UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy Pre-fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Conor McGregor, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and UFC President Dana white participate in a press conference ahead of UFC 246.
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ufc246ufc 246conor

jordan sports show
jordan sports show 4 saatler önce
Khabib I will send him back to box Conor I would like a boxing world title Khabib I will humble human UFC 246 press conference
Lil' Disity
Lil' Disity Gün önce
i love how cowboy passively stood up for connor when that dick head brought up the allegations. he got pissed "why does everyone keep having to ask that shit" poor Connor man, he has had a rough last year, im so glad to see him overcome it all and be in a better view.
That man in your basement
That man in your basement Gün önce
Prefer this Conor
Jason Springer
Jason Springer Gün önce
Even though the old counter Persona he need it to get big was fun for a little while I actually respect this version more. It seems more like he's being real
Daniël van Zwieten
Daniël van Zwieten 2 gün önce
What is the name of the intro song??
arjl880 2 gün önce
33:33 Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson asking a his own personal question on behalf of himself ol
Luke 4 gün önce
Luke 4 gün önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:36 💟💝 👇👇👇👇👇🔥
znco 6 gün önce
I miss old badass cornor mcgregor
Comothawa Iannie
Comothawa Iannie 6 gün önce
BS card. Fluff fight.
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips 6 gün önce
People are saying it’s a different conor because he isn’t talking much trash but I think that it’s just because him and cowboy have respect for eachother
T 6 gün önce
good lord that little dweeb at 27:00 with the glasses makes me want to destroy him
T 6 gün önce
How does that fatty have every first question in the last ten years, he asks 5 plus questions each time his questions are so long winded and makes me want to smack his chubby little face.
Pablo Cooper Videos
Pablo Cooper Videos 7 gün önce
Conor in the past: "I own this fooking city!" Conor now: "This country has changed my life, I am happy to be back on US soil and grateful to LA." I kind of miss the old Connor...
UFC FIGHTERS 7 gün önce
Khabib change everything 😂
Eri Shahinaj
Eri Shahinaj 8 gün önce
Background music at cerrone entrance?
Bruno De Oliveira
Bruno De Oliveira 9 gün önce
Cerrone lookin like the undertaker lmao
Akok Longkumer
Akok Longkumer 8 gün önce
Fadoua 10 gün önce
Khabib made him humble, good to see. And also hearing mcgregor himself saying he's changed hahahah
Abu Al Shakik
Abu Al Shakik 10 gün önce
McGregor has become very humble after his romance with Khabib.What a great he brought into !
unknown liberal
unknown liberal 10 gün önce
Dig the respect Conor gave this man..
Danish Bhat
Danish Bhat 10 gün önce
Khabib make him humble.. As promised..
Christophe Alexandre Singapore
Christophe Alexandre Singapore 10 gün önce
McGregor is still very good in the octagon. I'd be keen for a rematch with Khabib if he can stay focused in training
Catalin Simina
Catalin Simina 11 gün önce
2 clowns at the circus
Jasmin Brito
Jasmin Brito 11 gün önce
This is more respectful compared to Logan vs ksi
a random person lol
a random person lol 12 gün önce
Su princípe
Su princípe 12 gün önce
you can tell McGregor changed a lot by seeing them walk in the stage from the same side😆
Squezz Siege
Squezz Siege 13 gün önce
Conor went from hulk to Bruce banner after khabib
jenifar mawi
jenifar mawi 14 gün önce
I Bet Conor will talk shit if hes against Jorge Masvidal or UsMan.
choppa choppa
choppa choppa 15 gün önce
I don’t think conor’s changed, i think it’s the opponent. even though he’s faced good really opponents i don’t think he’s respected one like he respects cowboy
Misanthropia Obito
Misanthropia Obito 15 gün önce
Khabib just kick ur ass conor ur pride is priceless
There are two genders in the world.
There are two genders in the world. 15 gün önce
Conor is smart and cynical. He is a man with a plan. And people eat it raw.
Geovanni Gómez Valle
Geovanni Gómez Valle 14 gün önce
Cynical?? Maybe, maybe not. For conspirators, that might be true. What about the Khabib fight? Was also part of the plan? Could be... Make them love you to hate you like Kanye said... Illumination?
VeN0M 15 gün önce
Man cowboy cerrone is kicking ass of the media.... What a legend 😍😍
Cxeri93 15 gün önce
CERRONE looks like a Red red redemption character you buy in-game that noone else has and you demolish everyone
Ahmed Noseir
Ahmed Noseir 17 gün önce
Danm cowboy destroyed that dude life lol
YouTube UseR
YouTube UseR 17 gün önce
he still arogant, in a suave way.
darth vader
darth vader 17 gün önce
I still think Harry Potter would have beaten Connor McGregor, just sayin'.
Ana Laura Segura
Ana Laura Segura 17 gün önce
Como se llama la cancion del inicio???
N D 18 gün önce
In amazement at Conor's demeanor.
DrCash7 18 gün önce
Get a room
Zømbie._ 13
Zømbie._ 13 18 gün önce
Imagine paying money to see this fight and it takes 30 seconds to end.
Talon T
Talon T 18 gün önce
Why did joba the hutt get to ask so many questions?
Rely Defy
Rely Defy 18 gün önce
Ironic cuz he got knocked out in 40 seconds
_ gacha Raman _
_ gacha Raman _ 18 gün önce
Cowboy now holds the most controversial outing in a UFC match.
Both Troller
Both Troller 18 gün önce
The hand shake put a smile on my face 😁
Captain America
Captain America 18 gün önce
Love it when fat out of shape fuckers ask questions about fighting.
bunnyboywarren 18 gün önce
13 defeat journey man who wouldn't be ranked in boxing .t fury
vanderlei dju
vanderlei dju 19 gün önce
Khabib made him humble dude
Jay Squidicc
Jay Squidicc 19 gün önce
12:55 one brave soul stood up for his public execution
[Banned User]
[Banned User] 19 gün önce
He got interviewed by the caterpillar from a bugs life
Kelvin Rios
Kelvin Rios 19 gün önce
4 or 5 rounds my assss. 6:09
P K 20 gün önce
I Love this the same way i Love the old pressers and still watching it multiple times After the fight ... guess a true Conor Fan ?
Miles Hamblen
Miles Hamblen 21 gün önce
Conor laughed when Cowboy mentioned "stick in the mud" because he knew that Cowboy got emotional over it.
Order in Chaos
Order in Chaos 21 gün önce
McGregor's head is too big for his body; of course that's also true literally.
sam guapo
sam guapo 21 gün önce
That is a different Mcgregor.
The song
The song 22 gün önce
When khabib is over you 😎 Conor acting like khabib 😎
Sebastian Hernandez
Sebastian Hernandez 22 gün önce
Ki Rovacchi
Ki Rovacchi 22 gün önce
Both of these men are perfect examples of what it means to be a gentleman. Much respect to both of them!
ᴇᴅyᴜkᴀ aʊtlʊk
ᴇᴅyᴜkᴀ aʊtlʊk 22 gün önce
So Khabib really did changed him to became a humble Irish tapper
LEGIN 8 gün önce
pog mo thoin
AverageAuto 22 gün önce
The absolute respect shown between these two put a nice grin on my face.
Fedylana03 23 gün önce
troppo forte conor mcgregor
Austro Punk
Austro Punk 23 gün önce
The first few minutes and Cowboy looks like a freakin supervillian in the shadows LOL
What DaFuq
What DaFuq 23 gün önce
Edward Prawdzik
Edward Prawdzik 23 gün önce
Cowboy lookin like Black Bart or something
Rome Mac
Rome Mac 23 gün önce
I hate how the world wanna change people when the exciting part of a fight is the trash talk and psyching your opponent out
Mateen Ahmed
Mateen Ahmed 23 gün önce
Shame on you do not show your face in social media groner
Ainne Club
Ainne Club 23 gün önce
3:29 Nicolas Cage
Akok Longkumer
Akok Longkumer 23 gün önce
That's not Nicolas cage
PetrKL21 23 gün önce
Khabib said he was gonna humble Conor. Guess he did a helluva job.
Francis Luthor
Francis Luthor 23 gün önce
Cerrone looks like a badass
The Notorious
The Notorious 23 gün önce
the last conference was back in Sep 2015, when cerrone made fun of conor and said he's too slow and too stiff, 5 years later they meet up. who would have expected that
Mubeen Khan
Mubeen Khan 24 gün önce
Eri Shahinaj
Eri Shahinaj 8 gün önce
Im in search of that music too buddy
emma chamberlain
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