Weezer - The End Of The Game (Official Video)

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“The End Of The Game” from the album “Van Weezer” out now weezer.lnk.to/endofthegame - Watch the video starring Cherry Glazerr.
Pre-order Van Weezer, release date TBD: weezer.lnk.to/vanweezer
Directed by Danilo Parra
Hey Suzy, where you been today?
I'm looking for you every way
No sign of you when I wake up
I'm on an island with no sun
I feel like I've known you my whole life
You got my crying like when Aslan died
Now you're gone…
The melody can't find you
I'm incomplete without you
I guess we've reached the end of the game
Ooo-oo hit me
I know that you would crank this song
Air-guitaring with your headphones on
We dig the same type of melodies
The ones to get you next to me
I was Mick and you were Marianne
You would harmonize when I felt bad
But now you're gone…
The melody can't find you
I'm incomplete without you
I guess we've reached the end of the game
Ooo-oo hit me
Am I your go-to, or am I uncool
With all of these extremes that I go to
All I want is to be wanted by you
All I want is to be wanted by you
The melody can't find you
I'm incomplete without you
I guess we've reached the end of the game
Ooo-oo hit me
#Weezer #TheEndOfTheGame #HellaMegaTour

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美的seoulattes Gün önce
When was this originally uploaded?
Joël Knopp
Joël Knopp 2 gün önce
Just love the feeling this song/video conveys! Like kinda old times. I'm looking forward to see my daughter to be born in a world Rock'n'Roll ain't completely dead anymore
Stupid Gamer
Stupid Gamer 2 gün önce
Nightmare fule
u mama
u mama 5 gün önce
This is great for seven year olds that don't realize they don't write or play on any of this stuff, and yet it still blows. Music to hurl by.
Alabama Creeper
Alabama Creeper 6 gün önce
Hold up, our lives were just a game this whole time?
RAM III 6 gün önce
When the gaurds come for the alien you stole last year
Jacob Villines
Jacob Villines 7 gün önce
I'd really like to hear a really hardcore rocking Weezer album. This had potential to be a highway record. But, it's more of a Sunday morning girl getting up to start her day record.
GO Worm
GO Worm 9 gün önce
So fucking pumped dude 🤘🏻💀🤟🏻
Razorjosht 9 gün önce
End of the game > hero
Paul 10 gün önce
z wolf
z wolf 11 gün önce
I lost the game
John Horning
John Horning 11 gün önce
I didn’t realize this was missing in my life until today!
Dion Buechman
Dion Buechman 11 gün önce
Love it! Feels so right. Just doing what feels natural..and its naturally fantastic.
Guillermo Ricardi
Guillermo Ricardi 11 gün önce
La misma vieja magia
lotuscatcher 11 gün önce
Life should go back to this after quarantine
Andy Driver
Andy Driver 11 gün önce
Et been hitting them brekky bongs for way to long
Diamond D
Diamond D 11 gün önce
Theres definitely some Van halen in there. Fn awesome! Great song
mickiemouseHM 12 gün önce
Not bad. Not bad at all. It’s pretty good actually. Let me rephrase that, THIS IS FREAKING SICK!
Meliodas At The Disco
Meliodas At The Disco 14 gün önce
This song pretty much goes from an anime theme to a fountain of wayne song
Living Learning Resources
Living Learning Resources 15 gün önce
This album is going to be amazing.
22baller Gaming
22baller Gaming 15 gün önce
That alien look like the the guy you play as in oddballs odyssey
richard A
richard A 17 gün önce
Another meh song
Living Learning Resources
Living Learning Resources 15 gün önce
It's class, as is hero. Easy to hate!
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson 18 gün önce
I’m so pissed this was cancelled
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner 18 gün önce
Everyone saying this is a return to form, honestly it sounds like it could have been off of raditude which most people wouldn't consider to be a good thing, so why is it getting a pass now? Weird.
Living Learning Resources
Living Learning Resources 15 gün önce
lol who hurt you? It's amazing, as is Hero.
Oh okay then
Oh okay then 18 gün önce
Coley Walker
Coley Walker 19 gün önce
Love Weezer!
boddhi swaha
boddhi swaha 19 gün önce
Might aswell jump!
Eduardo Alvear
Eduardo Alvear 19 gün önce
larry Johnson
larry Johnson 19 gün önce
Not much social distancing was going on that day
David Muñoz
David Muñoz 20 gün önce
No puedo evitar amar todo lo que escucho de Weezer!
Samuel Phippen
Samuel Phippen 20 gün önce
Henry Moore
Henry Moore 22 gün önce
This really do be hittin different when ur deaf
Nick 20-100
Nick 20-100 25 gün önce
Waiting for the Hero song drop like
Nick 20-100
Nick 20-100 20 gün önce
@Evan S. Jumped on the notification as soon as dropped! Great song tho!
Evan S.
Evan S. 20 gün önce
Nick 20-100 I know man, I was just helpin a homie out in case you hadn’t heard it yet.
Nick 20-100
Nick 20-100 20 gün önce
@Evan S. yeah this was five days ago
Evan S.
Evan S. 20 gün önce
Nick 20-100 it’s out bro. And it’s a banger.
Spider Man
Spider Man 25 gün önce
They haven’t dropped the second single yet.
Living Learning Resources
Living Learning Resources 15 gün önce
It's out and it's awesome
Spider Man
Spider Man 20 gün önce
Insert Terrible Content I’m excited.
Insert Terrible Content
Insert Terrible Content 20 gün önce
It’ll be dropped tomorrow
Tomas Kost
Tomas Kost 22 gün önce
its called Hero......not leaked yet
Matt Schneider
Matt Schneider 28 gün önce
Poor Rivers, still chasing that fountain of youth.
Lucy Stute
Lucy Stute 29 gün önce
I’m so sorry, but all I hear is “...I’m incomplete without you. I guess we’ve reached the end of the gaaamme. uwu uwu hit me”
needsmoreclipping 29 gün önce
Great song.... until it hits 0:41
Living Learning Resources
Living Learning Resources 15 gün önce
Drink that haterade, it's awesome.
Mike Talbot
Mike Talbot Aylar önce
Absolutely love this song. Such a hit! Can't wait for the album.
c Lowzee
c Lowzee Aylar önce
Went from soundling like van halen to bowling for soup real quick
nebulka Aylar önce
me at a party.
Alex Gasai
Alex Gasai Aylar önce
Please keep going in this direction. This is what fans have been waiting for for years. Would love to hear a finished Songs From the Blackhole album or another Pinkerton-style album.
Sara PARSONS Aylar önce
Coen Merriman
Coen Merriman Aylar önce
Who's Here After the release of the album got postponed?
MarkyAqua 25 gün önce
@Def Tye idk they should be coming out with a statement soon
Def Tye
Def Tye Aylar önce
How come they havent said anything about that on any social media??
Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry Aylar önce
Weezer is so good man
Jotta H.
Jotta H. Aylar önce
That puppet is nightmare fuel...
David Scherzer
David Scherzer Aylar önce
This song has been out 7 months - and the album still hasn't come out .. where's my Van Weezer??!!
Kek Jong un
Kek Jong un Aylar önce
Everything is van halen apart from the vocals. This song is badass.
Dom Snow
Dom Snow Aylar önce
I hope the whole album has this kinda 80s style sound
Nathan Branson
Nathan Branson Aylar önce
Ever listened to the band Crying?
Luke the Space Emperor
Luke the Space Emperor Aylar önce
Wait this is out
Patrick Pilchowski
Patrick Pilchowski Aylar önce
Humanity is about to reach the end of the game at this rate
Combat Aylar önce
Even in their 50s they still got it!
alex choy
alex choy Aylar önce
Its like a mix of EWBAITE and maladroit, awesome! Better than almost everything in the black album
antifolkhero Aylar önce
What's up with the weird looking animal thing in this video?
McDude 20 gün önce
It's an alien
Scott October
Scott October Aylar önce
Really glad they came out with this track, restored my enjoyment of them.
Sulaeman Ahmed
Sulaeman Ahmed Aylar önce
2:17 that guy dressed in full hazmat suit
troy b
troy b Aylar önce
Feeling some very nostalgic 2008 to 2012 punk rock vibes from this. Love it 🤟
hockeyboi78 Aylar önce
i swear this rivers never ages
mr-self-destruct Aylar önce
im actually kind of glad they announced van weezer 9 months before it came out and not released any other singles because it gave me time to bond with this awesome song and I have to say it might be my new favorite weezer song of all time
T Pags
T Pags Aylar önce
The best Hellamegatour single was by Weezer Who would of thunk it
Aaron Szymanski
Aaron Szymanski Aylar önce
This just reeks of classic Weezer. I love it.
YangX1aoLg Aylar önce
It's been almost 7 months....we need a new single Weezer please i need a fix....
Ali agcabay
Ali agcabay Aylar önce
I will never listen to Weezer again. They lost my respect after what they did... I'm so sad :(
Ali agcabay
Ali agcabay 17 gün önce
@McDude they rickrolled us :(
McDude 20 gün önce
What did they do????
Monolith Soldier
Monolith Soldier Aylar önce
played the end of the game game, and the price is amazing
Quacker Barrel 2020
Quacker Barrel 2020 Aylar önce
I dunno, kinda let me down
lukas M.
lukas M. 2 aylar önce
Puta que pariu!! Essa nova geração de bandas somente se atenuam na classe de adolescentes! Abaixo new rock
Logan Dougherty
Logan Dougherty 2 aylar önce
Weezer transcends time!
Saakshi Samant
Saakshi Samant 2 aylar önce
The corona has got me watching this video on repeat and guess what it still sounds good when you hear it for the 65317th time
Marcos Vrech
Marcos Vrech 2 aylar önce
my drumcover trwomen.com/id/video-MzJtiiGawpI.html
Btta _wzrd
Btta _wzrd 2 aylar önce
Lemons are yellow 555
Lemons are yellow 555 2 aylar önce
Go back to making songs like Pinkerton
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