WATCH LIVE! Elon Musk presents the new Tesla Cybertruck Launch

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Digital Trends

21 gün önce

elon musk breaks windowelon musk truckelon muskelon musk truck window

Clown Shoes MMA
Clown Shoes MMA 13 dakika önce
He could have shat on stage then played in it and those people would have laughed cheered and clapped. Ugliest “truck” ever.
John Sneen
John Sneen 34 dakika önce
Ugly!!!!! I'll stick with my Old school chevys with small or big blocks!!!
Jacob Viena
Jacob Viena 14 saatler önce
Looks like my car in roblox
Nathan Wuotila
Nathan Wuotila 16 saatler önce
Honestly it looks terrible 😂
ScrewgeTv 21 saatler önce
He really should’ve had somebody else do the speech because he’s annoying as fuck
Nitish Bansal
Nitish Bansal 22 saatler önce
Elon has to be the original thug life guy!! That level of smugness isn't normal!!
Ian Dog
Ian Dog Gün önce
If it wasnt for Elon no one would buy it
I Have The World's Smallest Dick But
I Have The World's Smallest Dick But Gün önce
7:56 Broken
Davy Roger
Davy Roger Gün önce
Looks like something from a dystopian future
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez Gün önce
how does this truck pass emissions?
Taxavie Bro
Taxavie Bro 2 gün önce
7:54 thank me later
Berk Berk
Berk Berk 2 gün önce
Elon:plays minecraft Again Elon: I have an idea
Tony Perez
Tony Perez 2 gün önce
Love how a quad drops the piece of crap backend right to the ground! What moron buys this stuff? I alone know of 4 people that bought model S's and sold them after left stranded multiple times. Don't get me wrong battery operated cars are a good idea, unfortunately the technology is not here yet to convince me to ditch my reliable F150.
Anatol P
Anatol P 2 gün önce
Elon Musk who is he? a genius? or a blind billionaire? or maybe he is doing that on purpose? Installing low latitude so called SpaceX satellites, by hundreds for now, but very soon by thousands, up to 42,000 by the year 2017. And not only him, others billionaires are thinking to do the same, like amazon, facebook and others. In a few years there will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of these questionable technology machines flying over our heads. Looks like in general people are thinking about these satellites like low flying harmless birds. But these machines are not harmless, they emit radiation, and a lots of it, day and night 24/365. Maybe mr Elon will tell us, how much radiation they will send to the Earth. And that radiation will effect all inhabitants on the Earth including the plant world. More, mr Elon is using even laser technology, which is also dangerous like the microwave technology to our health and to the environment? Many of us are excited to see these satellites train in the sky? and are very happy to have a cheap and fast internet? really, will it make us happy? Looks like it is only a cover up, something serious is behind that? so some specialist say on the internet. Perhaps human mind reprogramming, and control? How about all sicknesses a whole list of them, starting from a and ending on z? including cancer? caused by the microwave radiation and the laser technology? If mr Elon cares about us and the planet? maybe in his wisdom he would build a space craft, which will clean the space from all debris and junk send into the space by intelligent and highly developed human? It will be a real good deed, for all of us. "What is a benefit for a man, who even possesses all Earth, but will loose his soul"?
Farhan Usmani
Farhan Usmani 2 gün önce
15:56 one more thing
MoonLiT Lx
MoonLiT Lx 2 gün önce
they be getting ready for the purge
Jeffrey Turnage
Jeffrey Turnage 2 gün önce
That isn't a sledge hammer
CCG Respawns
CCG Respawns 2 gün önce
So what Elon is saying is that I can crash it into a tree now 😂😂
Isaac Jacks
Isaac Jacks 2 gün önce
ngl that truck looks hideous
Just_a_random_guy. pdf
Just_a_random_guy. pdf 2 gün önce
but like seriously Elon musk is the most awkward representative in the world. He's a tech guy and sounds soooo out of his comfort zone when talking about this "Cyber-Truck". I could literally feels every kindergarten teacher in the world starring daggers at him when he was doing this thing.
Just_a_random_guy. pdf
Just_a_random_guy. pdf 2 gün önce
Oml there is soo many memes that this video is going to generate... good lord...
Kozmo Graham
Kozmo Graham 3 gün önce
Ur funny
DaWarren Sands
DaWarren Sands 3 gün önce
that truck looks ugly
Xander Films
Xander Films 3 gün önce
He's the kid who missed the whole week of project making and now is forced to present something he just saw.
Elite TerryYT
Elite TerryYT 3 gün önce
Now we’re going to have a Real life GTA Tesla
Nick McThicc
Nick McThicc 3 gün önce
What if u have to break a window to save a dog or baby
Someguy 3 gün önce
Elon should send a copy of the Star Wars intro into space letting it drift off
Safe Jence
Safe Jence 3 gün önce
How Many Time Did He Say Yehh l l l l v
Jsmes Wagner
Jsmes Wagner 3 gün önce
There's nothing cool Bout this. It's a delorian truck. Holy shit that will never sell
R Mawhorter
R Mawhorter 4 gün önce
what the hell is that
Fui Gebhardt1
Fui Gebhardt1 4 gün önce
I swear I heard an audience member say "Shit-X".
Josefina Magallanes
Josefina Magallanes 4 gün önce
trolls need to back off! what are you driving now?
Josefina Magallanes
Josefina Magallanes 4 gün önce
so much less expensive then the gas vehicles 2x. you save on the cost of the truck at 40k plus you save the $80 in gas per week, plus you save the environment, plus you are safe... so many pluses.
Josefina Magallanes
Josefina Magallanes 4 gün önce
i am buying it
Josefina Magallanes
Josefina Magallanes 4 gün önce
it is amazing
Josefina Magallanes
Josefina Magallanes 4 gün önce
love it
Em Dee
Em Dee 4 gün önce
1 tug of war means nothing typically the vehicle that gets the first tug and is going to get the win almost every time
Mr. Gacha09
Mr. Gacha09 4 gün önce
If another car crashed into this it’ll most likely turn into dust
Em Dee
Em Dee 4 gün önce
Look at all the dislikes from commie protesters
Colby Lott
Colby Lott 4 gün önce
Me:hits truck with basketball Me: oh no! Me now: hits cybertruck with basketball Me now: hits harder
Pleading Mule
Pleading Mule 4 gün önce
Who is here because of what's inside 👇👍
noodz7219 4 gün önce
I can finally drive safely through the hood.
XTreme Jultz
XTreme Jultz 2 gün önce
noodz7219 love you dad
Tom Coppola
Tom Coppola 4 gün önce
Ugliest vehicle of the century century!! I'll wait till they make it look futuristic...NOT weird looking!! Elon,give me one & maybe I'll change my mind.(?)
ONE AND ONLY 4 gün önce
It looks like a Lamborghini from upper half
ᴊᴏʜɴ 4 gün önce
But what’s the mpg???
DangOleDbo 5 gün önce
So an AWD truck, pulled a REAR WHEEL DRIVE truck uphill.... Obviously the ALL WHEEL DRIVE truck will pull a REAR WHEEL DRIVE truck uphill when the rear wheel has no weight in the bed... what a one sided test and joke of a presentation.
Nates garage
Nates garage 5 gün önce
Has all this stuff doesn't show anything
Jokerr 5 gün önce
This thin ugly as hell
Daisily Dazed
Daisily Dazed 5 gün önce
Sometimes I feel like he’s signing with his hands while talking...
Jeffrey Chang
Jeffrey Chang 5 gün önce
Hi, Tesla can have Model 3 production. #Tesla
Rich Chacon
Rich Chacon 5 gün önce
Ready for the cyberpunk drive-by.
Drako The Hyena
Drako The Hyena 5 gün önce
Why isn’t this names Elon musk roasting Ford
Kraze Jazz
Kraze Jazz 5 gün önce
I'm getting Halo vibes (Bengie)
biohazzard angel dragon
biohazzard angel dragon 5 gün önce
That's not a truck that's a tree huggers toy ill take a chevy any day over that
Erik on Mixer
Erik on Mixer 5 gün önce
Windows:I’m about to end this whole mans career
TheNikolai0026 5 gün önce
If you think you're going to pay 40 grand for this truck you're delusional this company is nothing but empty promises
Robert Nicholls
Robert Nicholls 4 gün önce
He is mass producing 4 cars that have done pretty well. I see Model 3s everywhere. And, he launches satellites. How is that empty? I'm no Elon fan, don't believe in worshiping corporations and trendy CEOs to solve problems but to run 2 relatively successful business with huge manufacturing demands, starting from nothing and beating much larger brands to market with better product is no easy task. He deserves criticism for management and unnecessary failures but he has pushed us a little further.
Roy Lee
Roy Lee 5 gün önce
Where are the side mirrors? You got to have them to but able to be put on the road?
Scott Adam
Scott Adam 5 gün önce
Audience are morons.
Simora Johnson
Simora Johnson 5 gün önce
that is the most ugliest truck I've ever seen
DOOM DAY 5 gün önce
7:55 oops
neemguy81 5 gün önce
I want this truck so bad.
Garlic Bread For Hire
Garlic Bread For Hire 5 gün önce
8:41 *scottish accent* Shoot it!
Victory Ochei
Victory Ochei 5 gün önce
If the Cybertruck was in the movie cars by Disney We'll know his parents were related🤣🤣
Kaysundra Gillian
Kaysundra Gillian 5 gün önce
What kinda transformer is this🤔
Andrew Tallentyre
Andrew Tallentyre 6 gün önce
One day I will take one home.. can't wait..
Rino John
Rino John 6 gün önce
why does the presentation feel like its from a post apocalyptic movie scene - everyone is wearing black and red coloured text appearing on the screen ???? this cybertruck too is giving me that kind of feeling....but great presentation tough
Shane Carriere
Shane Carriere 6 gün önce
Fuck he's annoying yeah yeah an these ppl are crazy
Uncle Kyle
Uncle Kyle 6 gün önce
Adoptive "just one more thing to go wrong" air suspension. Do you know how many people I know with broken air ride? That's just one more thing to go wrong if you ask me.
Mx Mex
Mx Mex 6 gün önce
Funny jaja LOL
Farhan Usmani
Farhan Usmani 6 gün önce
8:00 Franz let's break this glass. Musk oh my f*** God
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