Logan Paul's face hahaha
3tardsareus 15 gün önce
they rly just told her only whilst she was walking down the aisle that there “might be a fake fight”
Kate Wanke
Kate Wanke 15 gün önce
1:24 is soooooooo relatable
martha k
martha k 16 gün önce
Ok if they didn’t have sex until the wedding, why did the “I’m pregnant” prank work lmao
lachlansayas 16 gün önce
Sabrina Hultman
Sabrina Hultman 16 gün önce
Cant she just date Jordan instead?
Kayley Meredith
Kayley Meredith 16 gün önce
Why is Jordan being such a yes man? I wish he sat her down and told her what a mistake this is. Jake is such a horrible person.
DJ LOOPY 16 gün önce
Poppy Ulmer
Poppy Ulmer 16 gün önce
Great season!! loved it
Maddy 18 gün önce
I really hope Tana said something about Jordan being punched
GapYear 18 gün önce
...she did the pregnancy prank when they hadn't even had sex 😑
Sophie Pop
Sophie Pop 18 gün önce
this is so embarrassing
Michael Essmann
Michael Essmann 18 gün önce
bubby 22
bubby 22 18 gün önce
Where did she find that dress. Its gorgeous
Isabella Kate
Isabella Kate 19 gün önce
i really feel like Tana is blinded by Jake... I mean she didn’t even know champagne was gonna be poured on her. And Jake didn’t even own up to it... I- he- is still a jerk
Camille Leroyer
Camille Leroyer 19 gün önce
what is this absolute shambles
Alivia Rose
Alivia Rose 19 gün önce
Where the heck did you get yo dress
Ceri Thomas
Ceri Thomas 19 gün önce
is tana high in the interviews??
Hriniak, Jessica
Hriniak, Jessica 19 gün önce
just here to say how much I love jordan
SyszoneTv 19 gün önce
u hit the rock bottom MTV.. time to fukin go away
Natalie Grace
Natalie Grace 20 gün önce
Each like on this comment is a prayer for tanas extensions 🙏
Sierra Vera
Sierra Vera 20 gün önce
From the looks of things it appears that Jordan may be in love with her. I think that with time she will start to develop romantic feelings for him, too, but for right now she has a lot of growing up to do.
M KB 20 gün önce
How can Tana pull off the pregnency prank if they havent slept together yet? so confusing....
nicenicky12 20 gün önce
Crazy how all of this is lies. They’re actually crazy good actors don’t know why MTV even called this a “reality” series. They’re in this for business and probably gonna regret this dumb business & public decision
Anne Hellwig
Anne Hellwig 20 gün önce
My favorite thing is when sarah baska is behind tana fanning her lol
Bria Jones
Bria Jones 20 gün önce
Calling it now, she's gonna marry her manager in 2 years
Bria Jones
Bria Jones 20 gün önce
I tried to give the clout monsters a chance but this is straight up weird
Fifi Lagi
Fifi Lagi 20 gün önce
Jake doesnt love Tana. Tana loves Jake. Jordan loves Tana.
Chelsey Mathis
Chelsey Mathis 20 gün önce
Poor Jordan. Probably wishes he could stop her but then she’d just rip his head off and jake would make her fire him 🙄
Shelly Sands
Shelly Sands 21 gün önce
So does that mean that pregnancy scare video was fake??
Courtney Bellmore
Courtney Bellmore 21 gün önce
Tanas outlook on marriage is my outlook.
Courtney Bellmore
Courtney Bellmore 21 gün önce
it shouldn't be hard and it shoudnt be stressful. it should be happy and in the moment
Jimothy Jams
Jimothy Jams 21 gün önce
Thank god for Ashly's realness. Really needed to balance out the bs of Jana
emma pupillo
emma pupillo 21 gün önce
jordan reminds me of my math teacher
Courtney Argudo
Courtney Argudo 21 gün önce
I'm upset that Tana really had me thinking I liked Jake Paul for a hot minute. After the thrown drink incident and Tana is telling Jake "The only thing that matters right now is you and me, I love you" and he turns to the camera, grabs her hand and says "look at this ring, I spent so much money on it".... disgusting
Tracey Jeanne
Tracey Jeanne 22 gün önce
Do we even know if there is going to be a season 2?
Tracey Jeanne
Tracey Jeanne 22 gün önce
We need a second season ASAP !!!
Tracey Jeanne
Tracey Jeanne 22 gün önce
Pamela Maria Schmidt
Pamela Maria Schmidt 22 gün önce
to be fair, MTV and other reality shows are super notorious for twisting stuff in their favour. Like even Jake's vows. When I first watched this clip I thought they were GARBAGE. Then I watched Tana and Jake's vlogs and he actually had something that was super sweet and MTV cut it out. Just saying man, like ya'll are forgetting that Jake manipulates, Tana manipulates, and so does MTV. Making Jake look like an asshole and making us question the validity of their relationship ultimately causes more drama and controversy surrounding them and the show which = $$$$$$$$
Shize ?
Shize ? 22 gün önce
Season 2 mtv don’t be dryyyy
Katherine Doyle
Katherine Doyle 22 gün önce
Peep mod sun in it favorite person ever
Juniper O'Hara
Juniper O'Hara 22 gün önce
Dude. Tana is rolling balls the end of that wedding, so obvious lmao
Juniper O'Hara
Juniper O'Hara 22 gün önce
Oh my god. So is her manager!!!
Luz De La Mora
Luz De La Mora 22 gün önce
Brooke Lewis
Brooke Lewis 22 gün önce
Jake 100% organised that fight. Everything always about him to benefit his career never about tana he’s just pretending
Meghan Fan!
Meghan Fan! 22 gün önce
The way Jordan scrolls down his phone just makes me laugh because he scrolls like most people getting used to technology 😂😂
woodsnhoods 23 gün önce
26:50 "the amount of growing up I've done in the past year is crazy..." Yeah sure looks like it Tana
Hannah hannah
Hannah hannah 23 gün önce
theyre both going straight to hell
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