VOX REBUTTAL: Everything is Made for Men?! | Louder with Crowder

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24 gün önce

Steven rebuts Vox's latest claims that everything is designed for men, and debunks the most common myths surrounding the relationship between biological sex and drug research.
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StevenCrowder 24 gün önce
Do you really believe that most products are designed for men by default? Especially since women drive the majority of consumer purchasing?
Johnny Gutierrez
Johnny Gutierrez 6 saatler önce
I may be wrong but originally weren't tampoons made for soldiers in war because of how much moisture and liquid they hold.
Tanner Behr
Tanner Behr 17 saatler önce
Please. Please. Whatever you do, do not stop informing the masses of Vox's misinformed/misinterpreted versions of "news." Coming from a generation which can barely think and research for itself, trust me when I say we need you.
Michael Highline
Michael Highline Gün önce
So technically you would have to test each and every one separately according to vox
Michael Highline
Michael Highline Gün önce
So someone is taking a sleep aid and driving after. That's a great idea.
Ethan Neal
Ethan Neal 37 dakika önce
Ultimately, if there's a mishap with testing, it's far more likely to follow Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." Vox immediately goes after the malice case because that's the easy thing to defend from a progressive, left-leaning agenda. Take that lens off and be more objective, and wouldn't you know? It was just something someone missed down the line and then fixed.
Warren AF
Warren AF Saatler önce
6:29 Ambien is not a benzo. Weird to see Steven give out false information.
The Discord
The Discord 2 saatler önce
I guess if everything is made for men it’s time to start putting tampons up my butt.
B 'Mac
B 'Mac 2 saatler önce
Vox are the most pathetic pieces of sh*t that exist in this world.
TheWufstyle 4 saatler önce
@stevencrowder you should really do a change my mind segment about transgendered in regards to elite athletes.. :) Would be quite interesting to hear which arguments would be used to try and get you to change your mind..
fifty years
fifty years 4 saatler önce
Reference man took Jussie Smollett to the prom.
Ry No
Ry No 5 saatler önce
Our economy is based almost exclusively around spending habits of women.
Leslie Creasey
Leslie Creasey 6 saatler önce
I consider myself a feminist and my husband does too lol, but I totally agree with everything you said in this video. I really like the way you broke down Vox’s video and explained how almost everything they said was wrong or pertinent information was excluded to impact biases. While I don’t always agree with your opinions I do always enjoy watching your videos for various reasons.
Raymond Doetjes
Raymond Doetjes 6 saatler önce
AC is too cold for women? That’s obviously because they don’t work as hard as men! Work harder and you’ll be warmer! ;)
Raymond Doetjes
Raymond Doetjes 6 saatler önce
70KG? What is this? Ireland during the potato crisis? An average man weighs 85-95KG these days. At least here in the Netherlands. 70KG is extremely light and not really normal on a 1.83M average sized body.
RiptRome 7 saatler önce
WTF after i watched this Vox started coming up in recommended, man they hate you. Makes me like you more.
Bill Phister
Bill Phister 7 saatler önce
So, if the FDA is not required to include members of both sexes and various races in their studies, doesn't that mean that white men could also be excluded?
D00MTR33 12 saatler önce
How dare does my doctor misgender my trouble sleeping? My balls identify me as a man but my Ambien prescription identifies me as a lady.
ggg 15 saatler önce
Throw the links to the referenced videos so we can raid the comments section
Aaron k
Aaron k 18 saatler önce
"To much Lunesta... You too can have a bad acid trip." "Sign me up!" 😂Me too😂
Cupcake Intake
Cupcake Intake 20 saatler önce
I love how these women think that they speak for *ALL* women... I’m 4’10”, I’ve got big ol boobs, my body temperature runs hot and I sweat like a dude... I will cut a bitch that tries to turn up the thermostat!! But I’m probably just a “brainwashed” patriarchy she-puppet, right? 😒
Zachary Fletcher
Zachary Fletcher 20 saatler önce
So if drugs are designed for men, would that explain why men have a far higher Suicide success rate?? 🤔
peekaboots01 21 saatler önce
This madness has too stop! Why can't we stop this insanity?!
Cameron Schaffer
Cameron Schaffer 22 saatler önce
Verne Troyer was 35 lbs
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell Gün önce
Question can you also debunk Jhon Olivers Last Week Tonight episode on medical bias. Also even if vox is hypocritical we can all agree big pharma is an evil corporate powerhouse who started the opioid epidemic so who knows really house many more disparities they had in order to make a buck.
C C Gün önce
....you whiny faggots, my god why did so many women become so fucking annoying
Angelina Dohr
Angelina Dohr Gün önce
I remember another argument made back when I was taking a Psychology of Women class about how men and women’s symptoms of a heart attack are different(im not sure when the study was done), and that since test subjects were based off of males, females weren’t able to detect their heart attacks and were prescribed medication that was ineffective to them, or that females were only aware of the symptoms a male would have for a heart attack. From what you’ve mentioned though, I guess medication/symptom studies make sure to always test on females as well now?
BallzDeep69 Gün önce
Preach!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Sollus Markis
Sollus Markis Gün önce
I'm not in love with some of the analogies made, and I did not agree with some of the more off-hand opinions, but the core content of this video is so fucking true
reppp Gün önce
Vox is idiotic
Bad Vibez
Bad Vibez Gün önce
1:34 ofc the millitary equiptment is made for men women dont get drafted or have to register for selective service when 18
Felix Kvamme
Felix Kvamme Gün önce
I like how u get dislikes for speaking the truth
Dave Davis
Dave Davis 2 gün önce
Is it bad as a male I think the vox girl is hot ?
Joey De Haeck
Joey De Haeck 2 gün önce
patriarchy is long gone, and now some families still have wealth and power from their ancestors sure. but thats it
Adam Davis
Adam Davis 2 gün önce
Even though Vox cherrypicks evidence to make their point, I'm sorry to say that it is an objective fact that women are less likely to be included in clinical trials and it's even less likely that data is analyzed with respect to sex. While it's gotten better, it's still not a proportionate amount. You can see the 20 year history of this in the following paper: "Twenty years and still counting: including women as participants and studying sex and gender in biomedical research" by C. Mazure and D. Jones (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4624369/ )
Kim Link
Kim Link 2 gün önce
Vox is clueless about how drugs are tested. My stepson, a black male, worked for a drug testing company in college. They were basically test subjects to see if there were side effects. The testing company took whoever they could get, regardless of gender, skin color etc. They never put out a call for white males.
Will M
Will M 2 gün önce
Actually I believe we are living in a oppressive Matriarchy pushed by big tech, business, and media companies. And not forget the bigot premises from liberal and leftist sexist (discriminating men).
Old Foot stool
Old Foot stool 2 gün önce
Hay was that don Lemon trying to sneak up on every man
Jason Strom
Jason Strom 2 gün önce
Well everything is actually made for men, and we are still living in a Patriarchal Society....... It's just made for very Gay Men and it's now a very Gay Patriarchal Society 🤪
bliztix 2 gün önce
I’m 6’5” 250lbs trust me and my forehead, the world is not made for me
Martin Dahl
Martin Dahl 17 saatler önce
😄 Right, VOX is the epitome of stupidity and hypocrazy.
Songs From a Taxi in Norway SFTN
Songs From a Taxi in Norway SFTN 2 gün önce
😁😂Ahh! Always refreshing to watch a louder with Crowder debunk video..😁
Bryan Dedon
Bryan Dedon 2 gün önce
I believe that's just another shitty video by vox who seems to do nothing but make shitty videos
BigBossIvan 2 gün önce
So now that women are men too, can prostate cancer get some research too?
Issac Harrison
Issac Harrison 2 gün önce
could you imagine all that society can do with all the money spend by women in shoes, clothing and makeup??? #taxwomen
ikuaforgetten 2 gün önce
Ambien has a warning label saying don't drive after taking ambien.
Aaron Slater
Aaron Slater 2 gün önce
Shocker, military equipment designed for males? You don't say? Next your gonna say tampons were designed for women or something
Ordoz 2 gün önce
Bitches get high off ambien while drinking and partying .... wonder how many were drunk also lol
Renegade Junior
Renegade Junior 2 gün önce
Regarding drugs (what I just learned in psychopharmacology) researchers and I believe the government got involved in trying to have both males and females tested. The reason however, why females aren't tested for a drug as much as males is because females have to take care of children or are pregnant. It's expensive. Males are always ready. That's not patriarchy, that's just trying to save money and working around inconveniences. The drug they are talking about is twice as potent in women and yes they did more clinical trials on males not because they are only focused on them but because females are more expensive. It's because of biological differences.
palliboy101 3 gün önce
I take sleeping pills that I'm prescribed before bed not before I want to go for a drive. That's crazy.
palliboy101 3 gün önce
If the differences between men and women is a social construct why do the sexes in the animal kingdom act differently? They don't have some elaborate social system telling them to act differently its biology that tells them to act differently. This social construct nonsense is poisoning the young generations.
Zielony Ork
Zielony Ork 3 gün önce
Brazilian Goddess
Brazilian Goddess 3 gün önce
I bet this video is like a magnet for sexist swine.
Gangster of Love
Gangster of Love Gün önce
Must be. You are here
LeonGarnet 3 gün önce
Last month my father accidentally took his sleeping medicine instead of his thyroid's medicine before breakfast, within the hour he was falling asleep while standing, he was in no condition to work much less drive, we send him back to bed, he woke up about 8 or 9 hours later. These people are professional agenda driven idiots.
Kostantinos Vlasakakis
Kostantinos Vlasakakis 3 gün önce
Military equipment is designed for 180 lbs men by the way, not 155 tiny guys
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith 3 gün önce
This lady is a joke. In my house my wife and two daughters constantly control the AC/ thermostat. But not anymore the patriarchy gave me Nest and I have the Nest app and I have the power now!!!
Lil' Country
Lil' Country 3 gün önce
Tampons stop nose bleeds
Adam Hanson
Adam Hanson 3 gün önce
Victim is now a gender pronoun
hussien alawai
hussien alawai 3 gün önce
This is what happens when people starte running out of ideas to use with there freedome
Luke Whennen
Luke Whennen 3 gün önce
wow vox, disgrace
Haston Martin
Haston Martin 3 gün önce
Vox means such a different thing in Spain...
Dana Hail
Dana Hail 4 gün önce
"of coise!" has me laughing so hard 😂
Billy Graham
Billy Graham 4 gün önce
And wait a minute vacuums arent made for men
Billy Graham
Billy Graham 4 gün önce
Shit on this topic left handers get screwed more than anyone with things being made specifically for particular groups
Ann Codinah
Ann Codinah 4 gün önce
Then I guess that these women need Viagra
North star
North star 4 gün önce
Some one needs to tell her but as far as military equipment for a very very long time our main military consisted of only men so it would seem logical that it’s made more comfortable for men considering there’s still more men in the military, I’d like to just put that out there.
BriaN _-
BriaN _- 4 gün önce
Today I found you. I like you.
Ceci Grey
Ceci Grey 4 gün önce
As a female pharmacist I have met women that take oral birth control TABLETS vaginally so you can’t change people that are too ignorant and abuse or misuse medication or simply do not read directions...this idea that “big phamra “ makes medication only safe for men is such BS there are meds unsafe for many women and men especially taken incorrectly
Theodore Grier
Theodore Grier 4 gün önce
Funny how narcissistic people take a lie and reverse it on you. Normally it would seem obvious and ridiculous but people standing by are intimidated by the narcissists. 80% of consumer purchases are made by women and therefore ALL advertising is designed around them.
Betty 1966
Betty 1966 4 gün önce
Well they pushed the men can have periods too crap 🤷‍♀️😂
Guillermo Melendez
Guillermo Melendez 4 gün önce
I wonder how drugs affect crash test dummies?
John Seigo
John Seigo 3 gün önce
Well I don't think their driving will get any worse...
Tristjyn Thompson
Tristjyn Thompson 5 gün önce
Looks like reference man got robbed from the sex shop
swg2002 5 gün önce
Did you really do that at planned parenthood? Please tell me this is part of the comedy of the show. I can't believe that actually happened.
No Name
No Name Gün önce
Look it up he actually made a video. He dressed up as a transgender and everything lol
MrPhysics 5 gün önce
Isnt Vox the same group that tried to do a PC build video but was so horribly bad that the entire internet tore them to shreds? Or was that VICE
D Fills
D Fills 5 gün önce
Like gag me with a spoon dude.She soooo progressive I believe her!!
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