Top 10 Worst Movies of 2019

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“Avengers: Endgame”, “Toy Story 4”, “Us” - there were plenty of great films released this year. BUT… we also saw plenty of stinkers! For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the very worst films released in 2019, either theatrically or to streaming services. Our countdown will include films such as “Men in Black: International” (2019), “The Goldfinch” (2019) and “Rambo: Last Blood” (2019). We’ll mainly be looking at major releases, but smaller indie films will also be considered so long as their poor quality was enough to earn them a fair amount of attention and press. Did your least-favorite film of 2019 make our list? Let us know in the comments!
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ZIGSVIDS 7 saatler önce
horrible movie list on a horrible YT channel
CT Dawg
CT Dawg Gün önce
5:40:I rooted for Rambo being brutally violent when he made those sex traffickers suffer the consequences for what they did to his niece and what they do to teenagers girls in Mexico.
Wyatt Anderson
Wyatt Anderson 2 gün önce
I disagree on Rambo, yes they could've tweaked the storyline a little but it great in my opinion as a Rambo fan, definitely better than the Star Remakes. I think you should've put Rise Of Skywalker on the list...they have destroyed Star Wars as we know it.
BenderFan 800
BenderFan 800 4 gün önce
I hated Dark Phoenix so much. It was so BORING. I didn't really like Gemini Man.
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue 4 gün önce
Ok gennmai man was a good one
omnivorous65 6 gün önce
Poor Chris Hemsworth... he is now associated with two of the most abysmally bad re-launches of movie franchises... Ghost Busters and MIB. It might not be his fault but that is not good.
Michelle Pama
Michelle Pama 8 gün önce
.....Aaaaand it wasn't beryl disappointed
Michelle Pama
Michelle Pama 8 gün önce
As soon as saw the thumbnail I thought cats is definetly going to be on this list!!!
John Locsin
John Locsin 10 gün önce
Fu watch mojo for all the ads u put in ur videos 👎
german ruelas
german ruelas 11 gün önce
All these movies were so gay
Lucas Buttschardt
Lucas Buttschardt 12 gün önce
You idiots you should have waited till the year was over to make this list you can’t just assume a Star Wars movie is going to be at least decent
Marc-Anthony Alejandro
Marc-Anthony Alejandro 17 gün önce
“How can someone be sympathetic over someone this violent?” Maybe because they killed the closest person Rambo had for a daughter, villains made the girl a prostitute, told Rambo they doesn’t give a shit what happens to her, kept calling her and the other girls bitches and sluts, not to mention that they attacked Rambo and that the girl’s “friend” sold her out to those dudes and steeling her mom’s bracelet. I think those are pretty sympathetic reasons for Rambo lol
Grumpy young men
Grumpy young men 21 gün önce
How is loquisha so offensive but no one got offended at " white chicks "
Fred T
Fred T 19 gün önce
Because people weren’t as fragile when White Chicks came out. Trust me, if White Chicks came out today it would be HATED.
Logan Like
Logan Like 24 gün önce
Sorry but I thought hell boy was really good
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves 25 gün önce
My top 10 worst of the 2019: 1- The Lion King 2- Glass 3- Hellboy 4- Dark Phoenix 5- Rambo: Lest Blood 6- MIB: International 7- Dumbo 8- 6 Underground 9- Godzilla: King of the Monsters 10- Mortal Engines edit: a dishonorable mention for: IT: Chapter Two Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Aladdim Terminator: Dark Fate
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves 10 gün önce
@Dennis Arrieta The film is not terrible, visually speaking the film is impressive, the problem is that all this beauty hides an empty and thin film, full of uninteresting characters and with a lint of depth a lot of free destruction that only makes me feel sleepy and only.
Dennis Arrieta
Dennis Arrieta 16 gün önce
Alexandre Alves You Are Wrong Godzilla King of The Monsters Is Not Garbage Is Awesome You Jerk!!!!!!
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves 19 gün önce
@Fred T I actually like the first film, I admit that although I don't think there is a great horror film there, it really is quite a fun movie, just my God, what a boring film this second is, I know it's hard to have to translate all the crazy things that happen in the book, the more we could do it a little better, it got to the point that I felt sleepy during the movie.
Fred T
Fred T 19 gün önce
Yea IT chapter 2 was a disappointment. Felt like a comedy film, so many lame jokes throughout and in the most unnecessary parts, felt like an MCU movie.
Captain Mario
Captain Mario 25 gün önce
Number 1 : ............ *Black Panther (2018)* This is worst movie for MCU of all time.🤬🖕
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves 24 gün önce
Cry more baby 😉
Nah Fam
Nah Fam 26 gün önce
Rambo was so good. It’s an average/good movie not bad!
Jon Earley
Jon Earley Aylar önce
"Playmobil: The Movie" should've been here.
Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson Aylar önce
I'm surprised that Rise of Skywalker wasn't on the list. Even though I think that it's underrated
Oscarbella Gacha
Oscarbella Gacha Aylar önce
After should have been on the list.
Louw Burger
Louw Burger Aylar önce
Charlie's Angels?
liam chlada
liam chlada Aylar önce
Us was horrible wtf 😂🤣
Julien Lindauer
Julien Lindauer Aylar önce
That’s where the other half of _Cats_ budget went.
łøser. _.røser
łøser. _.røser 2 aylar önce
Why isn’t black Christmas on here🤦‍♀️
Max King Joe
Max King Joe 2 aylar önce
Where is banana splits movie? It also worst because of childhood ruined.
luna roxy godzilla
luna roxy godzilla 2 aylar önce
Godzilla king of the
luna roxy godzilla
luna roxy godzilla 2 aylar önce
Network 98
Network 98 2 aylar önce
this list is awful
Oliver's Movie Reviews
Oliver's Movie Reviews 2 aylar önce
Rambo last blood was actually pretty good, it's just watchmojo always agrees with the critics
Richard Peraza
Richard Peraza 2 aylar önce
Remove Rambo and MIB 4 replace them with the Hustler and Cats well actually just put Cats at no. 2 since at least it's so bad it's good and switch Dark Phoenix with Hell Boy
Elijah Angel
Elijah Angel 2 aylar önce
Why wasn’t MA on here that shit was trash
Evan Russelburg
Evan Russelburg 2 aylar önce
Unplanned is hands down te worst movie of the year and I have seen cats.
Monika Jachym
Monika Jachym 2 aylar önce
the silence is a rip off of a quiet place not gonna lie
A Piglin
A Piglin 2 aylar önce
Star wars the rise of skywalker is by far the worst.
Daniel Dodgion
Daniel Dodgion 2 aylar önce
Remove Rambo from this list I know what it's like to try and save a loved one and fail
Kyle Melo
Kyle Melo 2 aylar önce
Star Wars should be in the list.
Biggieboss power
Biggieboss power 2 aylar önce
I was waiting on Captain Marvel xDD worst Movie ever and then Charlies Angels the new one horrible Female Agenda Type of Shit!!
mjstory1976 Aylar önce
Ok we get it you are a virgin & scared of vaginas 🙄
Jay 0624
Jay 0624 2 aylar önce
I actually like HELLBOY idk
Iko Ozzie
Iko Ozzie 2 aylar önce
Star wars should be on here
Zlatan P
Zlatan P 2 aylar önce
The original Jacob's Ladder is such a great film.
Mark Lynn
Mark Lynn 3 aylar önce
*_Child's Play_* remake was not as good as 1988 original
bradys craft
bradys craft 3 aylar önce
I liked Rambo last blood but we all saw X-men dark Phoenix coming
VOID_frazix 3 aylar önce
Top 10 worst movies of 2019 I don’t think so you putted hellboy 1 The title said the worst movies in 2019
VOID_frazix 3 aylar önce
Yatukih001 3 aylar önce
A white man trapped in a black woman´s body - worst idea ever. Could not have possibly resulted in anything else than literally...the worst film of 2019. Happy summer everyone!
Network 98
Network 98 3 aylar önce
Cats and Hustle should’ve been there instead of dark phoenix and mib
MB 3 aylar önce
MMMM .....WHO MADE THIS LIST?? The hustle, After....those where great ?????
Israel Vasquez
Israel Vasquez 3 aylar önce
I wouldn't be surprised if Jeremy Saville gets blacklisted in Hollywood
Ser Golden hand the Just
Ser Golden hand the Just 3 aylar önce
1:19 Draxx?????
DãTacóShaq :
DãTacóShaq : 3 aylar önce
Before I watch this I want everyone to know I think number 1 is the hunt
令狐冲 3 aylar önce
Yenny Merysa
Yenny Merysa 3 aylar önce
Hellboy was the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic 3 aylar önce
Where are 🐈
Danish 3 aylar önce
Coming soon. Tiger King The Movie.
angely ramos
angely ramos 3 aylar önce
The Hellboy from 2019 is an insult to the first Hellboy and Hellboy the Golden Army
xman gaming
xman gaming 3 aylar önce
Rambo was the best movie of 2019 come on
The hitman
The hitman 3 aylar önce
Gemini man was sick y’all are dizzy
Darius Sale Petru
Darius Sale Petru 3 aylar önce
*#1 CATS* #2 Dark Phoenix #3 Men In Black International #4 Captain Marvel #5 Arctic Dogs #6 Hellboy #7 The Goldfinch #8 Gemini Man #9 Rambo: Last Blood #10 Aladdin (2019)
Shavxx 3 aylar önce
Where's captain marvel
mjstory1976 3 aylar önce
Only basement dwelling incels think Captain Marvel should be on this list
upinsmoke2897 3 aylar önce
No Welcome to Marwen?
Tizy Man
Tizy Man 3 aylar önce
The only terrible movies of 2019 were Endgame and Far From Home, these are the best
Annetta Darandri
Annetta Darandri 4 aylar önce
I like The Silence.
JakeRyan 4 aylar önce
#1 Cats
Claudia Rea
Claudia Rea 4 aylar önce
Gemini man is good are you high?
Natasha Kringle
Natasha Kringle 4 aylar önce
A demonic super hero say whet ?😳
Aaron Ivan
Aaron Ivan 4 aylar önce
No Charlie's angels?
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez 4 aylar önce
Rambo Last Blood? Gtfo Watchmojo
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez 4 aylar önce
You should’ve waited for cats and Black Christmas
Cash McIntosh
Cash McIntosh 4 aylar önce
Yet cats is not on there and they don't talk about how bad gemini man's cgi was
Josue Velez- Alonzo
Josue Velez- Alonzo 4 aylar önce
When she said Rambo I got disappointed 🤦🏻‍♂️
Stephen Andujo
Stephen Andujo 4 aylar önce
Also make Star Wars more prequel movies their better than sequels
Stephen Andujo
Stephen Andujo 4 aylar önce
Where’s rise of the Skywalker that movie was a disaster
Avengers:InfinityWar&EndgameFan 4 aylar önce
Stephen Andujo TROS is on their best movies of 2019 list (I definitely agree with you, though)
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