What I did on my day off

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Joana Ceddia

Joana Ceddia

4 aylar önce

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You know what? Owls terrify me. I had a dream last night that there was an owl at the foot of my bed and I mentally pissed my pants. With all that swivelling head stuff and the whole “I can spot a baby mouse from a mile away with my spidey senses”, I honestly can’t even begin to imagine what conditions gave rise to that abomination. Like, if we ever screw up and genetically mutate the owls to be human sized, it’s over for us. No seriously, I’m going to jump into my cyber truck and drive to Jupiter if that’s the case. And no, you can’t come.
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Aunt Jemima’s Cyrup

Grecia Arzola
Grecia Arzola Saatler önce
8:34 OMG SHE PREDICTED 2020 She said that “the world is going to end in two months” and it was November 2019 at that time. And think about how bad everything has been since the beginning of 2020, first, ww3, then Kobe and his daughter, and now, corona/covid 19. THE WORLD IS GOING TO END THIS YEAR ISTG
Coco Zhang
Coco Zhang 4 saatler önce
8:34 she wasn't wrong
O'HARA 10 saatler önce
everyone in 2019:So glad that's over,we are going to 2020. 2020:COVID everyone:No No it can't be!!!!!!
Rolothecandy Idk
Rolothecandy Idk 10 saatler önce
I love how she doesn’t know what happened 4 months ago, are they in the White House?
clowncore kid
clowncore kid 17 saatler önce
"the world is gonna end in two months" that aged well
Anwesha the alien
Anwesha the alien 19 saatler önce
Joana could release an hour long video on her laugh and I would peacefully watch it while being vveerryy happy.
Holly Clark
Holly Clark 20 saatler önce
No one: Not a single soul: Not even her quails: *Joanna: tO mE, cAr Go BeEp BeEp.* 🤣❤
Alexandra Truschel
Alexandra Truschel Gün önce
joana said that the world was gonna end in 2 months and basically it has ended ahah
Allie Cat
Allie Cat Gün önce
I agree
Raisa Trivedi
Raisa Trivedi Gün önce
Dear Aunt Jemima's Cyrup , I am jumping on that cyber truck with you regardless of what you say. And I am scared shitless of owls too
Isabella Hernandez
Isabella Hernandez 2 gün önce
“The world will end” Me in April-oml did she predict CoRoNa
Nikita 2 gün önce
Joana has the most precious laugh
Chelsea Anglesey
Chelsea Anglesey 2 gün önce
“Yes the world is going to end in 2 months” Well here we are
Winter Woman Lady
Winter Woman Lady 2 gün önce
When she scream she deafened the microphone for 0.7 seconds
Ashna Rahman
Ashna Rahman 2 gün önce
Wait she got a sign from the gods 4 months ago about how the world is gonna end in 2 months... OH MY GLOB YOU SAW THE CORONAVIRUS BEFORE ANY OF US
SinBin '
SinBin ' 2 gün önce
8:31. Little did she know, her words will turn into reality
One Memey Boi
One Memey Boi 2 gün önce
Well she was close that the world was gonna end in two months
Naya Mun
Naya Mun 2 gün önce
So you have been right with your world will end prediction👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
no thanks.
no thanks. 2 gün önce
I couldn’t even tell what was happening in the thumbnail
josh warren dalid
josh warren dalid 3 gün önce
Sophie Unicorn
Sophie Unicorn 3 gün önce
Tick tock is so lame
w a h o o
w a h o o 3 gün önce
8:22 wait but you're actually right
hamettonya 3 gün önce
5:48 It is the morning at 10:46 am Tuesday March 31 2020 and the corona virus 🦠 is going around and we are locked in our house for the next 2 months!
noam 8o
noam 8o 4 gün önce
Joana: in 2 months the world is gonna and 2 months later: coronavirus: hi 😗
Kubshofd 4 gün önce
The wotermeloon was exited to get eaten I guess
Tanmay Neema
Tanmay Neema 5 gün önce
"the world is going to end" didn't age well did it lmao
sabrina batrisya
sabrina batrisya 5 gün önce
Little did she know america's out of toilet paper now
cotton candy flavored potato chip
cotton candy flavored potato chip 6 gün önce
Joana just predicted our future
Rozie Toast
Rozie Toast 6 gün önce
5:48 me trying to make convo with people idk at a family reunion
azrielic_ 8 gün önce
Joana: *puts the first rubber bans* Me: *_skips until it exploded_*
Roberto XS
Roberto XS 9 gün önce
When she said the world was gonna end in 2 months... In late November of 2019
Ava Barnett
Ava Barnett 9 gün önce
I saw an ad that was about avocados
Johanna Young
Johanna Young 9 gün önce
Joanna: The world is going to end in 2 months. Coronavirus: I HAVE BEEN SPOTTED
ArticFox 9 gün önce
Tik Tok sucks
Hannaxy 9 gün önce
Autumn Van
Autumn Van 10 gün önce
if she does do tik tok im gonna shoot myself
loulou dag
loulou dag 10 gün önce
when joana predicted that the world was eding in two months and were all dying from a virus
Erana Andrukh
Erana Andrukh 10 gün önce
7:11, I got so scared my gum started to bleed
x SunsetBleach
x SunsetBleach 10 gün önce
It’s funny how the watermelon said *it’s muffin time because I wanna die, die, die* Right after she said when it explodes she wants to eat it.
shazzy1347 10 gün önce
Joana predicted the future the world is ending in 2months
Priscillia Pandinata
Priscillia Pandinata 10 gün önce
imagine kim k just sitting infront of her mirror at night getting rubber bands 🤣🤣
Uniquan !
Uniquan ! 11 gün önce
i started laughing when she randomly said the fox was eating garbage
Emma Pan
Emma Pan 11 gün önce
She was right about the world ending
Clair Pentdragon
Clair Pentdragon 11 gün önce
Can u pls follow me I love uuuuu ❤️🤗🥰💜😘🥳💖😍🌈😃
A Hall
A Hall 12 gün önce
This was made in November... at the end she said “the worlds gonna get end in 2 MONTHS” that means January. That’s when 2020 started and it has not been a very good year... change my mind...
ctrl alt del
ctrl alt del 12 gün önce
oh god why at 2:50 do i hear giorno's theme help god please
RubyCake16 12 gün önce
“The world is ending in two months” ... she’s physic
Will the Wise
Will the Wise 12 gün önce
The fact that she said the world is going to end in 2 months and basically 2 ish months later we are dealing with corona . :o
Go eat a sock Peasant
Go eat a sock Peasant 12 gün önce
ok but that is literally the biggest watermelon ive ever seen in my life... how big are normal watermelons to you?
Taylor K
Taylor K 12 gün önce
6:21 woweee
mi c and Kat
mi c and Kat 12 gün önce
Good job remembering that you could get impaled! :D
{ misty Bubbles }
{ misty Bubbles } 12 gün önce
Right before your video there was a John cena add lol
lidwoord 12 gün önce
my brother seeing the new Tesla: "ew what is that I will never buy it" Joana loving this car my brother after watching this video: "OMG I would die for this this is the best car I have ever seen in my life"
lola 12 gün önce
wait did john cena just predict the corona virus wtf! p.s. i love u john cena u r my saviioouuurrr
lola 12 gün önce
wait did john cena just predict the corona virus wtf! p.s. i love u john cena u r my saviioouuurrr
lola 12 gün önce
wait did john cena just predict the corona virus wtf! p.s. i love u john cena u r my saviioouuurrr
lola 12 gün önce
wait did john cena just predict the corona virus wtf! p.s. i love u john cena u r my saviioouuurrr
Latifah Al-essa
Latifah Al-essa 12 gün önce
I love that you hate tik tok
Alannah Tiedemann :3
Alannah Tiedemann :3 13 gün önce
Joana: The world is going to end in two months Coronavirus: Heyyyyy
threetwosev 13 gün önce
Guadas Camachito
Guadas Camachito 13 gün önce
Okay so I noticed at around the end of the video she said the world is gonna end or something like that in 2 months, umm... November+2months=janurary. *cough* corona virus *cough* Sorry
ItsBlaze 13 gün önce
8:35 joana predidcted the future (corona virus)
Dekaru Dragon
Dekaru Dragon 13 gün önce
I am bald
Finley’s Email
Finley’s Email 13 gün önce
joana- 8:28 Earth now- 😫
Blobby Artzz
Blobby Artzz 13 gün önce
There is nothing called liking avocados to much
Project X-435
Project X-435 13 gün önce
Can we just take the time to appreciate the way the rubber bands didnt fly everywhere when the watermelon exploded i mean like the rubber bands having better *manners* than *ANYONE I KNOW* like whatttt!!!!
S K 13 gün önce
8:35 Welp, about two months later and we’ve got Corona
Amy Fowler
Amy Fowler 13 gün önce
8:34 i’m watching this March 2020, and the world kinda feels like its coming to an end- joana are you a time traveler?
2027-Gianna Fanara
2027-Gianna Fanara 13 gün önce
Me: Joana: ( her tiny mikes on her hydroflask )
Shay Carter
Shay Carter 13 gün önce
7:12 she laughs just like Julia Roberts in pretty woman! ❤️
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