WELP!!! I Said What I Said! Florence By Mills Review | Jackie Aina

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Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina

Aylar önce

Let’s discuss Millie Bobbie Brown’s newest beauty line: Florence By Mills. This review MAY or may not be a little controversial but yall should be used to that by now lmao
Florence by Mills can be found on Ulta.com and select stores bit.ly/2BbujN7
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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
Phil 4:13

Noe Monae
Noe Monae 13 dakika önce
Pumas though 💀💀💀
Noe Monae
Noe Monae 17 dakika önce
Applying the facial wash BUT THERE’S NO WATER
Vsco bAhAh
Vsco bAhAh Saatler önce
I love it when she says “dowllaRs” Like fr that satisfies me
Chey Mac
Chey Mac 2 saatler önce
Why have I never heard of Jackie before? 2 minutes in and I love her!
Xena Evaristo
Xena Evaristo 6 saatler önce
This is liza in the future
Lara Sbeiti
Lara Sbeiti 6 saatler önce
Omg the "OMG i look red Ahhhh" made my night
Florence Italy
Florence Italy 8 saatler önce
The packaging reminded me of Claire's. No hate, it's just the color that stands out to me
Haley Avveduto
Haley Avveduto 8 saatler önce
the NOOOOOOOHOHHOO MA’MA i was ded😂😂😂😂😂
Jeisha Acevedo
Jeisha Acevedo 9 saatler önce
some of these products shouldn’t be priced as high regardless adult or kid who is buying it.
Gandhi 18 saatler önce
Omggg i love you, so hilarious 🥰
Just Honey
Just Honey Gün önce
Millie has a samsung, didn’t you see it in an ad? So it was mad blurry and since it’s clear you wouldn’t see it. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. This is only a theory. THIS IS ONLY A THEORY.
Nasiah Gün önce
Also I found you as I was watching makeup compilations and I was scolding through my feed and found you. You’re really funny and entertaining and that’s why I’m subscribing to you
Holli D
Holli D Gün önce
What serum do you have on your face at the beginning of the video? I need that in my life
Divya Samani
Divya Samani Gün önce
Just love the way you talk...go girl
Mrs. Cinnamon Everett
Mrs. Cinnamon Everett Gün önce
You had me literally crying laughing. I love your honesty. Your skin looked better before applying the makeup.
Ms. Mommie
Ms. Mommie 2 gün önce
Omg hell NO!! I came here to see a review because this line is on sale for Ulta holiday sale. You look too greasy and too red neither of what I need as I already have a strong red undertone and oily skin. Pass!
zesty mango
zesty mango 2 gün önce
“...you probably spend a lot more time outside.” *-you’re funny-*
Meghan O'Donovan
Meghan O'Donovan 2 gün önce
The tinted moisturizer 🤢🤮
Nic C
Nic C 2 gün önce
Just found you.... and I love you. Where have you been my whole life?!?!?!
Haley Avveduto
Haley Avveduto 8 saatler önce
Nic C i mean ur like 10 sooooo, ur whole life ain’t that long
Catlyn Donovan
Catlyn Donovan 2 gün önce
youre hilarious i love it 😂😂
Isabella Lima
Isabella Lima 2 gün önce
Millie is spanish
Tami Dagnes
Tami Dagnes 2 gün önce
Mia Y
Mia Y 2 gün önce
Can u test out frilliance make up by Fionafrills
Earnest Willis
Earnest Willis 2 gün önce
Lmfao at the beginning...kml😂😂😂😂
ameryce ware
ameryce ware 3 gün önce
“ violet you’re turning violet” 😹
Bunny Caitlyn
Bunny Caitlyn 3 gün önce
Not to be judgemental or critical, but skin tints & bb creams, cc creams actually have differences but amazing video though and I agreed with everything else you said!
TheHighestKaliber 3 gün önce
I hate to say this but after you put the concealer on your cheeks over the moisturizer it looked like you were wearing a mud mask which is just terrible for the face product to not work with the concealer like whats the point of having a line where the products arent compatible and make you look worse than before you put them on
Sophie 3 gün önce
U see Russia? Me nooo but i see hydration 😂
Weight Loss with PCOS
Weight Loss with PCOS 3 gün önce
The skin tint was so red!!! It kept turning more red which is crazy! You made it work though! Definitely not trying out those products, but the moisturizer looked nice!
Isabella Zumaya
Isabella Zumaya 3 gün önce
Alyssa xx
Alyssa xx 4 gün önce
When I wore the brow gel my eyebrow hair came off a bit when I took it off, and if your gonna say anything like “you probably washed it rough” I didn’t.
Princess Miliani
Princess Miliani 4 gün önce
Your ears are so light from the foundation lol 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ they gotta do better
Lavender Huang
Lavender Huang 4 gün önce
you should be wearing SPF on its own, because if you expect SPF in face creams/foundations to work, you'd have to put a ton on.
K V 4 gün önce
i haven't found one spf broad spectrum 50+ product that worked well for my face that either didn't make me read, burn my face or burn my eyes or clogged my pores and gave me pimples
K V 4 gün önce
damn i wish you tried out the whole skincare line lol i want to see if that facewash lathered
xuxi's heart
xuxi's heart 4 gün önce
i actually looked for the hyperpigmentation link in her bio 😭😭😭
BeccaSlays 4 gün önce
Millie's foundation looks hella oily. I wanna just smack some powder on that
Destiny Rosé
Destiny Rosé 4 gün önce
Well if you found the right shade then maybe it would be better
Destiny Rosé
Destiny Rosé 3 gün önce
@Jackie Aina it burns my skin and my skin isn't even sensative. The product is good overall but I just don't like it
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 3 gün önce
the product didn’t look or feel right, wrong shade or not you can feel when something feels nice on your skin.
Madster Rose
Madster Rose 4 gün önce
I just want to say thank you for not targeting millie. A bunch of makeup "gurus" did when they tried her products which is so unfair.
Canadian Grande
Canadian Grande 4 gün önce
the prices though... 🤭
luna li
luna li 4 gün önce
i had the experience with most bb creams that they darken pretty fast when applied. also dont know the reason
danny_ florez
danny_ florez 4 gün önce
WhAt A bEaUtIfUl cHoCoLaTe RaNgE!! **insert white chicks meme** legend has it I’m still dying
Míla Krámková
Míla Krámková 5 gün önce
Jackies skin: 🌻 The tinted moisturizer: 👺
Sanagirl 5 gün önce
“Did you guys hear that I’m scared”
Your mom gae
Your mom gae 5 gün önce
I love you and I’m subscribing because your serious but also funny and seem sweet 😚
Sista Shook Tea
Sista Shook Tea 5 gün önce
your honor where is the product 🤣🤣💗
Ashleigh Ryder
Ashleigh Ryder 5 gün önce
“Your Honor” 😂😂😂
Marie Chandler
Marie Chandler 5 gün önce
Your skin is goals wow 😍
Ruby M
Ruby M 6 gün önce
okay but I feel its more expensive use its vegan and it doesn't have damaging chemicals at least thats what she's advertising.
Ruby M
Ruby M 6 gün önce
oh also like Maybelline and Cover girl etc are not vegan and test on animals
Maha Reslan
Maha Reslan 6 gün önce
I have tried the Florence concealer 👍works amazing with my mature skin feels hydrating,I don't set it but I leave it for few seconds before I blend it👌💕PS I have used my 20% coupon with that from Ulta🤷
Maha Reslan
Maha Reslan 6 gün önce
OMG 😂 you have a hole show on your channel ❤️ so unique and different from everyone I watch🤩
MusicIs Life
MusicIs Life 6 gün önce
“Be careful what you wish for”😂😂😂 That had me rolling omg. I’ve watched this video like 20 times already but I just can’t get enough of the editing 😂😂.
Ellie Follow’s
Ellie Follow’s 6 gün önce
Who else wants this for Christmas 🎄💛
Lemon8id 6 gün önce
the fact that she said “sEphora” and not “sephOra”
Jonelle85 Gün önce
So Sueann 76 What are you talking about lol. You’re allowed to say product names on TRwomen.
So Sueann 76
So Sueann 76 3 gün önce
Probably because if she pronounced it correctly she will get copyrighted because it is trade marked
Melissa Hardy
Melissa Hardy 6 gün önce
But like Jackie aina should run for president
Miriam Reis
Miriam Reis 6 gün önce
Brazil 💓 loveeeeed xoxo
CocoBeanBeauty Yy
CocoBeanBeauty Yy 6 gün önce
Damn she so shiny you can see the light on her head go Jackie I see you 🤣❤️
Aldenys Bido
Aldenys Bido 6 gün önce
can we talk about how the video has two separate filters? like right after the Genie bit. it deff didnt help the foundation looking red, just saying smh
Aldenys Bido
Aldenys Bido 6 gün önce
@Jackie Aina My bad for assuming but the video is two different colors. But like you said it might have been the lighting. It was off-putting is all :/ great review nonetheless.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 6 gün önce
I don’t add filters to my videos
Vicaohlaluna 6 gün önce
you're funny
Marie E.
Marie E. 7 gün önce
Grace Less
Grace Less 7 gün önce
I would not second guess these products if I saw them at Claires bruh... even the colour scheme lmao
Kraft the Bat
Kraft the Bat 7 gün önce
Camila Del Valle
Camila Del Valle 7 gün önce
You are so funny and pretty
Oak Gacha
Oak Gacha 7 gün önce
The product is there you just cant see it.
Gwendolynn Hahn
Gwendolynn Hahn 7 gün önce
As someone with asthma I appreciate when things come fragrance free. Anything scented triggers my asthma 😭
Ava Day
Ava Day 7 gün önce
Girlll I love you you soo funny keep keeping it real
Gianna Guido
Gianna Guido 7 gün önce
at 16:47 IM WHEEEZINGGG 😭💀
Sophie Haines
Sophie Haines 7 gün önce
What I don't like about the prices is there the same in Pounds and dollars like 30 dollars is 27 pounds
Jasmine Buckson
Jasmine Buckson 7 gün önce
Violet you’re turning violet 😂 I screamed
SeanKBeauty 8 gün önce
The Tinted moisturizer is way to red and oxidizes too quickly ... Jackie can you see if Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide is high up on the ingredient list if any of them are then more than likely it’s the mineral that’s causing the immediate oxidation.
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