Top 10 Worst Movies of 2019

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“Avengers: Endgame”, “Toy Story 4”, “Us” - there were plenty of great films released this year. BUT… we also saw plenty of stinkers! For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the very worst films released in 2019, either theatrically or to streaming services. Our countdown will include films such as “Men in Black: International” (2019), “The Goldfinch” (2019) and “Rambo: Last Blood” (2019). We’ll mainly be looking at major releases, but smaller indie films will also be considered so long as their poor quality was enough to earn them a fair amount of attention and press. Did your least-favorite film of 2019 make our list? Let us know in the comments!
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DooNYoo Saatler önce
Wtf is campy?
GoldenChicken Saatler önce
Where is Cats? Wasn't this move so bad, they even wanted to re-shoot it.
Reggie Lovato
Reggie Lovato 9 saatler önce
Also let's not forget the Charlie's Angels reboot
Daron Scates
Daron Scates 10 saatler önce
I actually liked "The Silence." Most of these movies were on the "Disappointing Movies" list. Why are they rehashing???
Brandon Walter
Brandon Walter Gün önce
I honestly thought dark phoenix wasn’t that bad of a movie
RetroLightMan Gün önce
Rambo last blood was fuckin great
tysoon363636 Gün önce
My list: 1. Pokemon 2. The lion king 3. Joker 4. Dark phoenix 5. Aladdin 6. Godzilla 2 7. Once upon a time hollywood 8. Hellboy 9. Terminator dark fate 10. Men in black intl
lygophile 2 gün önce
"directed by ... Fred Durst" holy cow, they're not even kidding. no wonder it's not a good movie. Fred Durst, lol.
Donald Harmon
Donald Harmon 2 gün önce
This list needs an update Cats needs to be top 3 to say the LEAST
Glendale Cabrera
Glendale Cabrera 3 gün önce
You forgot to put cats in this list?
Sean Ramsdell
Sean Ramsdell 3 gün önce
5:56 Travolta is Corky St. Clair
Scenes From The Couch
Scenes From The Couch 5 gün önce
I can’t help but think Serenity reminds me of a Treehouse of Horror episode from 2010
officer nasty
officer nasty 5 gün önce
sorry rambo last blood should be replaced with charlie’s angels, rambo was good
Mthiyane Ndaba
Mthiyane Ndaba 5 gün önce
Good thing I don't know all of those movies
navy4181 6 gün önce
Glass should’ve been# 1
Ruan Antunes
Ruan Antunes 6 gün önce
I actually Liked Men In Black : International. It was nowhere near the Will Smith movies but it was still a good watch
charlie 210405
charlie 210405 6 gün önce
How is cats not on here
Giuseppe Ianniello
Giuseppe Ianniello 6 gün önce
The Razzie ballot has just arrived and here are my picks. (This list is made based on the Razzies founders usual picks) WORST PICTURE • Serenity • The Haunting Of Sharon Tate • Rambo: Last Blood • Replicas • Cats WORST ACTOR • John Travolta - The Fanatic & Trading Paint • Gerard Butler - Angel Has Fallen • Matthew McConaughey - Serenity • Keanu Reeves - Replicas • Sylvester Stallone - Rambo: Last Blood WORST ACTRESS • Anne Hathaway - The Hustle & Serenity • Francesca Hayward - Cats • Hilary Duff - The Haunting Of Sharon Tate • Tyler Perry - A Madea Family Funeral • Demi Moore - Corporate Animals WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR • Tyler Perry playing both Joe and Uncle Heathrow - A Madea Family Funeral • Bruce Willis - Glass • Oscar Jaenada - Rambo: Last Blood • James Corden - Cats • Kyle Chandler - Godzilla: King Of The Monsters WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS • Sasha Lane - Hellboy • Rebel Wilson - Cats • Judi Dench - Cats • Lydia Hearst - The Haunting Of Sharon Tate • Jessica Chastain - Dark Phoenix WORST DIRECTOR • Tom Hooper - Cats • Adrian Grunberg - Rambo: Last Blood • Fred Durst - The Fanatic • Daniel Farrands - The Haunting Of Sharon Tate • Neil Marshall - Hellboy WORST SCREENPLAY • Rambo: Last Blood • The Haunting Of Sharon Tate • Cats • The Goldfinch • Hellboy WORST SCREEN COMBO • John Travolta and any screenplay he accepts • Anne Hathaway & Matthew McConaughey - Serenity • Sylvester Stallone and his impotent rage - Rambo: Last Blood • Jason Derülo and his CGI-Neutered “Bulge” - Cats • Any two Half-Feline/Half-Human hairballs - Cats WORST PREQUEL, REMAKE, RIP-OFF OR SEQUEL • Dark Phoenix • Glass • Hellboy • Rambo: Last Blood • A Madea Family Funeral
Ulf Eliasson
Ulf Eliasson 6 gün önce
Rambo was good!!
dinosaur productions
dinosaur productions 6 gün önce
Fleur Elise
Fleur Elise 7 gün önce
Take Gemini Man and Rambo off the new list you publish for the entire 2019. Replace them with Cats, both releases.
Rusty Director
Rusty Director 7 gün önce
This list is more like, Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2019
Mirela Ejbeja
Mirela Ejbeja 7 gün önce
X-Man: Dark Phoenix wasn't bad at all.
GrimmJay22 8 gün önce
lol wtf Rambo was amazing
Jerry 9 gün önce
Rambo Last Blood was one of the best movies. It’s his brutal violence that makes the movie great 👍🏻. And there’s absolutely nothing xenophobic about this movie except to snow flake SJW left wing commie sympathizing low life scum sucking douche bags.
Margaret Schafer
Margaret Schafer 9 gün önce
I actually really liked The Goldfinch! Was it overly brainy? Maybe. Did it drag at times? Yeah, I'll admit it. But was it a really compelling and interesting watch that I will probably watch again? ABSOLUTELY. Do I want to read the book? MOST DEFINITELY. I was particularly impressed with Finn Wolfhard's portrayal of Boris, it was a pretty complex role!
iWreckzOmbie2 9 gün önce
Where is Captain Marvel? I would’ve assumed it would be #1
Katie Baily
Katie Baily 9 gün önce
No Cats?
princesshockey 10 gün önce
Silence was not that bad, but most importantly...Cats isn't on this list making the title a total sham.
Kelly Wall
Kelly Wall 7 gün önce
Axle TTV
Axle TTV 10 gün önce
Fleur Elise
Fleur Elise 7 gün önce
Edhan God
Edhan God 7 gün önce
Ik I loved it
Squeaks Wag
Squeaks Wag 10 gün önce
Quit putting 2019 on everything, we know
Kris Kelchtermans
Kris Kelchtermans 11 gün önce
Serenity now. :-)
Robyn Ziffer
Robyn Ziffer 12 gün önce
What about rise of skywalker
Darius Daniel
Darius Daniel 13 gün önce
They forgot Black Christmas
F-zero91maru 13 gün önce
Toy story 4 wasn’t as good as T S 3
Samuel Callejo
Samuel Callejo 13 gün önce
Watch Mojo please, PLEASE stop making this list 3 weeks before the year is over. Cuz making it too early caused you to miss a potential movie that well deserved #1. We all know what it should've been.
TOÑOX C. HERNANDEZ 13 gün önce
And the Episode XI?
Tidepool Clipper
Tidepool Clipper 13 gün önce
Want a horrendous Broadway adaption that could damage the reputation of the play it is based off? Look no further than Cats.
RaRa 1-29
RaRa 1-29 14 gün önce
Why isn't the cats movie on this list
Samuel Sundaralingam
Samuel Sundaralingam 14 gün önce
Where the hell is Charlie's Angels!? What's even the point of having this list then!!!
Michael Dilworth
Michael Dilworth 14 gün önce
Beach Bum should have made the list. It was stupid and poorly acted unlike several of the movies on this list which were simply described as boring.
Sentient Android
Sentient Android 14 gün önce
i thought Us was pretty shit but to each their own ig
shikkakyuu 14 gün önce
lm suprised/disappointed that adam & cats werent on this list adam was a disgusting movie filled with nothing but blatant transphobia and homophobia and cats was just an absolute nightmare for anyone to watch
김웅찬 15 gün önce
10:03 where's dark fate, terminator 6? 👥
Richard Pietroski
Richard Pietroski 15 gün önce
HOw does the haunting of sharon tate not make it?
Teacup glitter infested
Teacup glitter infested 15 gün önce
Your number one was racist so you had the best pick
Internal Blackout
Internal Blackout 15 gün önce
December 7th is too early to make a list like this, you should have waited for Cats to come out 😂😂
RAYKING1 Son 15 gün önce
Wow watch mojo failed again
J 16 gün önce
Ya know.... Ya know..... Ya knowl.....
Jimmy Goodman
Jimmy Goodman 16 gün önce
One awful film that no one is talking about is velvet buzzsaw made by Dan Gilroy with Jake Gylenhaal and Rene Russo
King Gigan
King Gigan 16 gün önce
Rim of the World is a movie I think should at least get an honorable mention. That movie was annoyingly bad. Also THERE'S A F**KING JACOB'S LADDER REMAKE????????
Smoothy Mercado
Smoothy Mercado 16 gün önce
They forgot charlies angels
thecrazytech gamer
thecrazytech gamer 16 gün önce
Am i the only one who likes mib international...??
Patrick Lange
Patrick Lange 16 gün önce
No, Jeremy Jahns likes it too
Brock Freeman
Brock Freeman 17 gün önce
If only you guys waited after Christmas to post this. Cats would be on this list.
Alex The Fangirl
Alex The Fangirl 17 gün önce
Its funny people are bashing Cats. Personally I didn't hate the movie and I bet they didn't either. And yes i do know this released before it even came out
PINK 17 gün önce
Hell yeah my *N WORD*
Bio 17 gün önce
They should’ve waited for Star Wars episode IX
Patrick Lange
Patrick Lange 16 gün önce
No, they should have waited for Cats!
abdulwahed agha
abdulwahed agha 18 gün önce
Travolta and cage why?? 😭😭why? Why?
MLG GAMER 18 gün önce
Wait a minute Gemini Man was bad? Ok wow didn't see that coming also The Hustler? Wow that's just disappointing. WTF is Loqueesha. Dear God I cringed so hard. I am not watching that. That's distasteful!
fienga paul
fienga paul 18 gün önce
They are making the list of month before the year is over knowing cats would have made the list watchmojo you have officially died as well.
Mcheetah 18 gün önce
I never even heard of number one before. And how did Star Wars, Charlies Angels or Terminator Dark Fate miss the cut?
idkroselle 18 gün önce
Dear white people want offensive though?
michal31131 18 gün önce
Should've waited for CATS.
Youtube not sucks
Youtube not sucks 18 gün önce
Worst to the core as well as cringy movies of the year 2019 Cats Dark pheonix Terminator -dark shit(fate) C(r)aptian marvel Stars wars Mib Edit: shit *Charlie angles*
AdderTude 19 gün önce
_Dark Phoenix_ signaled that it was gonna be a train wreck the second it was revealed that the same guy who wrote _X-Men: The Last Stand_ would be writing _and_ directing it.
Daisyslayer Films
Daisyslayer Films 19 gün önce
I had no idea that Jacob's Ladder was even out yet.
Raphaël Mauro
Raphaël Mauro 19 gün önce
You might want to update this with Cats.
taha mahdi
taha mahdi 19 gün önce
Terminator dark fate
Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio
Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio 19 gün önce
terminator dark fate, cats and charlie´s angels were much worse than rambo!!!!!
Chris stenton
Chris stenton 19 gün önce
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