VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 31

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Sam, Wren, and Niko are back to break down some of the most insane Hollywood VFX!
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Slice of Bread
Slice of Bread 54 dakika önce
Ice Pirates
Brogan 321
Brogan 321 11 saatler önce
React to Men Black
Kuru Gün önce
where the wild things was terrifying for me
Andre Dongelmans
Andre Dongelmans Gün önce
Where was FRIENDS 😩
Reflex Jat
Reflex Jat Gün önce
Bridge 4!!
Rydal S
Rydal S Gün önce
"Where the wild things are" was a disappointment of a movie IMO
OLDBAY7 Gün önce
Can you pls explain how the dogs were made in this Netflix show my little brothers watch called pup academy they were very interested on how they did it
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio 2 gün önce
Where the wild things are is a great movie. I heard the director was an absolute asshole to everyone on set but fuck that movie turned out great
Germ-X 2 gün önce
Nice Bridge Four shirt
TOILET 2 gün önce
4:30 he reminds me of john kramer from saw
brett stabler
brett stabler 2 gün önce
The reason why the gladiator didn’t move when the tiger swiped was apart of the story of how badass that guy was supposed to be that was intentional.... you guys do the same thing
brett stabler
brett stabler 2 gün önce
Friends is a shitty show Change my mind
Diego F
Diego F 3 gün önce
The scenes on Cybertron from Transformers: Bumblebee
Maria Calore
Maria Calore 3 gün önce
Now that Agents of SHIELD is ending, I think it would be perfect to have Mark Kolpack here breaking down the best and "worst" of its effects. It's amazing, being a network show and having some cuts some seasons.
Troy Neujahr
Troy Neujahr 3 gün önce
Hey, I'd love to see you guys do a VFX reaction for Kevin James' "Sound Guy . . ." series!
dalton oleman
dalton oleman 3 gün önce
Do journey to the center of the earth
Le SquAre
Le SquAre 3 gün önce
React to the new series of umbrella academy
Chalk Sqare
Chalk Sqare 3 gün önce
Reaction to Transformers? (Dark of the moon?) (Ur choice)
Xanthe Lavrysen
Xanthe Lavrysen 3 gün önce
I would love to see you guys react to Umbrella Academy. They have some really cool VFX that I would love to know more about and see you guys react to it!
Hayes Paulino
Hayes Paulino 3 gün önce
Did they review real steel yet or not? If not please react to real steal!
Chantal S
Chantal S 3 gün önce
React to the hair in 0.0mhz
NeZvers 3 gün önce
CGI artists react needs to react to "Worlds smallest cat BBC"
Trinnity Vidaurri
Trinnity Vidaurri 3 gün önce
trwomen.com/id/video-ZNmawJ6QNsA.html Any behind the scenes footage of actor playing the CGI polar bear?
Mikiy Chance
Mikiy Chance 3 gün önce
how about 'life of pi' and 'gemini man' , both film by Ang Lee
Venom Bite43
Venom Bite43 3 gün önce
You should review Kung Fury its a short film on youtube
Chicago Joe
Chicago Joe 3 gün önce
You guys should react to the ED-209 and Cain scenes from the original Robocop and Robocop 2.
Gabriel Lucero Fuentes
Gabriel Lucero Fuentes 3 gün önce
Rufus Hammond
Rufus Hammond 3 gün önce
I did not know George Miller made mad max and all those innocent child hood movies lol
Joey Maurice
Joey Maurice 3 gün önce
Can you guys do the helicopter and explosions from The Outpost? Cool camera moves but the explosions suck
Victor Vercammen
Victor Vercammen 3 gün önce
You guys should react to the crazy new Flatbush ZOMBiES - "Afterlife" music video The 3D compositions in there are insane
AngryPineapple 3 gün önce
Reaction to the end of the Mandela Effect plz
Adrian DeLeeuw
Adrian DeLeeuw 3 gün önce
please react to District 9!
Makkaer1111 3 gün önce
trwomen.com/id/video-dbbtaJs8AWw.html tell me these shots of the whales underwater are fake
Matt Clark
Matt Clark 3 gün önce
The Umbrella Academy (S2: E7) *SPOILER ALERT* Near the end of the episode Ben possess Klaus & Klaus is putting up a fight, trying to reclaim his body, all to the music of Backstreet‘s Back by the Backstreet Boys. That whole segment of the two going back & forth of body possession is REALLY well done. And I would love to see you guys explain how it was made!
Austin Oglesby
Austin Oglesby 3 gün önce
THE WALKING DEAD - especially season 7 where you got the tiger Shiva, the trash ppl set where they try to make it look huge, the walker kills etc
Phant0m YouTube
Phant0m YouTube 3 gün önce
Cyopolis 3 gün önce
So as I'm watching the half live action half animated film hop with my daughter... I notice at about 13 and a half minutes into the movie... that there is a grave mistake... the soon to be Easter bunnies leg clips through the bench he sits on
Ryan Raynor
Ryan Raynor 3 gün önce
evan holler
evan holler 3 gün önce
Reaction to smart house and other early Disney Channel original movies
Mustard 3 gün önce
can you do the movie rec 2
Brandon Warnock
Brandon Warnock 3 gün önce
hey!! I'm not a bot but i want yall to see my comment. I got a shot breakdown i wanna see. I'm currently watching the Harry Potter's and got to say , i still love these movies. great efx. Can you guys break down the scene in the deathly hallows pt. 1 where they all drink the polyjuice potion and turn into harry? I think it's so cool how they make everyone morph and all in the "same" shot!
Zodkiew 3 gün önce
Please react to movie made by netflix in 2019 called "DRIVE" its sooooooooo baaaad
Ez-Popcorn 3 gün önce
Hunger games mockingjay part 1: Forest massacre scene. Muzzle flashes
ᴋʏᴏ ᴊᴀᴋᴏʙ
ᴋʏᴏ ᴊᴀᴋᴏʙ 3 gün önce
Check out the music video from Flatbush ZOMBiES - "Afterlife" , really asking myself how they did it!
Michael Daniel Paisley Henderson
Michael Daniel Paisley Henderson 3 gün önce
You guys should react to the hallucinated winged monster shown in Amazon Prime’s Big Dogs season 1, episode 8, 40 min into the episode! Dooooo iiiiiittttt!!! Lol
Wilf Magnussen
Wilf Magnussen 3 gün önce
Check out children of dune!
TheBantaBuddies 3 gün önce
React to the scene in “pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end” where there is an entire crew of captain jack sparrows, because they did it in quite a cool way
Thomas McCauley
Thomas McCauley 3 gün önce
Do a reaction to the tiger scene from The Hangover
Aedan Mangan
Aedan Mangan 3 gün önce
U guys should react to this short film I just saw on TRwomen. It’s called “order 66 a Star Wars short film”
Daniela C
Daniela C 3 gün önce
Reaction to the mutant bear from Annihilation?
Playittillyouwin 3 gün önce
trwomen.com/id/video-fjmhppNxYUo.html check out this scene from Spiderman FFH. The lighting looks crazy wack and Spiderman looks like he's from the PS4 game.
Alex Clayton
Alex Clayton 3 gün önce
THE CABLE GUY. Apparently (according to Prime Video X-Ray) VFX fixed Jim Carey's terrible basketball skills in post. You should check it out.
Ross Funderburk
Ross Funderburk 3 gün önce
Is love to know how they did the records room scene from the beginning of Serenity (2005).
Jay Kim
Jay Kim 4 gün önce
Please do The Exigency fuck how did I forget this
Jay Kim
Jay Kim 4 gün önce
Not sure this counts because it's not a movie, but can you do one on cutscenes from the original StarCraft? The Amerigo scene specifically Also, the first two Alien movies
Jada 4 gün önce
You guys should react to CGI in Lost in Space.
Stephane Gregory Dan
Stephane Gregory Dan 4 gün önce
Double World the Wolf, Bear, Lion thingy is actually very well made for a chinese production. All if the CGI in that movie is great. Even though it is noticeable I think it deserves to be mentioned.
argyusi csaba
argyusi csaba 4 gün önce
Could you react to Wheelman available on netflix. The whole movie is in the car a very interesting story telling and some good camera technique.
Martin VAN BOXSOM 4 gün önce
Soy Cuba (1964) for the amazing one shots. Especially the funeral scene: trwomen.com/id/video-sYFXv6bDIY8.html
Micah Doornbos
Micah Doornbos 4 gün önce
react to The Umbrella Academy Season 1 final battle
Minnie Mae Fayo
Minnie Mae Fayo 4 gün önce
Harry Potter film series
Jayden Lopez
Jayden Lopez 4 gün önce
You guys gotta react to the VFX in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies
Nitin Muralikrishna
Nitin Muralikrishna 4 gün önce
Netflix's Locke and key please!!
mastermanio2 4 gün önce
The Mummy 2 has some interesting CG it's almost invariably terrible, across the board. but then they have this perfectly photorealistic cg bird
Glenn Eichmann
Glenn Eichmann 4 gün önce
You should do a reaction of the bus crash in The Fugitive. For its time it looks amazing
Tom Griffin
Tom Griffin 4 gün önce
The flash TV series all the running scenes really bad cgi
Yuantian Mai
Yuantian Mai 4 gün önce
Stanley Kubricks sci-fi masterpiece: 2001 A Space Odyssey, the pioneer of visual effect. Came out nine years before Star Wars, 1 year before the moon landing, yet surpasses Star Wars in realism and scientific accuracy. Somehow this channel never talk about it's acheivement in visual effect, they didn't even mention it. So like this comment if you believe in justice in the world, because this film deserve to be noticed more than Star Wars did.
Tysore STSL
Tysore STSL Gün önce
I dont think star wars was trying to be realistic. People liked it because it was a whole giant interesting galaxy to explore not because the amazing visual FX. But even those are impressive.
DahMastah26 4 gün önce
This isn’t from a movie and it’s just super silly, but I found an old video that I liked from high school. trwomen.com/id/video-6PRHSyMvhMI.html
Simon Donily
Simon Donily 4 gün önce
Please react to the Umbrella Academy. The season 2 beginning war sequence is incredible.
Acorn TM
Acorn TM 4 gün önce
Do transformers
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