Try Not To Twitch Challenge

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Aylar önce

Today, we're joined by Myth to do the Try Not To Twitch Challenge! GMM #1668
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gmmgood mythical morningrhettandlinkrhett and link

Myth Aylar önce
Thanks for having me, I was a bit nervous at the start but had a great time overall ^-^ Hope you all enjoy the video.
Killunova Gün önce
You’re goated dude
gladiator 1
gladiator 1 2 gün önce
Josie Chan
Josie Chan 6 gün önce
That guy Hubbs
That guy Hubbs 9 gün önce
Myth I love you
mlcantrell4 10 gün önce
Love you MYTH
Gboy 480
Gboy 480 2 saatler önce
His head in he beginning has me TRIPPIN
Hey Nate
Hey Nate 15 saatler önce
Link flinched lol
ExperiMental 19 saatler önce
"Is anybody streaming Contra now?" "Conch?" "Contra" "What's Contra?"
Taps fan
Taps fan 23 saatler önce
Young Myth is absolutely adorable! ♥️🇺🇸♥️
Mckenna Mathers
Mckenna Mathers Gün önce
Alaska is the biggest state! U can fit four texas’s into alaska stoopid
Mhe Anne
Mhe Anne 2 gün önce
Do more of this game its so fun..😂
Diego Siblal
Diego Siblal 2 gün önce
Cameron Austin
Cameron Austin 2 gün önce
None of them said Missouri :(
sam bock
sam bock 2 gün önce
So wait this guy is supposed to be a gamer and he DOESNT KNOW WTF CONTRA IS??!!! Fail!
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 3 gün önce
8:46 i would say rhett won it just cause he kept his rhythm
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 3 gün önce
6:38 looks like he is dancing like pennywise
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 3 gün önce
3:22 it looked like they all flinched
Mark Taglieber
Mark Taglieber 3 gün önce
Matthew taglieber link 14 losers
ok yay
ok yay 3 gün önce
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong 4 gün önce
Plays games for a living and the man doesn't know what Contra is... That's -15 respect points right there.
Cool Turtle
Cool Turtle 4 gün önce
I didn’t flinch on any EXCEPT *the morph man*
Lindsay Tonks
Lindsay Tonks 4 gün önce
Guy in middle had earplugs in when doing the balloon challenge. So of course he's not going to twitch
Ivy Ninja
Ivy Ninja 4 gün önce
Man I haven’t watch myth in a couple of years
Aparna Y
Aparna Y 5 gün önce
Link just repeated georgia tho???
Binx 5 gün önce
Please convince Summit1G or Shroud to come on the show
Meek Videos
Meek Videos 5 gün önce
There is woves
dude taped to a fridge
dude taped to a fridge 5 gün önce
We all know myth snorted g-fule before this video started.
Alberto Castillo
Alberto Castillo 5 gün önce
Alot of these games had instances of unfair advantages, such as myth having on hearing protection for the balloon pop challenge
Aron Bennett
Aron Bennett 6 gün önce
4:36 did anyone see the little bubble
Tony956 Mtz
Tony956 Mtz 6 gün önce
Myth looking like Steve urkle
yeol'clodisvandam 6 gün önce
i thought everyone pronounced wolves like that..
Saki Moby
Saki Moby 6 gün önce
Rett: i have no cuticle residue, i am the winner Lmaoo
Zim 7 gün önce
👁👄👁 👏
Yana Loo
Yana Loo 8 gün önce
who else was 100% sure twitch the dancer would b in this
James McClenny
James McClenny 8 gün önce
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start. The Konami code! The means by which you can easily win Contra! 9:58 for those wondering.
Chantel Chandler
Chantel Chandler 8 gün önce
Why dont retts nuts work?!?! Anyone know? Was it mentioned in another episode and I missed it?
青Battousaii 9 gün önce
Wtf myth was on GMM
David 420
David 420 9 gün önce
Rhett definitely won that first challenge
Lily M-J
Lily M-J 9 gün önce
"No repeats or hesitations" Rhett: "Nebraska" Link: "Nebraska" Link: "Georgia" Also Link: "Georgia"
Plucked Gaming
Plucked Gaming 10 gün önce
You should've brought in hamlinz
Hanna Niemela
Hanna Niemela 10 gün önce
This is probably my favorite episode recently.
Victoria Hayes
Victoria Hayes 10 gün önce
i never laughed so hard in my entire life with the part of the dude bashing through lol
Kayla Mckinnon
Kayla Mckinnon 11 gün önce
Myth is soo cute! Liked this episode 😀
Stephen Ayers
Stephen Ayers 12 gün önce
Man looks like a younger Etika.... Damn it now I'm sad
6CatsInAnAlley 12 gün önce
I don’t know why, but it looks like Rhett and Link are Myth’s dad
Billy Butane
Billy Butane 12 gün önce
3:24 look closer he did flintch
Jacquetta Williams
Jacquetta Williams 10 gün önce
But he had a slower reaction
Super Stuffed Mario Bros
Super Stuffed Mario Bros 13 gün önce
I’m from Louisiana I say woves
Maya Waters
Maya Waters 13 gün önce
God, you can never get tired of watching this duo..😊😊😊
Alyssa 14 gün önce
Why is nobody talking about how perfectly Link's shirt matched his chair??!
Marcie 14 gün önce
That balloon filling up gave me so much anxiety
Kieran Birks
Kieran Birks 15 gün önce
You could have got a gamer that people have heard of
Jeffery Gao
Jeffery Gao 16 gün önce
Rhett: the biggest one Texas Alaska: am I a joke to u
Aerial Zavala
Aerial Zavala 16 gün önce
Nice save Rhett on the tittle 😂😂😂
Night Stalker
Night Stalker 16 gün önce
Why does Rhett look like a wizard
Night Stalker
Night Stalker 16 gün önce
Ferrero Gaming
Ferrero Gaming 16 gün önce
0:42 when ur game lags
potawatadingdong 17 gün önce
The gamer doesn't know what Contra is!?
potawatadingdong 17 gün önce
Come on Link! Why couldn't you just stay seated?
Becca F.
Becca F. 17 gün önce
Link definitely flinched in the first round
PipeCrafter420 18 gün önce
i couldn't do this cause i have mild Tourettes lol
Destiny and More
Destiny and More 18 gün önce
Legend has it that he’s still runnig til today
lorizero123 18 gün önce
why did myth have earplugs in the balloon game
The Water Man
The Water Man 21 gün önce
Ernomobiili 21 gün önce
But Link did flinch on the first one too..
Liam Salapka
Liam Salapka 21 gün önce
Link managed to get a negative score, I’ve seen it all now
Kelley Brown
Kelley Brown 22 gün önce
No Cuticle Residue A Punk Rock Band 😂
William Pancamo
William Pancamo 23 gün önce
So we now know Rhett has a vasectomy
Preston 24 gün önce
Link's shirt matches the chair
Star's Galaxy
Star's Galaxy 24 gün önce
Thank you women of commenst section for saying stuff i didn't want to
Lauren Madeleine
Lauren Madeleine 26 gün önce
Wooves 😂
riles 27 gün önce
the slow motion of them flinching has me in tears
ScarryHarry 27 gün önce
12:35 I'm Link all the time lol
D Bone
D Bone 27 gün önce
Wait... I'm sorry. Did the "gamer" *really* say "What is Contra?"
D Bone
D Bone 27 gün önce
Well... We learned that Link has questionable rhythm.
Frogmaster 29 gün önce
LiNNk siiiT tHe F DoWN
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