Tyler Childers - Country Squire (Official Video)

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“Country Squire”
Well tonight I’m up in Chillicothe
Downwind from the paper mill
I’m out here spittin’ on the sidewalk
Takin’ in the factory smells

And I know she tends to smokin’ out the window
In the air of that gas pipe leak
I wonder if she’s cringin’ at same time
Thinkin’ pretty thoughts of me

I was up for hours this mornin’
Pullin’ traps before I said goodbye
I plan to tan myself a fox hide
And hang it on my darlin’ bride

‘Cause they tell me that it’s gonna be a big one
And the snow is settin’ in
And I don’t want her cold, while I ain’t at home
The way that I’ve been

Spendin’ my nights in a bar room, Lord
Turnin’ them songs into two-by-fours
Dreaming ‘bout the day that I sit by the fire
Huddled with my honey in our Country Squire

Well tomorrow we hit the country music highway
On our way to Circleville
We’re off to do some weekend warrin’
While we sing and drink our fill

And when I ain’t out playin’ on my six-string
With the nickels I acquire
I’m tryin’ to fix her up a castle
It’s called the Country Squire

It’s a twenty-four foot long vessel
It measures eight feet wide
It’s a fifty-three year old camper
It’s made to pull behind

And I’ve gutted to the studs and the rafters
And I’ve built it back piece by piece
I’m tryin’ to fix her up a temple
My lady of the Estill springs

Spendin’ my nights in a bar room, Lord
Turnin’ them songs into two-by-fours
Dreaming ‘bout the day that I sit by the fire
Huddled with my honey in our Country Squire

One day I aim to have myself a family
And a cabin on the hill
And I might have to come off of the highway
To help with the family bills

But when the kids have got a little older
On the day that I retire
I’ll take her somewhere warm for the winter
Pullin’ our Country Squire

Spendin’ my nights in a bar room, Lord
Turnin’ them songs into two-by-fours
Dreaming ‘bout the day that sit by the fire
Huddled with my honey in our Country Squire

Dreaming ‘bout the day that I sit by the fire
Huddled with my honey in our Country Squire

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Director: Colonel Tony Moore
Producer: Nicholas Robespierre
Producer: Mark Roemer
Production: Bomper Studio (bomperstudio.com/)

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lukes fisher
lukes fisher 6 saatler önce
This is one of my all time favorite country songs and I have a country playlist on spotify with over 200 hours of country western and bluegrass keep singin your heart out Tyler
BeastABam 9 saatler önce
Chillicothe mill spot on
Fuglymels Fan page
Fuglymels Fan page 10 saatler önce
Love it.
3 Day Rain
3 Day Rain 17 saatler önce
I love all the animations in this!
James Q Arnold
James Q Arnold Gün önce
Hill bobbly bob went to the hejab to get some Marlboros
Zaira Hollars
Zaira Hollars Gün önce
I love this song
Saschia Dybdahl
Saschia Dybdahl Gün önce
A few years ago I was at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park in SF. And we had just decided we were gonna head to a different stage. But then we heard this really cool tone and had to stay there and listen to your whole set. I told everyone I knew to listen to you. Every years at HBG there’s an artist that changes my life and that year it was you. So thank you so much!!! ❤️
Matty Ice
Matty Ice 2 gün önce
Now that was a good music video!
lazaro alejandro
lazaro alejandro 2 gün önce
the calculator spells out boobies
Andrea Illig
Andrea Illig 2 gün önce
Holding hands when their old and grey.... Found me a twinge of emotion...
Sue Simpson
Sue Simpson 2 gün önce
You hillerous are you drinking
HEY YOU 3 gün önce
Yeah Sue! My song to you!!! 😊❤
Michael Price
Michael Price 3 gün önce
They have ALE 8 at my Krogers in Georgia now. Dang stuff pretty good
John Smith
John Smith 4 gün önce
Nowhere near Tyler's best song by any means, but hot damn I LOVE it. Well done good sir. Will always be a huge fan.
Jacki Slagle
Jacki Slagle 4 gün önce
Love this, so many cute bits. any one remember Afterburner, the end made me think of that m
Megan Carter
Megan Carter 5 gün önce
Fuck YEAH... this is a great video, makes me appreciate Tyler so much more. I love this dude... have for several years. But as good as the video is.. it would have been better in real claymation, a lost art. And I love how the chicken gives the same looks as the chicken from Primus, "Devil Went Down To Georgia", video... lol... had tickets to see you in may and well it was a no go😭😭😭 hopefully some day yall come back to California... but come to the small towns, like Murphy's in calaveras county lol. We are a fun crowd..
Colin Shotts
Colin Shotts 5 gün önce
great use of the Ale 8 1
John Greene
John Greene 5 gün önce
The Ale-8-1 is a nice touch
Inky Paige
Inky Paige 5 gün önce
This is one of the most Kentucky things I’ve ever watched
James Q Arnold
James Q Arnold 5 gün önce
James Q Arnold
James Q Arnold 5 gün önce
Betty Burns
Betty Burns 6 gün önce
Is that a Keith Whitley picture on the mantle?
Benjamin H Andersen
Benjamin H Andersen 6 gün önce
Technician 122
Technician 122 7 gün önce
Anyone else catch the 1873 Winchester?
Noelle Laughner
Noelle Laughner 7 gün önce
love his music plz subscribe
Mr. Gayboi
Mr. Gayboi 7 gün önce
I’m here from the creepypasta that told me to listen to this
loguer13 7 gün önce
Holy shit he looks just like Nigel Thornberry
Melissa Macauley
Melissa Macauley 7 gün önce
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson 8 gün önce
Please get a mullet
Seth Statler
Seth Statler 8 gün önce
Reminds me of hank Williams!!!!
Matt Strader
Matt Strader 8 gün önce
Peep them drinking Ale-8...he's a real Kentuckian
Jason Comstock
Jason Comstock 7 gün önce
I noticed that too, had to rewind it. Not from KY but love the stuff and grab some every time I’m in state.
joe dandrea
joe dandrea 8 gün önce
Great video man look forward to more and more from ya (Charleston girl-hint*hint*) shout out from wva to ya T.C.!
Kevin Blanc
Kevin Blanc 8 gün önce
Prine on the guitar case. Thoughtful memorial.
Classic 8 gün önce
wow! good!
lhjean 07
lhjean 07 8 gün önce
That's splendid, purely.
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd 8 gün önce
This is brilliant !
AP 8 gün önce
How is this not at like fuckin 60m views I been listening too you the last four years bro Tyler Childers you are the embodiment of true modern folk you gave life blood to music that don't exist like it used too
good golly goy
good golly goy 9 gün önce
I love this video ty a statement to how far it's come since feathered indians. Hope you get your country squire brother and never stop making hits for us regular folk
Appalachian American
Appalachian American 9 gün önce
Hey baby what you complaining about at least he bought you a house you gotta live within your means in other words what you can afford also after you listen to this play trailer by mudcrutch kinda the same theme to the songs
Jordan Tomblin
Jordan Tomblin 9 gün önce
Upgraded the band from just The Food Stamps to EBT I see XD
David Flynn
David Flynn 9 gün önce
this is the best music video I've seen in a decade haha
Kile Covell
Kile Covell 10 gün önce
Was that ale 8?
Miranda Robinson
Miranda Robinson 10 gün önce
It's funny because in my brain I'm like...oh, Tyler is the biggest country act in the world! This doesn't even have 1,000,000 views tho. He's awesome! One of the Kings of country, today.
Pugz93 10 gün önce
Who else ended here because of creepy pasta readings
Brian Brooks
Brian Brooks 10 gün önce
Hahah love it
Jm Gaming
Jm Gaming 11 gün önce
I have been waiting for this for soooo long!
Isaiah 11 gün önce
I gotta song was good but the music video was the weirdest thing I ever seen
CAPRI SUN fruit punch
CAPRI SUN fruit punch 11 gün önce
I rather hear this than rap💜
Greg Reddest
Greg Reddest 11 gün önce
This makes my heart happy.
Cimone D
Cimone D 11 gün önce
Amazing animation and story board
Cimone D
Cimone D 11 gün önce
When you watch a tiny house video. Love u tyler
Sarah Thornburg
Sarah Thornburg 11 gün önce
Cade McParland
Cade McParland 11 gün önce
This. Is. Awesome.
Terry 100%
Terry 100% 11 gün önce
Amen love you 💯
Jared Smith
Jared Smith 11 gün önce
Tyler Childers for president 2020!!
Chrystal Riley
Chrystal Riley 11 gün önce
He is pure country. Down in the holler!! Who wouldn't love his music, tone !?!
6 9
6 9 11 gün önce
I'm from Chillicothe Ohio
Vickie Richie
Vickie Richie 11 gün önce
So cute 😘Thankyou💞
zProxy 11 gün önce
2:07 it’s the Kentucky state flag ayyy
Brother D-Day
Brother D-Day 11 gün önce
now all the video needs is some some bouncing-ball singalong lyrics!
Josh Timmons
Josh Timmons 12 gün önce
Like his solo stuff so much more
Luke Stutzman
Luke Stutzman 12 gün önce
I love everything about this
horticasey 12 gün önce
I mean... She's kind of a hot cartoon broad.
Bart Allen
Bart Allen 12 gün önce
Wait... Do you smell that? The Tiktok gang is here *DiSgUsTinG*
Big T Fuggin
Big T Fuggin 12 gün önce
This is so cool🐾🐾 And I can't get enough of the video🐾🐾 Love it🐾
Nicholas Rourke
Nicholas Rourke 12 gün önce
I relate to this so much as money ain't nothing to me It ain't even setteling for a camper it's a lifestyle of freedom God bless you Tyler
HillDogTV 13 gün önce
That was so awesomely Done TC! well done man
Mark Morrison
Mark Morrison 13 gün önce
Two words .....fkn awesome!
Sawyer Tilley
Sawyer Tilley 13 gün önce
I’m a pre teen and like country but this song is really really good
bobonowhere 13 gün önce
Other than the fabulous brothers Steele sticker missing from the guitar case, it's just perfect, shows that the song made people want to work hard and make it special
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