Unsolved Supernatural Season 4 Marathon

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

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Relive Ryan and Shane’s shenanigans with a Supernatural Season 4 marathon!
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Omnia Paratus
Omnia Paratus 3 saatler önce
Mr.wind biter. Teeth gnashing....aarrhhg aarrggh
Luna and Evas channel
Luna and Evas channel 7 saatler önce
Why is this sooo longgggggg whyyyyyyyyyy
Clara Bell
Clara Bell 8 saatler önce
Do the Houska Castle! Do the Houska Castle! Do the Houska Castle! Do the Houska Castle! Do the Houska Castle! Do the Houska Castle!
The Cryptid
The Cryptid 10 saatler önce
Plot twist- Ryan is the demon and hes just trying to stop other supernatural forces from killing his human friend
ComeHave SomeTea
ComeHave SomeTea 11 saatler önce
ryan: makes mothman noise mothman: Monica?? Is that you? I can never forget her voice sasquatch: oh god Moth she's no good she's just no good Mothman: Her singing voice was so poetic how could it be anything else?
Paislee Miranda
Paislee Miranda 11 saatler önce
ryan: “who is that, can you make a noise” shane: “it’s actually quite nice”
Kylee Modreske
Kylee Modreske 11 saatler önce
What is at the end of the hall at 31:59
lynn ar
lynn ar 19 saatler önce
I get Lucifer vibes from Shane
capichow 23 saatler önce
That pizza 🍕 looks 👀 fantastic
capichow 23 saatler önce
Got to make the mothman eyes 👀 glow at night,do they? I’d so want to drive there, must be a awesome visit.
Daniel Rafferty
Daniel Rafferty Gün önce
To be fair, Knowing Shane, Bane Probably quoted him.
Jamie K87
Jamie K87 Gün önce
I like to think Ryan and Shane are actually in love and it makes me happy.
Cooke Wollan
Cooke Wollan Gün önce
2:12:00 The meme man
Cooke Wollan
Cooke Wollan Gün önce
Phoenix lights in the intro
That TallGirl
That TallGirl Gün önce
2:49:27 | 1..2..3..4..how many ghosts are in my storeee. I KNOWWWW YOU’RE IN THEREEE
That TallGirl
That TallGirl Gün önce
You guys should come to Memphis sometime. There are a lot of supposedly haunted locations not to mention how old this city is. Be sure to check out the Orpheum, Earnestine and Hazels, and Elmwood cemetery. All are very old and the architecture is worth the visit alone. Plus, I’ve had my own somewhat weird experiences in the Elmwood cemetery. I ended up walking around the cemetery for 4 hours in a daze, and I’m not the type of person to enjoy reading every sign in a historical site. It just gives a different intoxicating feeling that I can’t explain. The city’s culture alone makes it worth it. Plus everyone has a story of something strange going on in this town Edit: Sorry I forgot about the Peabody. It’s a really famous hotel where a lot of Mob people used to stay. Bonus, they have live ducks that swim in the fountain in the main Hall. Also you could try to get permission to investigate Graceland (where Elvis Presley died) or where Martin Luther King Junior died. You get my point... if you need location ideas come here :). A lot of places are still open during quarantine too
E Wyeth
E Wyeth Gün önce
i still think spaghetti and apple tater are the most compelling evidence cause if i was a ghost i would just say random crap into the spirit box.
Laila Visesio
Laila Visesio Gün önce
Hahaha you guys are too funny lol
Fager Ali
Fager Ali Gün önce
My old 6thg teacher told the boy to stop hitting the net from the basketball hop cuz a boy got his thumb stuck and the weight of body poped his thumb off 😬😬😬
Melissa Salazar
Melissa Salazar Gün önce
You guys are total nerds!
hi guy's
hi guy's Gün önce
If your watching this in the dark at 3 A.M. clap your hands👏👏
Lyla Kavanagh
Lyla Kavanagh Gün önce
Time stamps 00:00 Mothman 31:23 Rolling Hills Asylum
ComeHave SomeTea
ComeHave SomeTea Gün önce
pet the dog.
Anita Clarke
Anita Clarke Gün önce
Lmmfao @you two !
Abby Atwood
Abby Atwood Gün önce
I'd love to see Shane sleep in the most haunted hotel room for like 4 days.
dummy thk
dummy thk Gün önce
Ryan: why do I feel like I’m being watched? Me watching him: 👁👄👁
Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony Gün önce
It's about time y'all brought Shane and Ryan back . I was about to give up on the buzzfeed. Thanks!!!!! Will watch and tell others these guys are back on, .
Naveen Mathew
Naveen Mathew Gün önce
9:06 don't you think the electric post on the driver's side looks like the mothman? When it's dark the red lights on posts may look like eyes.
Jasmin Sm
Jasmin Sm Gün önce
does anyone know if. there gonna be another season? and when
Regina Grace
Regina Grace Gün önce
The only buzzfeed show that I am willing to watch 👀👄👀
Chris K
Chris K Gün önce
What amazing character development
Kimiko McConnell
Kimiko McConnell Gün önce
I think it was very disrespectful for Shane to laugh at the wrong time while Kristen was sharing her scariest experience in the house. I understand if you’re all about science but this was a matter of remaining respectful regardless of your personal opinions. 👎🏼👎🏼
ovuhl died
ovuhl died Gün önce
what about an unsolved on cryptozoology
D L Gün önce
Anyone else ever think that they've caught full proper evidence but they won't show it because they want the show to go on? Or am I alone.
Marie Roche
Marie Roche Gün önce
Would watch but sick of RYAN'S FOUL MOUTH.
Gothboy Clique
Gothboy Clique Gün önce
Lmao what
Laicy Bing
Laicy Bing Gün önce
Everytime they talk about mothman, only Big ed with red eyes and big wings pop up in my head
ximena lillo
ximena lillo Gün önce
What happened to the dog??? Was there a dog???😵
Seipp11 2 gün önce
SCROLL Back UP, dont hide in the comments you coward
IDNEI Gaming
IDNEI Gaming 2 gün önce
I highly suggest the Nicolas Barclay case it’s very interesting
Felipe Ruiz
Felipe Ruiz 2 gün önce
Best answer ever!! "He's a F**ing creature, he can do whatever he wants" lol
Bruh 2 gün önce
Dustin Kline
Dustin Kline 2 gün önce
Buzzfeed team needs to get on their playlist updates
Ethan W
Ethan W 2 gün önce
I listen to this to sleep
Pepperoni Macaroni
Pepperoni Macaroni 2 gün önce
Why do ghosts go stealth when they enter the room
Trish Thunderbird
Trish Thunderbird 2 gün önce
Sometimes I wish some thing happens to Shane that’s so horrifying and scares him into believing that what he does is horrible to the ghosts and disrespectful to them
Amy Birks
Amy Birks 2 gün önce
time stamps for each mystery💋 31:20 - end of mothman 33:26 - rolling hills asylum 57:45 - the bellaire house 1:22:40 - ohio state reformatory 1:53:45 - phoenix lights 2:18:20 - moon river brewing co. 2:42:45 - sorrel-weed house 3:04:36 - villa montezuma
Teddy Valentine
Teddy Valentine 2 gün önce
Are the Ghoul boys ever coming back? 😭😭
-Brooke Burleigh-
-Brooke Burleigh- 2 gün önce
am i the only one who hates shane doing the wind biter thing like it makes me wildly uncomfortable
GoodyGirl 2 gün önce
Nobody: The spirit box: *spaghetti* Ryan laughing: what's your name? The spirit box: *aPpLe tArT*
` lovely peaches `
` lovely peaches ` 2 gün önce
04:00 I spat out my pasta 😂
JoeScrewball 2 gün önce
Why does Ryan only allow 1 demonic investigation a season?
Derek Sunley
Derek Sunley 2 gün önce
Derek Sunley
Derek Sunley 2 gün önce
1.30 in the prison cell before you tell James you going to uses spirit box you pick up a help on your audio? ??
bean bean
bean bean 3 gün önce
shane dawson's cat
shane dawson's cat 3 gün önce
there was a recent mothman sighting near o'hare airport
Emma Von Desmo
Emma Von Desmo 3 gün önce
I wouldn't go ghost hunting with that nurse around...
skylar parker
skylar parker 3 gün önce
Harpy eagle
skylar parker
skylar parker 3 gün önce
Its the big owl thing
master jugs
master jugs 3 gün önce
Even ryan is 1000000× braver than me
master jugs
master jugs 3 gün önce
Shane doing the mothman impression .......I cant breathe 😭🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
tuxedomaskluver 3 gün önce
do more of these please
Cadence Bevins
Cadence Bevins 3 gün önce
Shane: starts talking Ryan: ya imma need you to shut that BULLSH¡T up chief.
MR REFLEX 3 gün önce
14:06 23:05 This is why i love shane lol......
STEVE- Cockney Rebel
STEVE- Cockney Rebel 3 gün önce
sophia 3 gün önce
i miss u guys
Joan K
Joan K 3 gün önce
I grew up in the era of Horror Incorporated, an old black and white TV show. Kind of reminds me of that...
Skinner185 3 gün önce
you guys should go to skinwalker ranch
JuicyOnMobile 3 gün önce
Plot twist: Shane is a demon that scares every demon and spirit
Alan Morales
Alan Morales 3 gün önce
Moth man was an owl
Who actually the 3 hours of this in one day cuase the have no life
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