Weezer - The End Of The Game (Official Video)

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“The End Of The Game” from the album “Van Weezer” out now weezer.lnk.to/endofthegame - Watch the video starring Cherry Glazerr.
Right now the tentative release date for the album is set for May 15th. We know it’s a ways away, but hey this is rock n roll and we’re making our own rules (aka we just might release it sooner). The good news is you can pre-order it now weezer.lnk.to/vanweezer
Next summer we embark upon a tour unlike anything weezer has ever done - Hella Mega Tour presented by Harley-Davidson, a stadium tour with Green Day, Fall Out Boy Weezer + The Interrupters! The pre-sales start Tuesday, September 16th at 10am local time. If you want first access at tickets right at 10am, go pre-order Van Weezer from our webstore weezerwebstore.com/ where you’ll get sent a unique pre-sale code. Don’t feel like pre-ordering the record just yet? Sign up for to the mailing list for free to get a shot at tickets starting at 11am local time on 9/16 falloutboy.com/sign-up The general on sale for all shows begins Friday, September 20th at 10am local.
Directed by Danilo Parra
Hey Suzy, where you been today?
I'm looking for you every way
No sign of you when I wake up
I'm on an island with no sun
I feel like I've known you my whole life
You got my crying like when Aslan died
Now you're gone…
The melody can't find you
I'm incomplete without you
I guess we've reached the end of the game
Ooo-oo hit me
I know that you would crank this song
Air-guitaring with your headphones on
We dig the same type of melodies
The ones to get you next to me
I was Mick and you were Marianne
You would harmonize when I felt bad
But now you're gone…
The melody can't find you
I'm incomplete without you
I guess we've reached the end of the game
Ooo-oo hit me
Am I your go-to, or am I uncool
With all of these extremes that I go to
All I want is to be wanted by you
All I want is to be wanted by you
The melody can't find you
I'm incomplete without you
I guess we've reached the end of the game
Ooo-oo hit me
#Weezer #TheEndOfTheGame #HellaMegaTour

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syd16packchicken 35 dakika önce
Who’s mans
Will I
Will I 3 saatler önce
Amber_Sita_ 4 saatler önce
me cague toda con la miniatura :v
Jonathan Langley
Jonathan Langley 5 saatler önce
I LOVE WEEZER but idk who is better green day or weezer, like for green day, reply for weezer
Isaac Griffin
Isaac Griffin 10 saatler önce
I didn't even realize how political this music video at least was until near 2/3 way through lol
Primitive In The Extreme
Primitive In The Extreme 12 saatler önce
Olaf Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt 12 saatler önce
muqriz 1010
muqriz 1010 Gün önce
Is this the party after the show?
Henry TheGreatAmerican
Henry TheGreatAmerican Gün önce
Curious if this album was a tribute to Van Halen because Eddie Van Halen is struggling with throat and tongue cancer.... and it's not looking good for him.
Pierre Bour
Pierre Bour Gün önce
When van Halen meets FOW Stacy's mom😄 Great song guys !
Raph Jones
Raph Jones Gün önce
panama has got it going on
Jonathan Whitfield
Jonathan Whitfield Gün önce
Just when I think I should give up on Weezer, they remind me why I shouldn't.
Carlton Gün önce
Rivers never followed the rules
Susan Bravo
Susan Bravo Gün önce
Hey there, Jimmy Dean.
Tony From Syracuse
Tony From Syracuse Gün önce
I LOVE this song and the concept of the whole album....but...I hope they stick with it for the whole album and not be like just a couple tracks like this and the rest be middle of the road.
Tony From Syracuse
Tony From Syracuse Gün önce
its weird....whenever I hear him sing that oooh oooh HIT MAE part I totally expect him to keep going and sing that part from "Lion sleeps tonite" oooh ooooh eum umaway
One Piece Master
One Piece Master 2 gün önce
That thing is so fuckin scary
MN Made
MN Made 2 gün önce
Clearly, Rivers can write these gems whenever the mood strikes. The band is so tight from playing together so long, and they just know to how bring his tunes to life. This is so far superior to what’s being put out by the youth of today that it gives me hope that it’s just a phase....and when it’s over, Weezer will still be rocking.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 2 gün önce
I'm confused, is this 2019 or 2010?
Standing Like Statues
Standing Like Statues 3 gün önce
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Prince Noob
Prince Noob 3 gün önce
Finally hits 1 million views. I hope the new generation listen to Weezer. They deserved better.
Johnny DeCastro
Johnny DeCastro 8 saatler önce
it hit 1M fairly quick, im impressed
dominic norton
dominic norton 3 gün önce
Well done, guys.
International Harvester
International Harvester 3 gün önce
Finally, something original, the whole Toto covers were just ok.
LividJerm 3 gün önce
The production on this song is great. Sounds very similar to white
MrNoodles88 3 gün önce
Intro sounds like van halen
Angela Davis
Angela Davis 4 gün önce
If you are black and you like this song. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
massive223 4 gün önce
lost so much respect for this song when i seen this video rofl can i go back in time and not look at this?
Daniel Luster
Daniel Luster 4 gün önce
I love the alien in the video! :-)
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter 5 gün önce
That intro totally sounds like Eddie Van Halen. I wonder if he did it and they are keeping it a secret.
Максим К.
Максим К. 5 gün önce
hi ! Congrats to Sugarcult singer Tim Pagnotta for Co-Writing the brand new Weezer song! it's true? Sugarcult will they come back?
Shoot Right Here
Shoot Right Here 6 gün önce
I have not, nor will I ever subscribe to you. So stop showing up in my subscriptions
fucker mcfuckface
fucker mcfuckface 5 gün önce
Christ man you must really not like weezer lol
Scartwink 6 gün önce
we ssang this in the cityyy.....say it ain't soooo
K.D. Martel Author,Writer
K.D. Martel Author,Writer 7 gün önce
Flashback to 80's glam metal with those guitar melodies...
St Jimmy
St Jimmy 7 gün önce
3 weeks ago,Weezer successfully raided area 51,and meth addicted Jar Jar Binks was what they found
jose marin
jose marin 7 gün önce
Heard this song live a few days ago, they killed it 🤘
Nothingt OSeehere
Nothingt OSeehere 7 gün önce
My brother siad this song sounds like the intro of Ready Player One. Anyone wonder why?🙄
xretroman 7 gün önce
Why isn't this song on the radio? It will be a hit!
Ca Mo
Ca Mo 4 gün önce
it is i heard it the other day
Leonardo Goulart
Leonardo Goulart 8 gün önce
Fun Weezer fact: it's considered canon that the weird guy in this video is the grown up baby from eraserhead.
Ethan Richey
Ethan Richey 8 gün önce
Awesome song, but was hoping for a killer guitar solo
Ca Mo
Ca Mo 4 gün önce
right. fucking tease with the tapping and pinch harmonics. they must really suck
Malle Maki
Malle Maki 8 gün önce
The guitar at 1:32 is so decent!!!
Leo Register
Leo Register 8 gün önce
At this point, Weezer fans would be happy even if a new song had one guitar note in it.
Lego Motions
Lego Motions 8 gün önce
Who likes old weezer the most
fucker mcfuckface
fucker mcfuckface 5 gün önce
All weezer is good imo
Jesse 9 gün önce
Unbelievably good dudes
SilentBob731 10 gün önce
The first forty seconds are Gold....Van Halen meets Autograph. The rest is.....well....very Weezer (with, oddly, some Good Charlotte & Fountains of Wayne), but that's none of my business. ;-)
Henry TheGreatAmerican
Henry TheGreatAmerican 8 gün önce
I think the name of the album "Van Weezer" kinda makes the point.
Wochenend-Kid 10 gün önce
feel like it doesn´t do the song justice.
leah king
leah king 10 gün önce
sounds like an intro to a nickelodeon show
Angélica Penagos
Angélica Penagos 10 gün önce
Thanks for play this song in BOGOTÁ!!! It was amaziiiing!!! ♥ ♥
Audiences Love
Audiences Love 10 gün önce
My taste
Audiences Love
Audiences Love 10 gün önce
What the hot
Ricardo Marin
Ricardo Marin 11 gün önce
I just saw this one live in Costa Rica, it sounds EVEN BETTER! I love how weezer always pursuits new sounds
shane alan
shane alan 11 gün önce
For the Doggies Guitars
For the Doggies Guitars 11 gün önce
Eddie who??
Gusplays #
Gusplays # 11 gün önce
Heard this on the radio last night!!
TheInnerSession 11 gün önce
why are all modern rock songs angsty teens with no umph to their music.
fucker mcfuckface
fucker mcfuckface 5 gün önce
This really is not that angsty tho plus weezer are in their 40s lol
Josh Deal
Josh Deal 9 gün önce
Except these guys are in their 40s, and this sound is veering more into classic 80s hair metal and early 2000s power pop. So what does your question have to do with this?
Irene Powch
Irene Powch 11 gün önce
Is it just me or does this sound kind of like the bob the builder theme song?
David Linscott
David Linscott 12 gün önce
Love it Got the Van Halen Influence to it!!!
Witch King of Angmar
Witch King of Angmar 12 gün önce
I feel like it's 2010 again
RFFrules 12 gün önce
"mom can you come pick me up......"
anugrah atmaja
anugrah atmaja 13 gün önce
Uncle Rivers aku padamu 💋
Jason Genareo
Jason Genareo 13 gün önce
Very Van Halen-esque guitars!
Majin Studio
Majin Studio 13 gün önce
This is terrible :(
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 13 gün önce
Underrated song :)
Spider-ball 14 gün önce
Weezer found the long lost E.T. brother at area 51 and looks like he had a drug problem
JackHammer87 14 gün önce
Who else came back here after hearing Weezer will be in the Frozen 2 soundtrack? Lol
declan mangan
declan mangan 14 gün önce
who’s hear to listen to these guys before they show up in frozen 2s soundtrack
Areeba Ahsan
Areeba Ahsan 11 gün önce
JackHammer87 11 gün önce
Taylor Ruckman
Taylor Ruckman 14 gün önce
Is this the Jonas Brothers?
Maor V.
Maor V. 14 gün önce
very good song
Shifty Goose
Shifty Goose 14 gün önce
This makes me feel like I'm watching teen rom-coms in the early 90s...and I'm in them.
Chester Mercado
Chester Mercado 14 gün önce
The band where it always feels like your back in high school
van 14 gün önce
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