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Mikey Chen

Mikey Chen

6 aylar önce

My first whole weekend in Seattle and went out for food again. This time I visited Seven Star Pepper Sichuan restaurant for some dan dan noodles then tried out the popular IMPOSSIBLE Burger.
Next day I went for a drive in Tacoma with some seafood at Wally's seafood :-)
#impossibleburger #chinesefood #seattle
✧ Seven Star Pepper Sichuan Restaurant
✧ Hood Famous Café + Bar
✧ Wally's Seafood
✧ Ox Pho & Grill
✧ Sizzling Pot
✧ Chinese Sauerkraut Fish
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soo 5 gün önce
I think u have moved on from your fiancé.
SAIVSS 5 gün önce
Can you try T&T Seafood restaurant and rate their dimsum for me?
GamerGirl 1
GamerGirl 1 13 gün önce
14:00 Did they eat the ribs before they served them? There was practically no meat on those ribs. Not to mention the bowl was half full. They used a large bowl to deceive you into thinking it was 20 dollars worth of food in it Come on mike Not worth 20 bucks Ive seen your other videos where you buy fuh. The bowls are filled to the brim
GamerGirl 1
GamerGirl 1 13 gün önce
Thumbs down for giving this burger air time This is an example of the weakening of MEN!!!
Faye Bush
Faye Bush 12 gün önce
I personally don't understand why people who hate meat would want something that tastes like meat?
baseskizl_82 18 gün önce
I’ve been to Pho Bac before but they were so busy I am at 7stars hope it’s good
Matthew TayLour
Matthew TayLour 22 gün önce
Ashley Tarango
Ashley Tarango Aylar önce
My favorite thing is to look @ all the bystanders in the background 😂
The5GIO5 Aylar önce
Why are meat burgers still a thing after this
Swisher Locobar
Swisher Locobar 2 aylar önce
Seattle yay
FEELING FINE AT 49 Amanda 2 aylar önce
Love that you try vegan options. Bless you. I love those burgers 🍔
Emlee 2 aylar önce
I’ll never understand why people feel the need to stare. Let people live their lives and DONT STARE AT PEOPLE🙄
Random Dude
Random Dude 3 aylar önce
13:47 am i the only on that hears that dude smacking Like crazy
Jay Dude
Jay Dude 3 aylar önce
If you like Wally's you'd love Salty's, best clam chowder in the State of Washington try it with the cream sherry.
Paladin Smith
Paladin Smith 3 aylar önce
Those bloody satanists are running around the woods again!
Tanu Karmakar
Tanu Karmakar 3 aylar önce
is it me? or its always feel like he is kissing the food🤔😃😁
Learn First
Learn First 3 aylar önce
Btw why aren't you visiting china?
Corliss Media2.0
Corliss Media2.0 3 aylar önce
Really love how you’re pitching Seattle restaurants!!!!!
Catherine Turner
Catherine Turner 3 aylar önce
I jusy don't know how you eat all this food
stickerartbyrd 3 aylar önce
I think you meant half dome
Caroline Carlson
Caroline Carlson 3 aylar önce Impossible burger is a gmo monstrosity
Khang Huynh
Khang Huynh 3 aylar önce
I live in Seattle I am a big fan and I really wanna meat u mikey
Dr Evil
Dr Evil 3 aylar önce
Might have to try one of those. I tried the A&W version and it was absolutely gross...way to salty, pricey, didnt taste like meat and its much unhealthier...But I am definitely up for trying this
Xiaofang Jiang
Xiaofang Jiang 4 aylar önce
hey Jackie!
heng pao
heng pao 4 aylar önce
are you same Mr jacky chan
ItsJuandaWoo 4 aylar önce
OMG you were at alderwood mall!!!!
Darvin Lamagna
Darvin Lamagna 4 aylar önce
When are you going to try the food scene in Portland, OR
la cha
la cha 4 aylar önce
Some people like the Beyond Burger even more. Maybe you should try one of those sometime.
Tracie Rae
Tracie Rae 4 aylar önce
Omg thank you for all the pho spots so cool seeing my state from your perspective
eileenmacoll 4 aylar önce
You should head out to White Center. Not white at all. The most diverse area in greater Seattle. It's a short drive, lots of parking and REAL Asian food and markets. Mexican too.
A H 4 aylar önce
Pretty sure Wally's is in Des Moines not Tacoma. Great place for fish and chips!
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen 4 aylar önce
omg @3:34 you were at Alderwood mall down in Lynnwood!! man so close
Zero 40k
Zero 40k 4 aylar önce
Goddamn lucky bastard finding a random place with tomahawk beef pho
Sabrina Matsuz
Sabrina Matsuz 5 aylar önce
Glad your liking the food here.
Anita Fabian
Anita Fabian 5 aylar önce
The juiciness of the The Impossible Burger also depends on how it is cooked. that's all I will say.
KIT TSANG 5 aylar önce
Is mike sharing a table with someone 16:38 or that is his eating partner?
Jerome Hawkins
Jerome Hawkins 5 aylar önce
520 bridge weeeee
Lavar Master Ball
Lavar Master Ball 5 aylar önce
Mikey you gotta try Kau Kau BBQ and get the BBQ Pork please!!!
Migdalia Madera
Migdalia Madera 5 aylar önce
It's true you could get away by saying I'm his twin brother, anyway thank you for sharing this video with us I really enjoy watching your videos your very informative the places ,the food are amazing good luck in your new home. ✌✌✌✌✌✌👍😉👏🍜🍤🍲🥘
Marvestal 5 aylar önce
Lol check dis out
Bullwevul Archlord2Stull
Bullwevul Archlord2Stull 5 aylar önce
you look like Jackie Chan but way younger I can tell the difference especially since you speak English fluently since your american but it must be a compliment to you just roll with it I say you do awesome videos Jackie!! lol
sharon strech
sharon strech 5 aylar önce
How?! How do you eat so much food?! You are amaazing!
George Cruz
George Cruz 5 aylar önce
Plant based food is nothing more than flour.
bjrn2010 5 aylar önce
7:52 AYAYA
Sunny Samith
Sunny Samith 5 aylar önce
I always go to the 5 mile drive and when it's hot I always BBQ there maybe one day we can set a day at the beach ! Love the channel huge fan
Diamond Cutter
Diamond Cutter 5 aylar önce
Holy crap that banana cream pie looked like the truth.
Maria bautista
Maria bautista 5 aylar önce
You should explore Portland OR! They have great food!
Cheyenne Zeller
Cheyenne Zeller 5 aylar önce
Hey Mikey! The the milkey place will be having their grand opening soon. You went during their construction time.
Joy Ram
Joy Ram 5 aylar önce
Moved to the area of Washington few years back and its nice to know good places to eat. Thank you. Love food. Never know where and what to order. So watching your video of Washington places to eats is like my bucket list now. 😉 thanks again.
Ashley Owens
Ashley Owens 5 aylar önce
I used to work at that mall where you had the Impossible Burger! There's some great restaurants right across the street by the H Mart you should try next time!
Chimaera1075 5 aylar önce
Go to Katsu Burger, it's near the Blazing Onion you went too.
Juniel Mata
Juniel Mata 5 aylar önce
Man you talk a-lot than introducing the food you eat and you messed up with the the flavor like your experimenting your food. It’s sounds weird and not good. And you over put many chilly it’s not good anymore it taste hotter and horrible then you turn in to red face. That’s not sound good. Make your viewers feel hungry and want to joined what you enjoying eating. Mikey chen i like your time and videos i always do watch you everyday. Good luck with your plans in your blogging.
Apple Bomb
Apple Bomb 5 aylar önce
Your hands are so dark.
SpencerShirey 1998
SpencerShirey 1998 5 aylar önce
Watching TRwomen at 3am * Stomach growls* Oh look a Strictly dumpling video
Lia Mageo
Lia Mageo 5 aylar önce
• Saya Restaurant- Kent, WA Thai based but their version of Japanese karage is sooooo good- especially with the spicy dipping sauce. • Pizza Gallery- Burien, WA They have a pizza called the Masterpiece. It’s a 5lb deep dish pizza. Totally worth it, it’s huge and filled with with a tremendous amount of toppings. • Shelly’s also in Burien, WA It’s a great mom and pop shop to enjoy bruncher(breakfast, lunch, dinner). They have this strawberry spread that is super bomb and their food is great as well. Just a couple of suggestions for you if you’re up for it. I live in CA, but WA is always home sweet home. So enjoy your time there and if you can, visit Franklin Falls. You’ll enjoy the small hike and scenery. The end result is worth it🤙🏽
ben flamini
ben flamini 5 aylar önce
boohaha007 5 aylar önce
the mango royale is the one to get at the Hood Famous Cafe.
Chief Lion
Chief Lion 5 aylar önce
Wait, you aren’t Jackie Chan? This whole time I thought I was subscribed to Jackie Chan eats around the world. -______-
Tyna Le
Tyna Le 5 aylar önce
You need to come down to Australia, I swear by it we have the best pho in Western Sydney!
David Shí
David Shí 5 aylar önce
Sup Mikey I recommend going to Samurai Noodle great noodle spot In Seattle. Btw love your videos.
Dabaydestrian 5 aylar önce
SBUL Lis 5 aylar önce
Mikey, you need to go to a First Nation's reservation and eat smoke salmon...
Shiggy Martin
Shiggy Martin 5 aylar önce
At 12:23 that's an anarchy symbol. Washinton has a lot of Anarchists.
Shiggy Martin
Shiggy Martin 5 aylar önce
Since you're living in Redmond, you need to go try the little sandwiches at Sandwich House TRES in Bellevue.
Majestic PB&J Cat
Majestic PB&J Cat 5 aylar önce
Just looked that place up. OMG it looks awesome! Going there asap
Nonoa Heart
Nonoa Heart 5 aylar önce
Can't help but notice all the stares in this vlog. It's hillarious XD
eDdiE —
eDdiE — 5 aylar önce
Mike you can set the chop sticks down while you enjoy your rib....
Puffly Puff
Puffly Puff 5 aylar önce
Omg I take kung fu lessons right next to the sauerkraut place why didn't I see you
Yenni Phong
Yenni Phong 5 aylar önce
King Noodle in china town is my favorite noodle place! A small restaurant that is ALWAYS packed! Its a choose your own soup/noodle/protein/veggies noodle house w the best duck and wontons!!!!
Richard M
Richard M 5 aylar önce
processed pea protein, just eat the real thing.
Midwest Fest
Midwest Fest 5 aylar önce
You should try Katsu Burger in Lynnwood. You will thank me.
Lilian Wang
Lilian Wang 5 aylar önce
Hey Mikey, welcome to WA! When you get a chance , you could try the Spring Live Fish (my personal favorite) and Feiteng Alive Fish (if you prefer more spices) at "Frying Fish" . For dinner, usually if you arrive before 6:00pm, you will be seated pretty quickly. :)
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