The Wrong Way to Get Through a Breakup - Chris Distefano

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Chris Distefano explains how he grieved a tough breakup and wonders why parents often say one thing when they mean another.
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last Call
last Call 13 saatler önce
Everybody's a comedian with no laughter this guy is not funny
32Savage 15 saatler önce
Aerodynamic! S/o Theo Von
Suzy Burleigh
Suzy Burleigh Gün önce
Im so jealous of New York city accents, im from upstate NY and its not fair
Abraham Cadillac
Abraham Cadillac 2 gün önce
Let's crack this Novel Corona wide open, guy
Yoda's Godfather
Yoda's Godfather 3 gün önce
Did Schmidt get a Superman role?
NemosPodcast 5 gün önce
I love Chris!!!! stop lying bro you did the Frohawk because of Jersey shore!! 😂😂😂😂
Abel Romero
Abel Romero 6 gün önce
Dude your gay , in a very good way. And your fucken hott!!!!
B.D W 9 gün önce
Needs some work, but good stuff
Jon Ray
Jon Ray 10 gün önce
This is absolute fire! lol always knew about Chris because of his little stuff on tv but he is now getting the platform and looks to really do his thing. What an amazing comic.
Erin Carroll
Erin Carroll 18 gün önce
diabetres LMFAO
Lemmi Chillmister
Lemmi Chillmister 20 gün önce
Dude said “Sprinks” and gets mad at a kid that says “Pistach” 😂
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy 20 gün önce
No! Your haircut is hot, cuzzie. 💁🏻‍♂️
Jason King
Jason King 20 gün önce
He’s so hot!! 😍😍
Shiftey Greig
Shiftey Greig 21 gün önce
Not really that funny. It’s a bad sign when mostly women show up thinking it’s funny to try to score.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 21 gün önce
Lol my dad says idear and warter Edit: I totally forgot about Parnshop. Makes for some confusion
C Q 22 gün önce
Chrissy Cackles! Crack me open and clean me out!
miguel Diaz
miguel Diaz 23 gün önce
Steel pipe Chrissy
HCB AirSoft
HCB AirSoft 23 gün önce
The guy at 4:51 needs to iron his shirt
Cecilia Romo
Cecilia Romo 7 gün önce
For real tho
fun_paparazzi 23 gün önce
“I got diabetres” 😂
Optimistic Outreach
Optimistic Outreach 26 gün önce
He's in Boston saying he sounds like he's from NY...what is the difference???
dakika Woodard
dakika Woodard 26 gün önce
He keeps.doing the same jokes
Channing Choi
Channing Choi 26 gün önce
he should take his clothes off
Milos Mar
Milos Mar 27 gün önce
Wehave to protect him at all costs
Zac C
Zac C 28 gün önce
Chrissy drip drop
sarikatimmi 28 gün önce
chris and theo together are the besttt
Carlos Carrillo
Carlos Carrillo 29 gün önce
xavi G
xavi G Aylar önce
T.f.a.t.k got me here ......
Soma the gamer
Soma the gamer Aylar önce
Watched his 9/11 video like a minute ago now hunting down more vids
TheHilikus89 Aylar önce
Totes thought he was gay
Alexis Weishaar
Alexis Weishaar Aylar önce
I absolutely lost it at Grogle.Crom
kairos . _
kairos . _ Aylar önce
fire fash cut
chrissy d on the rise
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Aylar önce
“Pistachio? Let me see your divorce papers.”
Squid-Boy Aylar önce
this has 400,000 views and 9 comments
Shameless X
Shameless X Aylar önce
@MarsFire (:
Shameless X
Shameless X Aylar önce
@MarsFire He's so hot to write? Sheesh. To think that comment was edited. Haha.
George Philis
George Philis Aylar önce
Absolutely love how he takes jabs at his parents, especially his dad, so funny :-)
Sugar Skulls
Sugar Skulls Aylar önce
Love this dude!
jjme_ king
jjme_ king Aylar önce
Catch her off guard and u get it to jiggle
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation Aylar önce
He looks like the kind of guy whose girlfriend breaks up with him because he cheated on her...with a guy.
Florian Simbeck
Florian Simbeck Aylar önce
Cartridge, Eucalyptus, Rotary Cuffs ... I swear my mother in law always says she needs to get „her electric lights“ instead of electrolytes.
Marion Zemel
Marion Zemel Aylar önce
I remember when he was on Guy code
cpu554 Aylar önce
Carlin he ain't. So much for the next great white hope comedian. He should be busing tables at a NYC pizzeria.
Wyatt Ohse
Wyatt Ohse Aylar önce
cpu554 F off this dudes great
domz dome
domz dome Aylar önce
I love how chrissy slow his pace a little bit for this special. Props to chrissy and i love history hyenas.
Nova Niron Stine
Nova Niron Stine Aylar önce
Chris has the best material😂😂 you just wanna listen to him for hours. Hope he never loses that. Funny funny guy👏👏
Kris Mack
Kris Mack Aylar önce
Ummm yeah ok,. as long as there is a 4 drink minimum BEFORE he comes on stage.
Damian Khan
Damian Khan Aylar önce
Fucking prestine chrissy
superegobeats Aylar önce
It’s not rotary? I don’t get this one. 😂😂😂
superegobeats Aylar önce
How he caught the fact that the crowd didn’t know it was rotator cuff was awesome.
B. Moye
B. Moye Aylar önce
called out my whole life saying chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. dang thats ALL I used to order
Carlly O.
Carlly O. Aylar önce
Jacari Jones
Jacari Jones Aylar önce
I love him and I dont know why. Like what he's saying is hilarious. But I'm not laughing. Could be the wine. Could be the time but... imma keep watching because at this point it's not my choice lol addicting
Alex Uriati
Alex Uriati Aylar önce
Anyone know where this was filmed in Boston?
Kelly L
Kelly L 27 gün önce
Alex Uriati pretty sure it was Nicks it’s from 2014
Cristina Aylar önce
6:38 that line was like the punch to the gut
Luke Ansell
Luke Ansell Aylar önce
More Chris !
Austin Gibbs
Austin Gibbs Aylar önce
I FUCKING love Duck Tales
Ghost Aylar önce
Broke up with the Rican!?
anava84 24 gün önce
PR girls never stay in a relationship.
viva1amota Aylar önce
This wasn't funny
Dawn Kelly
Dawn Kelly Aylar önce
This guy is hilarious and hot. Lol
I Smokes the meats
I Smokes the meats Aylar önce
Is it me or does he look like Ed Skrein?
Charles Gangi
Charles Gangi Aylar önce
Ladder 14
Cheyenne Schultz
Cheyenne Schultz Aylar önce
Not gunna lie, thought when he said the rotary cuff in your shoulder was not the word, I was thinking it was rotisery 🤷‍♀️😂
Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz Aylar önce
GOD! Chris gets hotter and hotter every time 😍😍😍
Rea Sunshine
Rea Sunshine Aylar önce
🧐... Where do I know him from? 😲
*InsertNameHere* Aylar önce
Finally some new content from this guy, anyone know where he posts his stuff?
Kelly L
Kelly L 27 gün önce
*InsertNameHere* this is from 2014
Dakota Chenoa
Dakota Chenoa Aylar önce
lol duck tales still comes on, on Disney X.D. channel
A Y Aylar önce
It's not rotary is the best
Deela Sheini
Deela Sheini Aylar önce
Thumbnail looks like dean Winchester
jessie sargent
jessie sargent Aylar önce
I have always loved pistachio ice cream. It's one of my favorite colors and since I spent a lot of time with my great grandparents, I ate a lot of old people food. I was that kid who ordered liver and onions at restaurants lol
JP Haring
JP Haring Aylar önce
He stole the ice cream joke and duck tales from Adam ray
Kelly L
Kelly L 27 gün önce
JP Haring this is from 2014 soooo
melvina628 Aylar önce
Funny guy. I'm getting the "lighter on farts" vibe with a hint of "inappropriate relationship with dad".
Nanker Phelge
Nanker Phelge Aylar önce
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