VOX REBUTTAL: Everything is Made for Men?! | Louder with Crowder

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7 aylar önce

Steven rebuts Vox's latest claims that everything is designed for men, and debunks the most common myths surrounding the relationship between biological sex and drug research.
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StevenCrowder 7 aylar önce
Do you really believe that most products are designed for men by default? Especially since women drive the majority of consumer purchasing?
ThisisBen 7 gün önce
@Maxim Smith hey, is there any private platform you'd be comfortable talking about this matter on? E.g Facebook or so on. I'm writing a paper on misinterpretation in subjects and forcing personal believes into schooling curriculum. Everything would be confidential of course, and absolutely no issue if not. Cheers
Rolling Coasters
Rolling Coasters 14 gün önce
zaecier 14 gün önce
technical products were not for most women, definetely. they all lack a button "give me what I want"
Rolling Coasters
Rolling Coasters Aylar önce
Rolling Coasters
Rolling Coasters Aylar önce
fingerboi 4 saatler önce
Kind of disgusts me that Steven even has to debunk misinformation from what presents itself as a legitimate media company. Vox should have to face some kind of repercussions for dishonest journalism. smh.
Nickysha Andrea
Nickysha Andrea 5 saatler önce
thats kinda racist. They are discerning the mannequin as white. It looked asian to me though
Tim Rau
Tim Rau 8 saatler önce
Has there ever been a woman transitioning into a man completely dominate any sport? I'm curious...
Steak Slap'n
Steak Slap'n 15 saatler önce
Youve heard of mansplaining, but have you heard what they call it when a woman who explains patriarchy to you? "annoying"
Steak Slap'n
Steak Slap'n 16 saatler önce
155 lbs man? Is he 10?
A & J
A & J 17 saatler önce
There is a female Viagra for women and a male Viagra for men.
Redneck322 Gün önce
I feel like every time a woman says this should wear a dunce cap on their head with the word “dumbass” written on it for saying stupid shit like this. This can also be used for males that become male feminists.
Classace Gün önce
Or hair dryer.
christopher mcpherson
christopher mcpherson Gün önce
Has anyone joined mug club for 99.99 a year is it worth it?
Jordan Dyer
Jordan Dyer Gün önce
Ravine is generally considered the smallest of the "canyon" type geological features. Gorge is larger, then Canyon is the largest. There are not really any hard numbers on when one becomes another, though.
kaylee estrada
kaylee estrada Gün önce
at least put out a good argument like “most things are made for right handed people” my gosh
Maine outdoorsman
Maine outdoorsman Gün önce
Anbian in adults is a anit seditive just like if adults take Ritalin it does the opposite affects then in kids , What about the pill is that made for men birth control
robert rwitcher46
robert rwitcher46 Gün önce
you should not drive on ambien or benzodiazepine or any other mind altering drugs
Anon 2 gün önce
Ah of course the dildos, I own so many I lost count.
cheeseisgud 115
cheeseisgud 115 2 gün önce
Yeah, those Kennedy's have never had much luck with cars...
K W 2 gün önce
Scalping was introduced by Europeans.
Edward Gollihugh
Edward Gollihugh 3 gün önce
I love how the military example they use is the ACH helmet which comes in like three or four different sizes along with three or four different patterns of pads that you velcro into the inside to protect your brain
Taťka Medvěd
Taťka Medvěd 3 gün önce
the thing is if you did not have women in thylomide study how would you know its causing birth defects ...other story is how that drug found its way to market even tho they knew what does it cause...
Ayatollah Of Rock'n'roller
Ayatollah Of Rock'n'roller 3 gün önce
Vox - everything is made for men Everyone else - everything was created and built by men
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison 4 gün önce
Did they seriously use a porn doll for there video
BasicSalad123 4 gün önce
i feel as though men and women arent biologically equal. women excel at certain jobs, and so do men
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 4 gün önce
Bruh!!...... Every fucking company has products made specifically for both male and female! Vox is just so so fucking stupid! Simple example : Clothes....we got a shirt and pants thats it! Women have so so so many different clothes!
Music Boy
Music Boy 5 gün önce
Talk about the Redskins changing names and NFL Black national anthem please!
Joshua Hollenbeck
Joshua Hollenbeck 5 gün önce
Steven, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, email me. Hollenjf at gmail dot com
Luciana Gonzales
Luciana Gonzales 5 gün önce
Has this bitch ever been to TJMaxx?!
Cole Stanford
Cole Stanford 5 gün önce
Verne Troyer weighed around 35 lbs Nice try Steven
Kerry Ow Buland
Kerry Ow Buland 5 gün önce
Everything is made for right handers .. CHANGE MY MIND.
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson 6 gün önce
I've decided to take a new angle on trans-women entering female sports. I'm okay with it. In fact, I support it. Frequently, female sports don't get the attention that male sports do. They're not "exciting" enough. So now we finally have the opportunity to have these trans-women entering the female sports and they are shattering the records. They are making the sports exciting again. Maybe someday we'll be progressive enough to have all trans-women in female sports. And more power to feminism and social justice! Win, win.
Landon Miles
Landon Miles 7 gün önce
"Alexa set it to patriarchy." "How dare you." "I dare." "Ok..."
Maxim Smith
Maxim Smith 7 gün önce
@ThisisBen , what is your background, I might be interested in speaking with you about this subject
Prefers Oxygen
Prefers Oxygen 7 gün önce
yeah, let's see her hit the toilet bowl at 3 am while standing with a full bladder, one eye closed and no light on ..... women get to sit !!! and tell her to make sure women get prostates, that way they can feel closer to being equal with men.
Majella Keane
Majella Keane 7 gün önce
Hilarious!!!! No difference between men and women biologically... God bless the poor Dr navigating that prescription!
cody chabot
cody chabot 7 gün önce
Lol " how dare you, i dare" ahahaha
The Show
The Show 8 gün önce
So the world is constructed of ambien xl military helmets sealtbelts and air conditioners then? All made for men?? Rightttttt.... Explain a banana
Che Marshall
Che Marshall 8 gün önce
You can tell a video was intended for children when it’s backgrounded by a xylophone tune.
Majestid 8 gün önce
Aren’t there hormonal medicine that are for women but harmful for men?
Rob Hicks
Rob Hicks 8 gün önce
So this is basically her opinion. This is how she views the world.
Rob Hicks
Rob Hicks 8 gün önce
Yep! Even women are made for men!😇
BOBOISGOD 9 gün önce
I cant wait until this generation dies Specifically the leftist part
BigBroLittleSis1 9 gün önce
I do love coming back to see this... Vox lambasting the FDA... and then Covid came along and now we must all pray to the FDA gods for their wisdom!
Matt Ellis
Matt Ellis 10 gün önce
" even military equipment" Umm ya men fight on the front lines sweetheart. I'd be pissed going into battle with a helmet and armour fitted for a women's body lol
IFunny Watermark
IFunny Watermark 10 gün önce
As a native American I would scalp these people.
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan 11 gün önce
Only time I ever thought a man touching a tampon was bad ass in the movie "kids" when casper dips a tampon in a cup of cool aid and says he likes a woman with heavy flow and sucks the juice out of tampon! Most people I knew who used ambian were women btw i have totally tripped out on ambiance my ex gf gave me. She woke me up to fight about me leaving my cup.out on the table we got in a big fight and I drove off. I dont remember a thing until I smashed my car into a sound barrier on the highway and realized wtf I did.
kevin mckenzie
kevin mckenzie 11 gün önce
Know i am real late and it may have been said in the comments. But one of the side effects a abien is sleep walking/driving/eating/having sex.Doing normal everyday tasks without realizing that you are.
Cáit L
Cáit L 12 gün önce
1:31 Ah yes, I'm so mad that the military equipment that I'll never have to wear because I can't be drafted doesn't fit me 🤔😂
A Fox Called Scrappy Tail
A Fox Called Scrappy Tail 13 gün önce
So, the pill ( birth control ) tampons, high heels and bras are for men yeh???
zaecier 14 gün önce
cucumbers were designed for women
Peace 14 gün önce
Jayson Maciak
Jayson Maciak 14 gün önce
These are the same people who say men and women are not different, wow go figure
Chris' Emmz
Chris' Emmz 14 gün önce
Men created everything and women sat down all through since the beginning of time and now women are here complaining for equality, y'all tripping...when we were building the earth where were you?
Lady Lecter
Lady Lecter 14 gün önce
Oh no, the air conditioning argument again. It’s embarrassing
Timothy Shaw
Timothy Shaw 15 gün önce
At this point can we have a white male meeting?
ali jan
ali jan 15 gün önce
Reality: "Everything is made by people to sell to people" Feminism:"Everything is made for White men"
Young Beige
Young Beige 16 gün önce
All these Ambien excuses and I bet Vox won’t be defending Rosanne even though her controversial remarks were made while on Ambien. Hmmm
Aaron Alasa
Aaron Alasa 16 gün önce
I wish I could report this video for being too awesome. A like will have to do for now. I too, set my air conditioner to patriarchy.
Kaboom 17 gün önce
Obviously not true....they have women's restrooms.
Ashden Barefield
Ashden Barefield 17 gün önce
She put the helmet on backwards
Trey Osborn
Trey Osborn 17 gün önce
Heard him say "dont add a benzo to the mix" it's a pseudo benzodiazepine it's got similar analogues but it not the same
Mac Attack
Mac Attack 18 gün önce
Yes, for example my jockstrap was designed specifically for a man, as were my boxer shorts.
Rahul On the Rox
Rahul On the Rox 18 gün önce
But there shouldn’t be a problem.... men and women are same as per liberal gang I heard Men can get periods too .... Why are they bothering ?
Godfather The Unknown gamer
Godfather The Unknown gamer 21 gün önce
It's so sad that even vox is having now a political agenda
Dankey Kang
Dankey Kang 22 gün önce
Also gay people: we were built for men !!
Just Ryan
Just Ryan 22 gün önce
Woman run the market. But these people are absolutely determined to make sure everyone feels oppressed and to further divide the world
FelipeFiveFiveSix 25 gün önce
That shade about the Kennedy's 🤣😂 "above water" 🤣😅
James Pindemad
James Pindemad 25 gün önce
"the FDA don't consider Woman and people of color" What the fuck?
Fourged Mushrooms
Fourged Mushrooms 26 gün önce
LoL, so much stuff made in china, have a lot of difficult buying a hat that fits
Don Bow
Don Bow 28 gün önce
Since everybody got larger now women are much closer to the default elevatorperson.
interlinked Media
interlinked Media 28 gün önce
About as useful as their covid coverage or their PC build video.
CRE2342 28 gün önce
Wait, 155lbs is reference male weight? .... based on what?! Obviously not the average......
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