We drove these electric cars until they DIED!

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How far can these electric cars go before they die?! We drove the Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Nissan Leaf, Kia e-Niro and Mercedes EQC across the UK to see how long they could last! Sure, the smart money is on the Tesla, with its claimed range of up to 348 miles - but can the manufacturer's figures really be trusted? Will victory instead go to the sporty-feeling I-Pace, or the posher EQC? Or will the more affordable likes of the e-Niro and Leaf pull a major upset and make it the furthest? There's only one way to find out...
Map imagery taken from Google Earth.
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alan bartram
alan bartram 43 dakika önce
some one should of told the driver its ilegal to use a phone when driving
Ulf Söderström
Ulf Söderström 2 saatler önce
Great video! Will you do an additional test with new models like Polestar 2 and BMW iX3? Maybe Porsche Taycan?
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus 3 saatler önce
I could tell you the range without even testing.
Daniel Heffernan
Daniel Heffernan 3 saatler önce
Geoff Turner
Geoff Turner 3 saatler önce
In my book, the Kia won. It was the most honest.
Shaun Williamson
Shaun Williamson 4 saatler önce
Have you ever tested the model 3 performance what was it's maximum range?
NightMan 9 saatler önce
No thanks. I'll wait a decade or two.
BMW E46 ///M
BMW E46 ///M 12 saatler önce
I can't believe you let the lady push the car, come on now!
darius wade
darius wade 13 saatler önce
One variable you left out is the amount of light outside.
gr3yh4wk1 14 saatler önce
Probably the best EV video I've seen. I'd love one but they are far too expensive for me and as I live in a flat there's nowhere to overnight charge it sadly. Be interesting to see how the gov't in the UK sort that one.
gr3yh4wk1 5 saatler önce
@Koda Jackson Great info thanks!
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson 6 saatler önce
Companies like Ubitricity work with local councils to install charging posts onto street lights. It's worth noting though, unless you are buying a old, used EV you don't need home charging anyways. Considering the size of batteries nowadays and that the average car does less than 30 miles per day, most people could get away with just plugging in to a rapid charger once per week while they do their grocery shopping for example. Alternatively is there an option for workplace charging perhaps? If you're looking to get into an EV right now, your cheapest option is to 'subscribe' to one with a company like Evezy. 1 Month rolling contract for an EV which you pay one price for and they give you the car, insurance, breakdown, servicing, tax, wear and tear, charging etc. all in one payment.
Cesniper 16 saatler önce
car makers seem obsessive about removing mirrors...mirrors work just perfect, no need to "improve" them by changing them to some extremely expensive camera and interior displays
Longming Yan
Longming Yan 17 saatler önce
Graham Cunningham
Graham Cunningham 22 saatler önce
Good pub for the extension cable that is not fully unrolled not a good thing to do lol
fabslyrics Gün önce
electric shit
Usually leaves negative comments
Usually leaves negative comments Gün önce
Hannes Beukes
Hannes Beukes Gün önce
where is the Tesla Model S Long range ? Surely the eqc and ipace have similar priceing ?
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan Gün önce
Almost £70k and these Mercs and Audi's can barely scrape 200 miles. What an absolute con these early EV's are. These companies got a LOT of work to do to get this tech ready for the big petrol/diesel ban...
Rosalie Bent
Rosalie Bent Gün önce
Isn't the real issue that NONE of these cars got anywhere near their range promises? RANGE is the single biggest issue with EVs so that need to get it spot on. And since this was mainly freeway driving, imagine if you were driving them around town? 40-50% of claimed range? Petrol cars have the same problem with claimed range and economy but the difference is we can refill quickly and easily almost anywhere.
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson Gün önce
@Rosalie Bent no. Please read my first comment again. It's worst case. High speed motorway travel is the least efficient in an EV. Its the opposite of an ICE car in that sense. Best case is driving around the towns and cities at lower speed or stop/start traffic jams.
Rosalie Bent
Rosalie Bent Gün önce
@Koda Jackson But it ISNT worst case. They were on a freeway.. It was BEST case. These cars stll have too small a range given the complexities of charging.
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson Gün önce
EVs are actually far more efficient at lower speeds. Regenerative braking puts the power thst would otherwise be wasted back into the battery. Stop/start traffic, and lower speed driving where there's less air and tyre resistance can give a huge boost to the range and you'll see it greatly improve to the numbers in this video. If the weather was warmer the battery would have better capability. Switching off the heater would again further boost this. With an EV there are a lot of variables. But this video makes a good example of what the 'worst case' scenario looks like. Oh, and there are already more places to charge your EV than petrol stations here in the UK. Not to mention the fact that you wake up to a full battery every morning. It's only these long distance trips where you would need it charge, in which case 20-30 minutes to 80-90% isn't bad while you stop to eat/drink/pee/rest.
Stiaan Kruger
Stiaan Kruger Gün önce
Kia is the best one there, they where 90% honest about the range, Tesla cooked the figures somewhat to the tune of 78% honest
Rosalie Bent
Rosalie Bent Gün önce
I live in australia and Ive only ever seen ONE charging point and since distances are many hundreds of miles... perhaps not yet.
SuperMan Steel
SuperMan Steel Gün önce
Your pronunciation is terrible I can barely understand what you say
Pandacat 666
Pandacat 666 Gün önce
LIGHTs ON reduce battery?! my god this guy is such a stupid muppet... sigh
Dennis S
Dennis S Gün önce
Now tell everybody what the battery replacement costs are in four years and the hazardous disposal. Tree hugger dreams
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson Gün önce
All cars except the Nissan LEAF will have good batteries for many years and miles to come. You don't need a new battery. I have a 2014 Renault Zoe that's only lost 3% of its original battery capacity. There are 20+ year old Toyota Rav4 EVs on the road with only 15% loss. There is no disposal of old batteries. They are reused for energy storage, or have the important (and hazardous) parts removed and recycled for a new EV battery pack.
Alex N
Alex N Gün önce
the model 3 has 346 claimed range? where?
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson Gün önce
Look on the UK model 3 website. Its the first thing you'll see. Europe use WLTP Test cycle. North America use the EPA test.
robinsss Gün önce
the experiment made no sense he drove passed the charging stations then let the car battery die so far away from the charging station that he would have to push it to get ti closer to the station makes no sense
Matt D
Matt D Gün önce
Karlo Ivančić
Karlo Ivančić Gün önce
Whos here before 5mil views?
meysam mamizadeh
meysam mamizadeh Gün önce
never say any one : "push push common" who pushing your car.
Stephen Rudberg
Stephen Rudberg Gün önce
KIA Nero very impressive! Tesla still the best compared to the others and no surprise there.
Steve Nguyen
Steve Nguyen Gün önce
Very cool man. I am going to buy the Tesla Model S
trevor pace
trevor pace Gün önce
I just wondered , In the future with electric cars , Where does this leave the caravan industry , Dead I would think .
Hattybums Gün önce
so all in all achieving only 90% of claimed range is "terrific" .... terrific in my view would be exceeding the claimed range... imagine, the new bmw M3 can go from 0-60 in 1 second.... reality, oh, no, it cant, but it's mighty terrific that is can do 3.9s...lol each and every car failed by not at least achieving the claimed range. stick to what you know - buy an M3! :) (oh also, electric cars aren't emission free - go check out the coal power stations down the road, and the lithium ion disposal sites) - but i did enjoy the video for the facts on the realistic ranges! thanks
Jeroen Jansen
Jeroen Jansen Gün önce
I want a Chinese EV. I don't want an Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar etc.
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson Gün önce
MG, BYD, Roewe, SAIC all have EVs in the UK as an example. Speaking from experience they aren't great, but they are fairly cheap. The Korean EVs (Hyundai and Kia) are your best options in my opinion. By far the best efficiency, and better build quality than the Chinese ones.
Vale Conti
Vale Conti Gün önce
I never realized how small Great Britain was until this video, you can almost reach the other end in almost a day
Peter Ambrose
Peter Ambrose 12 saatler önce
@Rosalie Bent kinda explains why electric cars are not doing that well in OZ I live in canberra and i have only seen like 3 teslas
Rosalie Bent
Rosalie Bent Gün önce
@Koda Jackson And in australia that doesnt even get you between adelaide and sydney
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson Gün önce
The longest journey you can do in the mainland UK is John o Groats to Lands End. About 830 miles road distance, and 14 hours driving time.
Rosalie Bent
Rosalie Bent Gün önce
I live in australia. We have distances great than that where you wont see a single petrol station, nevermind the elusive charging point which are almost nowhere.
VJP Gün önce
I've just had a thought...do all electric cars drive the same? It seems like they're all for either speed or efficiency. Do they have a personality, or it is similar with every car? Would an Mini Cooper S Electric be the same drive as a Corsa VXR ?
VJP Gün önce
Thank you for the comment ! Aslong as they make cool star trek noises , like the taycan turbo s it's all good !
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson Gün önce
They all have different personalities and handling. The obly thing that's the same is the instant access to the torque. Even in something with a tiny underpowered motor like a Peugeot iOn you're going to get pushed back in to the seat a little and move off from the traffic lights faster than anything else around you. You can definitely tell when a manufacturer has made an effort to make the cars handle better, even if no major changes have otherwise been made to the speed or efficiency of it. Comparing the BMW i3 to the BMW i3s is a great example of this. Even with regular motorway driving you can feel the i3s is more stable. Or if you push it into a corner at speed you get more precise steering, less roll from the body etc. You don't need to worry about cars becoming boring.
evanc da icon
evanc da icon Gün önce
Ndugu zangu kutoka east afrika mpo hapa gonga like tujuane
Leon Maliniak
Leon Maliniak 2 gün önce
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VeeFour 2 gün önce
They would have all been much nearer to their claimed ranges, if you didn't use the heating. If you're running low on battery just put a jacket on
Robert Rudd
Robert Rudd 2 gün önce
Hmm? Nothing to worry about then? Except Now! How long till I get there? Never been here before? Wow! Now we have a five mile motorway tail back due to an accident---And Of course hundreds of Electric cars running out of power.....on a dark, wet, foggy, frosty potential motorway! (Even worse on a country lane) causing another multi car breakdown....And Blimey?! Now I have No lights, on a dark five lane motorway, freezing to death, waiting for the breakdown truck to find me! Except he cannot find me “I have no electricity left! Never mind I have a Electric scooter on order....I will put that in the boot.....next time! for all five of the family? There seems to be something strange “one person in a five seater vehicle, without luggage....oh well leave all the family at home then! Or perhaps safety first “have alternative emergency power occupying some of those unused seats! Perhaps the Bus was a better idea!
James Maple
James Maple 2 gün önce
See being a high mile driver (30 or so k miles per year), its not uncommon for me to do over 500 miles in a day. My Volvo will easily smash 800-900 miles of motorway on a tank of diesel. Until I can get something mondeo sized with 3 series luxury, a 600+ mile range, used for under 10k (like I can with a diesel), im just not even remotely interested. Great video nonetheless
Seawolf Gün önce
@James Maple Its something like that 8 hours with breaks.
James Maple
James Maple Gün önce
Seawolf can’t remember what the commercial thing is but I think it’s getting on 8 or so hours. I never really confine myself to exact times. If I need the toilet or feel tired I’ll pull over, if not, keep on going. 3hrs was just an average
Seawolf Gün önce
@James Maple That's not particularly healthy. I mean, I'm pretty sure EU laws allow for even longer breaks for journeys like that. But that's for commercial.
James Maple
James Maple 2 gün önce
Koda Jackson thanks for the reply :) yeah never really tend to eat while driving so I might pee stop for 5-10 mins every 3 or so hours. Not enough for a viable charge
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson 2 gün önce
I suppose the bigger incentive for you is the savings that you can make on the likes of fuel and servicing. How far do you realistically drive before you stop to eat/drink/pee/rest? You should be able to sync that stop with plugging in to a rapid charger to give you a quick boost to your range. The used prices of EVs are artificially inflated right now due to crazy levels of demand and not enough cars out there. Once the manufacturers get on top of that, the prices may become a little more realistic. The long range cars will still take a few more years to come down in price in the used market however. Your sub 10k cars at the moment would be giving you no better than a Nissan LEAF 30kWh (100-125 miles per charge) For now if you're in the market for a new car, the best advice is to probably buy a low emissions petrol car, or a hybrid for your trips. The government are going to soon start hiking the price on diesel vehicle ownership in a variety of ways, and as a result will also mean you car won't hold much of a value if you try to sell it on either. Something with a low emissions petrol engine should keep you paying the lowest amount of tax, not spending too much on fuel, and help hold the best resale value until you can more on to zero emissions hopefully in the future.
williie loman
williie loman 2 gün önce
Such foolishness! My Golf diesel will go 600 miles on a tank. Refueling takes just minutes.
Seawolf Gün önce
Isn't the ID.3 going to replace the Golf series eventually?
cobrasvt347 2 gün önce
Boy. Europe is all screwed up. Right hand drive, on the wrong side of the road and using MPH. While others use KPH. Then right across from ya everyone is driving on the right side of the road and still using KPH. Lol 😂
Seawolf Gün önce
That's just the UK with the mph. They invented it so. Hard to let go and accept something that's invented partially by the French/German/Americans.
Jose Andalon
Jose Andalon 2 gün önce
How many just skipped to the end just to get results
ivor davies
ivor davies 2 gün önce
Lucky for you lot the Police weren't passing while you were using those radios .
Joaco Garcia
Joaco Garcia 2 gün önce
You should divide the cost of the car between the range. To know which car gives more range per dollar or £
Mr Yusuf
Mr Yusuf 2 gün önce
Anericans been dropped in uk u have the c3 which does 60 mpg non hybrid
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
I've been thinking about this test and have concluded it's of almost no value. It was, I believe, conducted using ICE car testing mentality. That doesn't fit with EV's. I assume that during the mentioned "driver swaps", there were also "comfort breaks"? An EV Range/ practically test should incorporate these as a charging opportunity just as in real life. The test should be run between 2 points outside the range of both car and drivers. There should be a required maximum drive period of 3(?) hours without a 15 minute minimum. "comfort" stop. Then, just start the test with no route restriction, program the most beneficial route for each car and drive. Determine the route for each based on driver and charging stops using the software available to each car. That would provide a true, real world "range in a day" and/ or "trip speed" guide, without damaging batteries!
Alan Townend
Alan Townend 3 gün önce
That was indeed a well organized and fair evaluation. Now in real life when it is -8°C outside and your heater is protecting you from freezing, what would the range be, also stuck in traffic jambs, in freezing weather?
Seawolf Gün önce
@Alan Townend Yeah the Norwegians deal with all sorts of EV's in their climate, they sell more EV's there than they do non-EV's with varying ranges so, it speaks to the product.
Alan Townend
Alan Townend 2 gün önce
@Ray A thank you so much for your comprehensive reply, I have to consider the extreme temperature conditions. I will also check out your web link. How grateful we all are not to rely on the manufacturers promotional data. Alan
Ray A
Ray A 2 gün önce
Hi Alan. That's actually a good and valid question. Lets assume the worst case scenario where you're stuck in a blizzard and you have no choice but to sleep overnight in your car; it's rare but it does happen. The last time this occurred here was in Scotland in 2018 where drivers were forced to sleep in their cars on the motorway due to a really bad snowstorm. The Tesla Model 3 has a 'Camp' mode whereby it turns off all non essential electronics to preserve battery power but keeps the heater/AC and internal lights on. Bjorn Nyland decided to experiment and camp in his Model 3 for 24 hours with external temperatures of -10C to see what the battery consumption would be like. Video here if you're interested: trwomen.com/id/video-8vzzG7GdcCc.html. To summarise his video, the average rate of consumption was 1.38 wh over 24 hours, which means on a full charge the Model 3 can remain in camp mode for over 50 hours. So assuming you get stranded with just 50% battery remaining you can easily get through the night and have enough battery the next morning to drive home or to the nearest supercharger. Other EVs like the Hyundai Kona has similar modes (called Utility mode) and I'm guessing they can last just as long. So ultimately, being stranded or stuck in traffic isn't any more of a problem than for a petrol car running out of petrol. Hope that answers your question :)
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
Seaf Halabi
Seaf Halabi 3 gün önce
So Kia is the Best Buy
Felix Nope
Felix Nope 3 gün önce
World record 😅
LunnarisLP 3 gün önce
Do the same test, but instead of doing it until they die once, drive them all day until the car breaks down or battery has major drop in capacity.
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall 3 gün önce
£33,000 starting price WoW think they need to do better for that .
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson 3 gün önce
The lowest price EV you can get right now I think is the MG ZS EV. That is an example of an EV where corners have been cut and it has been built cheaply. Even then it isn't super cheap to buy. Batteries are expensive, and because people keep saying they need bigger and bigger batteries for more range, despite the fact that most people do less than 30 miles per day, it is hard for the manufacturers to bring the prices down.
Paul Shrek
Paul Shrek 3 gün önce
crap crap crap diesel diesel diesel what i will keep not give in to a goverment
Paul Shrek
Paul Shrek 3 gün önce
bring our morris marina s back 🤔
Paul Shrek
Paul Shrek 3 gün önce
and when royals go lectric and not use big guzzlers then everyone should keep what they own
Paul Shrek
Paul Shrek 3 gün önce
i like my 2.4 diesel and it will stay so borris do 1
Funky Pigeon
Funky Pigeon 3 gün önce
To make this test fair we are not gonna let the cars have the same range
petercar96 3 gün önce
What happens when these are very common and the Police close a motorway for hours in winter and everyone flattens their battery trying to keep warm. Need a tow truck for every single one of them and where are you going to recharge them could be hundreds or thousands of them. Where is the hotel capacity if you have to wait days for your turn to charge
Seawolf Gün önce
You'd be better off having the police get you idle in an EV, rather than having them remove speed limits which will empty your battery much more severely.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
petercar96 Well, you could have for instance a Tesla Model 3 with say 30% remaining (25 kWh). Since the A/C takes about 1 kWh, you're ok for at least 18 hours with range to reach a charger 50+ miles away. Or, you could run an ICE car for the same period..... Who's going to run out first? Then there's the carbon monoxide issue if it's snowing (maybe)
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson 3 gün önce
As long as you have a heat pump system its not going to take much power to keep the cabin warm. I've been stuck plenty of times and wasted far less than the average motorist probably did in fuel to keep theirs warm.
dpanch_89 3 gün önce
The fact that you cannot tow some of these electric vehicles is a MAJOR danger when it comes to smart motorways!
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
Buy a Tesla. Tow mode.
Joe Congdon
Joe Congdon 3 gün önce
Haha do this test in Texas.
Maxx57 3 gün önce
Вот это был реально крутой тест👍
shane c
shane c 3 gün önce
Will these electric cars ever take over from engine cars? I doubt it . Most who love cars love driving cars with engines. Also, look at the faults these electric cars could have. Eg. if the computer on the dash malfunctions , it could cause a crash.
Seawolf Gün önce
Yeah, they will, besides from government bans globally, manufacturers are moving away from non-EV. Porsche expects its entire lineup to be EV by 2030. And you know how die-hard Porsche loyalists are.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
You think every ICE car doesn't have computers controlling most systems? "For example" an ECU which can cut the engine at speed? Smh
chana100red 4 gün önce
Good test - although I will wait up to 10 years for the prices to come down eventually. I cannot justify paying that much for a car. Not the investment that anyone would want to commit.
Seawolf Gün önce
MG ZS EV is already plenty cheap, I don't think they'd be going down that much, inflation is also a thing. They might get better batteries and become more efficient though, but I think prices will stay relatively the same.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
As the prices come down for EV's, the prices RISE for ICE cars (fewer made, higher price) AND the same applies for fuel. 5 years, you'll be wondering why you didn't change sooner.
northern marine
northern marine 4 gün önce
the winner should be based on claimed to actual range, not the furthest travelled. the others could just add more batteries
russvhill2 4 gün önce
The most irresponsible bit of video I've seen for a long time, deliberately making cars break down on a public road potentially put other drivers in danger. This was probably the stunt which recently gave electric cars high profile bad press making the claim that EVs could stop and become immovable on our motorways. It's a shame the police didn't stop your silly games because of that video light on your face reducing your visibility on a motorway in the dark!
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
Good point
Arnis 4 gün önce
Maximum safe towing speed (for unlimited distance) is up to jogging speed, 10km/h. High speed like 50km/h might fry electronics.
Arnis 4 gün önce
HEADLIGHTS DO NOT REDUCE RANGE. OMG, stop this myth.! Like.. 100W load if halogens... that is... 1/200 of the load.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
All LEDs
BunzeeBear 4 gün önce
Compare that to my ICE diesel @70MPG so 10 gallon tank is THERE AND BACK with a quarter tank of fuel remaining. Yeah, no EV for me thank you. My ICE gas@ 35MPG makes that distance with a 12 gallon tank
Thunderbolt Calgary
Thunderbolt Calgary 4 gün önce
So Kia it is.
Hurley Flyer 2
Hurley Flyer 2 4 gün önce
OMG, what a useless test. Put some luggage and four people in it. Stick to normal Motorway slow moving traffic. Watch as the nightmare starts to unfold, especially on these smart Motorways, It might not just be the care that runs out of juice, doesn't bear thinking about.
Seawolf Gün önce
@Hurley Flyer 2 Even Chinese built EV's come with at least a 7 year battery and motor warranty. Yes, flight does pollute a lot. We don't have electric commercial aircraft yet, that's still on the cards. In the meantime, we do have electric cars. That's like saying, oh all other crime doesn't matter except murder, so we might as well just trim the police budget and just deal with those cases.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 gün önce
COMPLETELY missing the point. an EV at slow speeds uses much les comparable range than an ICE car at slow speed. What's with the "smart motorway" fixation? Smh
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson 4 gün önce
@Hurley Flyer 2 why do you need a new battery after 4 years? All EVs with exception to the LEAF will have good batteries for many years to come. I'm currently in a 2014 Renault Zoe with only 3% degradation. A friend of mine had a 20+ year old Toyota Rav4 EV with only 15% loss of original capacity. You can charge at home overnight for about 7 hours sure. But a rapid charger can get you to about 80-90% again in 23-30 minutes. Especially now we are getting bigger batteries, a stop to charge for half a hour is fine, especially when you should be stopping for a break to eat/drink/pee/rest when driving long distances anyways, and can easily justify a slight time penalty with the fuel cost savings. Hydrogen has had its chance already. Its been and gone. It may still have its place for commercial vehicles, but not for the average privately owned car for many reasons. Right now I fully accept that EVs aren't for everyone. And I'm not trying to get everyone into one. For many people, keeping their existing car or buying a low emissions petrol car could be one of the cleanest things they could possibly do for the environment. I'm just trying to help squash some myths and excuses that are commonly thrown around by people who haven't bothered to at least try before they dismiss them as a possible solution.
Hurley Flyer 2
Hurley Flyer 2 4 gün önce
I'll take your word for it about luggage and passengers. However, the difference was shown to us at the beginning of this test. The generator in the van, is the difference and the price for the cheapest £33,000. How much does a batter pack cost after four years usage ? Past Govs were and are telling us we're heading for an energy crisis, so where is the extra power coming from to power these cars ? Imho this is not the way forwards, there are alternatives to electric. Hydrogen fuel cells just as an example. I watched a test, with an BMW X5 2020 hybrid, took seven hours to recharge. If it's pollution we're trying to stop, CO2 , again studies have shown the biggest polluters is flight. let's not beat around the bush, rich folks. So, when they enforce the electric car on us, which aircraft is going to work on electric for zero CO2 emissions ?
Koda Jackson
Koda Jackson 4 gün önce
The slower you drive the further you can go in an EV. Stop start traffic is great. Remember when an EV isn't moving it isn't consuming energy. And whenever you are slowing or stopping, regenerative braking puts that otherwise wasted energy back into the battery. Luggage and passengers do obviously make a difference, but not nearly as big as you think. I had a LEAF as a taxi, and there was barely a difference in range on airport runs whether I was fully loaded or empty. There's no excuse for running out of battery charge. It's the same as running out of petrol, entirely the drivers fault. In an EV you start with a full battery every morning because you charge at home overnight. And then on an occasional long distance trip you stop at any motorway services and charge at the rapid chargers. Every UK MSA have them. See Zap Map to find out just how extensive the UK charging networks are. There's already more charging stations than petrol stations.
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What's Inside?
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