What Apple needs to do better in 2020

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

6 aylar önce

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Apple did a whole lot of things right in 2019 with the iPhone 11 Pro, MacBook Pro 16-inch, Apple Watch Series 5 and more. This is everything that Apple needs to do even better in 2020. What do YOU think they need to do?
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Wesley Cargill
Wesley Cargill 5 aylar önce
Definitely needs a Apple Echo type device.
Jason Clouse
Jason Clouse 5 aylar önce
I just do not get Apple’s strategy here. Apple’s claim to fame is seamless integration of hardware and software. There’s no bigger opportunity for that than with Apple TV, HomeKit, and Siri. So why are they practically ignoring them in their current broken state? Do they sincerely believe they’ve produced great products in those areas? Did they just give up and decide it’s hopeless to compete against Amazon and Google?
Jerry Coleman
Jerry Coleman 6 aylar önce
I haven’t had any trouble with iOS 13. I think it’s one of the best releases. Sure, they done some updates, but it wasn’t really major things.
Pietro D
Pietro D 6 aylar önce
Every time you use the ‘bad Apple’ crap I wanna stop watching you.
joshx413 6 aylar önce
HomeKit/Siri should be their main focus. It’s embarrassing how far behind they are
Scott Medina
Scott Medina 6 aylar önce
Driving me crazy that Apple is losing the smart home market. They are positioned with hardware and software to dominate the automated home and assistant market and do it much better. WTF!!!
Kerry Loper
Kerry Loper 6 aylar önce
I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket but Apple would be one I would be willing to do so, IF they had the tech to make all come to life. So for now, I will use all that I currently use to make my life easier or more fun.... Thanks Brian for another great video.
rollvideo 6 aylar önce
I disagree with you on the round shape for a future Apple Watch design. It’s just an inefficient use of space and formatting. If anything the next Apple Watch should be a ratio closer to TV.
rollvideo 6 aylar önce
$20 per month for Skillshare? Bad deal considering the proliferation of other online learning platforms. Get a better deal for me please.
Game Gecko
Game Gecko 6 aylar önce
All I want is support for 32 bit apps, I miss tf2 and half life
Ali Kazi
Ali Kazi 6 aylar önce
Apple needs to make a iPhone with no notch. Also around Apple watch should be in the works. They should reduce their prices to increase their market share.
R MCK 6 aylar önce
I want an Apple Watch that completely doesn't need a phone to use everything on it and it doesn't miss anything out.
OP 2316
OP 2316 6 aylar önce
What ever happened to your song “ Why Did They Take The Headphone Jack Out”?
Raveen Bikha
Raveen Bikha 6 aylar önce
Round watch sound nice but not practical with the apps cut out everywhere what u see on android wear watches
Henry Navarrete
Henry Navarrete 6 aylar önce
If apple makes a full screen iphone with In display fingerprint scanner I buy it
Henry Navarrete
Henry Navarrete 6 aylar önce
@Minty true but one thing that apple has software no other company can beat coming from a android user
Anthony Brazzle
Anthony Brazzle 6 aylar önce
Are we STILL complaining about the notch? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Anthony Brazzle
Anthony Brazzle 6 aylar önce
@Minty I guess 🙄
Stephan F
Stephan F 6 aylar önce
Tile / Airtag, has a lot of potential if done well and has something the competitors don’t. Hope it’s launched soon.
Bob Talboom
Bob Talboom 6 aylar önce
Bob Talboom
Bob Talboom 6 aylar önce
Video lasts 9:41, the apple number... coincidence?
Andresfurious 6 aylar önce
Maybe in the future the clam shell design might be more on phones and for iPads and tablets more foldable things just a thought
David Vega
David Vega 6 aylar önce
Woooo 2020!
Patrik Pervorfi
Patrik Pervorfi 6 aylar önce
The best iPhone-Line up would be: iPhone Air Mini iPhone Air iPhone Air Max iPhone Pro Mini iPhone Pro iPhone Pro Max
Megameno Alweendo
Megameno Alweendo 6 aylar önce
if the notch goes away the worlds fastest face recognition will be slower or no more be there then you spoiled brats will start crying do you guys think apple works with magic or witchcraft or what
Miguel Teirlinck
Miguel Teirlinck 6 aylar önce
They have to make a (sleek, nice-looking, homekit-compatible, iCloud storaged) security line. *Security cams* (Facial recognition connected to Face-ID from familymembers, via bluethooth like the Airpods the security cam knows who passed by even without seeing the face simply by passing by with iPhone, AppleWatch etc.) *Tags* (Tells if doors or windows are open. Via bluetooth the tags see who passed by) *Smart-lock* (Easily open and close doors and windows via Apple Watch, iPhone etc.) *Doorbell* (Could give iPhones, HomePods etc. a 2nd use as a doorbell. They can integrate FaceTime with the doorbell) *Home App* (Apple could make a “Family” app or connect Family with the Home app. You can see who is at home, send easy push-notifs, etc.)
R2 D2
R2 D2 6 aylar önce
I am just waiting for that horrible notch to disappear so I can finally update my iPhone after few years!
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline 6 aylar önce
Brian get over "THE NOTCH" and "SCREEN BEZEL SIZE". I fell most normals DO NOT CARE ABOUT "THE NOTCH" and "SCREEN BEZEL SIZE". In fact on devices like cell phones a bigger bezel around the screen edges give me a place to hold it without some action taking place because I touched somewhere on the screen by accident. In fact as far as "THE NOTCH" the only time I either see it, or notice it is after watching a clip where one of you pundits go bat sh!# crazy over it. Now with you on cutting down the models of iPhone. For me basic small unit. Then mid level unit. I am OK with the top of the line being split basic with LED, and PRO with OLED screens. As far Internet of Things (IoT) devices again most normals unless you make it KISS are just going to staty away. One of the things that PHD Robert Metcalfe "The Father of Ethernet" (inside joke) use to always say "Standards, Standards, Standards!!!". Maybe because he founded 3Com he use to aways say "Standards!" three times. If they ever come out with a IoT standard that most all of the manufactures use. Guess what as a normal if I do not have to think to hard when I go to purchase a device, and setup is KISS count me in. For now I am going to live with what I have. I guest to much of my mother in me. When my younger sister to mom to buy a new car she did not understand why she had to buy a car with powered windows. She said she was happy with just rolling them up and down before. So I understand time moves on, however in the case of IoT please make it a common standard. As far as the Apple watch goes yes it would be great if they could make it smaller without loss of battery life. The shape is just fine the way it is. As a person with diabetes. The moon shot would be an a device that has an unobtrusive way to check diabetic blood levels.
Kenton Jackson
Kenton Jackson 6 aylar önce
Battery life is sexy...... yes love it.
TheEtbetween 6 aylar önce
I hate the NOTCH
TheEtbetween 6 aylar önce
Definitely there styles for there watches and phones are starting to look dated.
Shockatie 6 aylar önce
I do not agree. iOS 13 was and is great, idk what u thinking about
jbgrooves 6 aylar önce
I'm seriously considering a chromebook flip rather than another mac thats for sure. When will iPad file system become 100% compatible with Mac's seriously bad apple.
G C 6 aylar önce
Totally agree with you Brian. Good points
St. Batu
St. Batu 6 aylar önce
What Brian needs to do better in 2020: You have improved a lot in the past year, keep it up. A couple of things though: More what you R really Really think and less what you think the internet wants to hear. More helpful, constructive, informative videos, less sensationalization, exaggeration of minor issues... Happy2020!
Appleperson85 6 aylar önce
2020 needs to be the year were Apple releases touch screen macbook
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna 6 aylar önce
Next year I hope Apple will make its own tv
Shady Tyrell
Shady Tyrell 6 aylar önce
I hope they update the regular AirPods and keep AirPods Pro separate. Never been a fan of in-ear rubber headphones.
Josh Momo
Josh Momo 6 aylar önce
Just remove the notch...
Kevin Dagostino
Kevin Dagostino 6 aylar önce
Especially lower the price on the iPad Pro!
Kevin Dagostino
Kevin Dagostino 6 aylar önce
Apple needs to lower the prices of tech too.
Nick Araya
Nick Araya 6 aylar önce
STOP WITH THE IN-VIDEO ADS! I pay for premium TRwomen to NOT hear your ads!
Corinne Wilson
Corinne Wilson 6 aylar önce
A newly designed iMac that gets rid of those bezels, has a 5k display and no spinning disks as a starting point would be great
Albert Labasan
Albert Labasan 6 aylar önce
When his video duration is 9:41
Eric Timm
Eric Timm 6 aylar önce
Release iMessage and FaceTime onto the Google Play Store!
Juanito B
Juanito B 6 aylar önce
Am I really the only one who noticed the BT21 shirt ?👀😏
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
kaydan9906 6 aylar önce
Need real multitasking and pip,also need to lower their price t.g.d.h.
Surprise Mechanics
Surprise Mechanics 6 aylar önce
My 2020 wishlist - an official calculator app on the iPad. That’s all.
David Nagy
David Nagy 6 aylar önce
Stop with the updates and fix your os
James Collieson
James Collieson 6 aylar önce
Promotion display, no notch, iphone ipencil compatible, oled MacBook Pro, black AirPods, better Siri, Faceid that works better in sunlight and at different angles.
Amogh Prabhu
Amogh Prabhu 6 aylar önce
More battery on the Apple Watch less than a day is just awful
Leo Brown
Leo Brown 6 aylar önce
I’m not really that big on the round design for the Apple Watch but it will be cool to have both the original designs and round designs and I’ll love the idea of FaceTime on the Apple Watch I just wish Apple doesn’t cost so much on there Products
Bobby Sandhu
Bobby Sandhu 6 aylar önce
This dude talks bou every great thing apple has done without mentioning airpods pro arguably the beat thing they’ve done this year
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 6 aylar önce
They were great but I didn’t think they were the best thing they did. To each their own! I’ve said they were very good, but I’d personally go for over ears at $249 or even spend a little more before going with noise cancelling earbuds.
Wayne Phillips
Wayne Phillips 6 aylar önce
Great video! Great ideas. I would love a round Apple Watch with FaceTime. That would be pretty sweet.
Nicholas Nguyenpool
Nicholas Nguyenpool 6 aylar önce
Round Apple Watch is bad but FaceTime good
Juan Carlos González Mena
Juan Carlos González Mena 6 aylar önce
I do agree with your list Brian. Keep up with your excellent work and have a great 2020. Greetings from Ecuador 🇪🇨
Marvin R
Marvin R 6 aylar önce
Thx for the skillshare link. I signed up with your link to learn photoshop 👍🏽
Baboue Nicolas
Baboue Nicolas 6 aylar önce
If apple would need some advise, I would say to make their new products WAY cheaper. The cheaper the product, the more the people will buy.
Lord Tyrannus
Lord Tyrannus 6 aylar önce
they actually need to innovate
Christopher Finn
Christopher Finn 6 aylar önce
A round the Apple Watch would be so stupid. How are you going to look at pictures on around Apple Watch? It’s going to be like a square inside of a circle? I guess if you don’t really care about photos or some thing around watch would work but Apple was smart to make it square.
Ben Ingegneri
Ben Ingegneri 6 aylar önce
Is there any talk of a 2020 IMAC REDESIGN. Cause it’s been wayyyyyy too long.
Klaneos Mac
Klaneos Mac 6 aylar önce
100 percent agree with Apple smart home needing to be better. I have a lot of different products in my house that work with Google mini home and less than half of these are even supported by Apple. That’s a bad apple 🤬 🍎
Natasha Roesner
Natasha Roesner 6 aylar önce
I actually like the notch wtf
Fatchoi 27
Fatchoi 27 6 aylar önce
I Would Like To See An AirPower Mini & HomePod Mini In 2020.
Fatchoi 27
Fatchoi 27 6 aylar önce
It Would Be A Bad Idea For Apple To release Glasses next year Becuase Everyone will Have 20/20 Vision. 🤣
Ahadi Halisi
Ahadi Halisi 6 aylar önce
Fatchoi 27 shut up😂😂
Hugh Sagonda
Hugh Sagonda 6 aylar önce
Apple needs to make Siri seriously smart (i'm so sorry)
Rejz Antonio
Rejz Antonio 6 aylar önce
sw madwolf
sw madwolf 6 aylar önce
I need lower prices
Mr_Chukes 6 aylar önce
facetime on the watch is dumb as hell
Daniel Springer
Daniel Springer 6 aylar önce
eli parker
eli parker 6 aylar önce
Without Brian Tong, I don’t even pay attention to CNET anymore. Thanks for talking tech right!
Jerry Coleman
Jerry Coleman 4 aylar önce
Now that’s a good Apple. 🍎
joshx413 6 aylar önce
Lmao C who? Unsubbed from them the second I found out Brian left.
Infinityfields 6 aylar önce
What do I plan to do in 2020? Well, that is a hard question, I have been waiting too long for Apple to make things more affordable and to work together better! It is getting disgusting that prices keep climbing and they really are not giving us something new! So here goes, I have the following in my house: iPod Click Wheel 20Gb from 2002, iPod 5th gen 80Gb, iPod Classic 160Gb, HomePod, 4 Apple TVs, 2 iPad Air, 3 iPad Pro all 12.9", 2 iPhone 2G, 2 iPhone 3s, 1 iPhone 4, 1 iPhone 5, 1 iPhone 6 Plus, 1 iPhone 6s Plus, 2 iPhone X, 1 iPhone 11 Pro Max, 2 AirPods, 1 AirPods Pro, 1 Apple Watch 2, 1 Apple Watch 3, 1 Apple Watch 5, 2 Macbook Air, 1 iMac 27" 2010, 1 iMac 27" 5K late 2014, 2 AirPort Extreme and several iPod shuffles! But all of this has done nothing to make my family work together better or make these products work seamlessly with one another. I'm tired of waiting and if one thing is for certain having the Apple Apps system that long has kind of tied us to Apple in a way I don't want to be tied! So this is the year I make a switch to some other maker of devices! My Apple TV 4k is nice and I like the new Apple TV+ service but what the hell Apple? You could have come up with something better like let's say charge $24.99 per month and allow us to watch movies we want to watch included with our subscription! Something more like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU Plus, or newcomer Disney+. I wish Apple would get there heads out of their @sses and do something that didn't require a boatload of money! That is all they seemed to be concerned with, is how much they can squeeze from the consumers. Ah well it won't matter cause after I get done with this post I'm going to take this barrel put it in my mouth and end all the suffering. Come On Apple! Do something right for the first time in a decade make a difference!!!
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