What If Stephen Curry Was 7 Feet Tall?

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JxmyHighroller Aylar önce
Earlier this week I tried to upload this video but ran into some technical difficulties, aka TRwomen trying to get into my bag. But we back and it’s a certified banger. Hope y’all enjoy!
Bennett Fain
Bennett Fain 29 gün önce
@JxmyHighroller MVPs are most valuable to their team not the best player in the league....
Mr TRAP Aylar önce
Why is Mike and Barkley still listed as 6'6?
Rezo Aylar önce
JxmyHighroller if steph was 7ft then he wouldn’t be steph he wouldn’t have but in the work to be the deadliest shooter ever
Colton Roberts
Colton Roberts Aylar önce
Jxmyhighroller: he could shoot over anyone he wants Tacko fall: am I a joke to you
ツFaKe_Minas 58 dakika önce
But... Iverson doesnt practise
trash _boi88
trash _boi88 15 saatler önce
We all know the best 7 foot player is Dirk Nowitzki
Oh B One
Oh B One 2 gün önce
He'd be a 7 foot dick.
NIGWARD 2 gün önce
did i just waste 12 1/2 minutes watching the player's clips instead of listening to the video *maybe*
Noob Noob
Noob Noob 3 gün önce
Why do people think KD Is better than Curry? He has more Championships than Durant He has more MVPS than KD He lead his team to a 73-9 Regular season. He had 402 threes in one season KD blew a 3-1 lead to Curry(I know Curry did the same in the finals but if KD was better than he should’ve won)
AngryTealTiger /
AngryTealTiger / 3 gün önce
Ok but if he was 7 foot he wouldn't be guarding Kyrie and he would be way slower
Sociopathic_ Autism
Sociopathic_ Autism 3 gün önce
So what I’m hearing is that me being 6’2 at 14 with a freakishly fast reaction time and shooting ability is a rare and good thing?
Lord Kiza
Lord Kiza 4 gün önce
For us average guys 6 inches could change our entire game Boiiiiiiiii aint that the truthh
Ta wup
Ta wup 4 gün önce
If he was taller he wont be a greatest shooter... Obcorse he master 3pts becouse he was short.... But in my opinion curry kd debatable.. but KD have Dddd... Defense
Sqeets YT
Sqeets YT 4 gün önce
Every people have its weakness and power
Maple 496
Maple 496 5 gün önce
That’s a what if
Brow Landon
Brow Landon 5 gün önce
Isn’t that Carl Anthony towns on Durant roids
Josie 5 gün önce
But Steph Curry is taller then Kyrie Irving nani
- Wojo -
- Wojo - 6 gün önce
Isiah Thomas is my second cousins dad
Ajev Vachher
Ajev Vachher 6 gün önce
If Steph was 7 ft, he wouldn’t be put on kyrie
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 7 gün önce
If Iverson was 6 inches tall he would have been better than Jordan
Pedro Camacho
Pedro Camacho 7 gün önce
he exists. And his name is Kevin Durant.
Elai BGC
Elai BGC 8 gün önce
If Curry was 7ft tall then he wouldn’t be as good as he is at shooting 3 pointers knowing that he also has the height and size to be more of a driving player like LeBron or Giannis. He is so good at shooting 3 pointers because he knew his height and size will be a problem at high levels of basketball and chose to focus on a game aspect that he had way more potential in..
Lucas 8 gün önce
But he isnt
BigBoy Gaming
BigBoy Gaming 8 gün önce
But if he was 7 feet tall, when he is on defense he would be lower down. [For the intro]
1k subs with no videos
1k subs with no videos 8 gün önce
Lmao june 19th is my birthday😂
Jontempelli 9 gün önce
*cough* if Ben Simmons could shoot *cough* he’d be the goat *cough*
Plus UltraLife
Plus UltraLife 9 gün önce
A normal player is 66
kingwleung 9 gün önce
If curry is taller, he wouldn’t be guarding Kylie... and he would be slower...
Griffin Latta
Griffin Latta 9 gün önce
He would be slow if he’s that tall
Jacki 9 gün önce
Hey man so i recently saw your video describing your personal sport accomplishments, i was wondering if you know what the best way to increase my vertical is? I know there is a lot of stuff online but i dont know what to trust and not to trust, if anyone else can help, thank you
YooFn 9 gün önce
If he was taller he wouldn’t be guarding kyrie 😭✌️
Legit Lee
Legit Lee 9 gün önce
Michael Jordan and Kobe were both 6'6 so under 6'7 lmao
Jj W
Jj W 10 gün önce
Then his name would be Dirk.
Alex H
Alex H 10 gün önce
Porzingis soon will be the new 7ft curry mark my words.
Guilt 10 gün önce
Who know KD bouta come back to NBA
Andrew Sophocles
Andrew Sophocles 10 gün önce
And that’s why MJ was so good because he had a late but big growth spurt and the way he played made it so growth would help him much more than it would help AI bcuz of his position and playstyle
Asher Spam
Asher Spam 10 gün önce
Bol Bol?
Mojo Vos
Mojo Vos 10 gün önce
Who's watching this after Kobe dies 😭😭😭
jonathansim88 10 gün önce
Tell that to Allen Iverson
WhyYouBullyMe NotGaming
WhyYouBullyMe NotGaming 10 gün önce
But if curry was taller he wouldn’t have been guarding Kyrie In that play
Nico Cua
Nico Cua 10 gün önce
Jesus Christ loves you so much!!! Nice vid!!!
Swole Senzu
Swole Senzu 11 gün önce
If he was taller, then he wouldn’t have tried to shoot over him. Simple as that. No one tries to shoot over gobert or Durant and they’re not usually at the top of the key or guarding a pg
Pandeli 11 gün önce
What if he wasn’t
Don Medina
Don Medina 11 gün önce
Kobe was listed as 6'6" not 6'7"
Me a WEABOO 11 gün önce
So you mean a kid is the same level as curry
Danielle Perich
Danielle Perich 11 gün önce
He's talking all offense what about defense
The Awesome Bros!
The Awesome Bros! 11 gün önce
Kobe died a little bit after this vid it’s so weird that you talked about Kobe right before he died
UCC_Daxton 11 gün önce
This reminds me of myself because I’m the tallest on my team but I’m only gonna be like 6’2-6’4
thisrapthebeast 11 gün önce
I unsubbed u little bitch.
Kynton Warner
Kynton Warner 11 gün önce
What if Steph had a growth spurt like Anthony Davis...... steph freshman year in high school would be 6’1 already having elite dribbles and shooting then out of nowhere he grows to 6’10
DSj Jmv
DSj Jmv 11 gün önce
Somebody’s running out of video ideas.
ravioli ravioli
ravioli ravioli 12 gün önce
But like, if muggsy were just 6'0
gaming lounge
gaming lounge 12 gün önce
Nah 6 foot 10, if he was 7 foot he might be too heavy to shoot
victor gaudu
victor gaudu 12 gün önce
I agree with the point of the video but : Bad argument to think that the average of 6.6 means that big isnt always good because average isnt that high. There arent that many giants. The world average height is is 5.10. So to have a giant that is also good at basketball is rare. Height is a definite advantage but being tall doesnt mean you're good at basketball. The best players in the leages are all WAY over average. Tall IS necessary. Allen iverson is small compared to other players but he is still above average, even if barely.
CloudRAYZ 38
CloudRAYZ 38 12 gün önce
3:28 Close your eyes and listen
nystagmus 12 gün önce
He wouldnt have accrued the skills if he had those height advantages in life. He developed those skills because of his shortcomings. You really think AI would be as great handler as he was if he was 7 ft tall? He would not have worked on dribbling to master it.
harvey board
harvey board 13 gün önce
If he was 7ft tall then his physique would be completely different and he might not have focused on his shooting as much as he is now. He would just be another tall player who can shoot, another KD basically
Ryan H
Ryan H 13 gün önce
But he’s not
Za only Janwenn
Za only Janwenn 13 gün önce
Yo can i just say irl he’s actually really f*cking tall
Hannes Rodriguez
Hannes Rodriguez 13 gün önce
Steph Curry's insane because he almost made the NBA the way it is now. He made the 3- Point revolution. Probably best shooter of all time
DJ Dewski
DJ Dewski 13 gün önce
7:09 “Pratice? What we talking about, practice? Not the game. Not the game. We’re talking about practice man. How silly is that?”
jeremiah7382 13 gün önce
He’d be JaVale MCGee
Jennifer Pyrcioch
Jennifer Pyrcioch 14 gün önce
Kobe Bryant is 78 inches
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 14 gün önce
Its because of odds, there are more people closer to average height. If you are looking for guys who are 7'0 they are rare. Hypothetically let's say there are 1000 in the US so the best ball player is 1 in 1000. Now think about the best 6'2 guy, there are millions. So numbers wise, the odds mean the most skilled players will likely be closer to average height, and goats will be that position where there are still enough people to pick from but plenty height i.e. small forward. Just like how Chinese are shorter on average yet Yao Ming is one of the tallest, numbers wise Chinas population was bound to produce someone like that.
Rambo GG
Rambo GG 14 gün önce
It’s funny how he calls Steph curry the little guy even though he 6 2
NoScopeThePope {Brawl Stars}
NoScopeThePope {Brawl Stars} 12 gün önce
He 6’3” tho
Sergio Borini
Sergio Borini 14 gün önce
Well, if he’s 7 feet tall he wouldn’t be guarding Kyrie?
Wi ll
Wi ll 14 gün önce
What a dumb question, literally anyone 7ft tends to be decent in the NBA, I would be if I grew a foot 😂 you literally can say what if, I could say what if Shaq could shoot or what if Kawhi had jumped higher that one time, they would be better that’s just changing them to things that don’t make sense Curry can’t improve on height can he can improve jump
Steve Sibaja
Steve Sibaja 14 gün önce
Curry is 6'3
Macky Cano
Macky Cano 14 gün önce
what if jordan was 8 feet tall? dumbass
Macky Cano
Macky Cano 14 gün önce
u actually made a video out of this? lol
Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez 15 gün önce
The real question should be is if Shaq has Kobe’s mindset Rip Mamba ❤️
Mr. J
Mr. J 15 gün önce
If curry were taller he might not even be a great. Why? Coz of the body. Us tall guys usually will have injuries here and there that will hinder us from playing ball better than most guys. So that's what i think will happen to curry if his height were to change
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett 15 gün önce
Who else was confused when they saw the thumbnail and hadn’t read the title yet
The Inktician
The Inktician 15 gün önce
I think this was already something we knew. I know it's something *I* already knew.=, so naturally i didnt want to hear about that theory. I wanted to hear about Steph with all the same current skills, but at 7ft. And no, it's not KD. KD is not an offball shooter. It'd be insane for a 7 footer to have the stamina to run offball like that - but what if they could? That's what i came to see. Instead i got a summary of my own explanation of why it wouldn't work in most cases. Well, at least the world knows how i feel about it. Still wouldve liked to hear a different take
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