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Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses 5 gün önce
Bob Marley Xerox Machine 😆
Lizard Man
Lizard Man 13 gün önce
Washing your hands after using the bathroom
Sky. Twain
Sky. Twain 14 gün önce
No beards
ShadowGardevoir 18 gün önce
I'm the only one that cant stay after work if I'm not clocked in
iamcondescending 18 gün önce
I was told I had to get a Fit Test done for a half face respirator for my current job, which would mean saving off my rather substantial beard. I work in a nuclear power plant. If I need to wear PPE, 99% of the time it's a giant positive-pressure suit or Tyvex. I've worked there on and off for almost 4 years, and never once been in a situation where I need to wear a half face respirator.
SorasShadow1 22 gün önce
This is a rule the boss handed down just to me, for reasons unknown; I absolutely must take the trash out to a particular dumpster (we have 2) even though it's the one that's most often overfilled & I also must take it out after dark instead of taking it out before sunset as I'd been doing for months. Boss man wouldn't hear my pointing out that I'm a small woman & our facility is open for any random people/wild animals to pass by. Our dumpsters are bear proof for a reason, but there's totally 1 single bright light out there now! So no complaining or get berated for another 20 minutes even though the light is pointed at the rear of the dumpster & the way it's positioned makes _me_ visible but hides anyone/anything that might approach. And my coworkers are not allowed to help me with it, one of the other women got told off for helping me one night last week when I was running behind, I didn't even ask her to! She was being nice! jfc man. I have a contract & a union so his threat to dock my pay/fire me for not adhering to this single rule is thankfully hollow, but very cruel & got his point across clearly. Hopefully the time change coming up will lighten things up out there, it's really not a safe thing to be doing.
Steven Clark
Steven Clark 22 gün önce
Yes, in the u.s., it is illegal to tell your workers not to discuss their salaries with each other. My boss said it a few weeks ago, I said, "you know telling us we can't do that is illegal, right?" Fortunately, my boss is cool, and he DIDN'T know. He was just following company line. This shit comes from the top, spread awareness.
ivan neko
ivan neko 23 gün önce
at my job, we have 2 unspoken rules (factory/custom shop.) 1:never wear any clothes your not prepared to get ruined. and 2: never bring anything your not prepared to get stolen. you would think working in a factory, that would be common sense. but you'd be amazed on how many people (mostly new hires) bring in shit that gets stolen and they try to sue someone or wear clothes that get dirty and then bitch for months saying that was their favourite shit and that they hate everyone for them getting it all full of sawdust or metal shavings.
Nelyrion s
Nelyrion s 23 gün önce
This also baffles me. People working late and alot.. versus people who work exakt hours or even less than description. In the end, it matters little, it's the results that the employer pays for. But going home early on time seems to be a thing people frown upon.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 24 gün önce
3:59 I knew that was army for the get go
Stormageddon101 24 gün önce
Not necessarily a rule, but an expectation of one of my shift supervisors, which he got from my boss: don't ask the customers to aim in a certain direction while I'm out on the field picking up golf balls at the driving range. If I can't ask them to hit in a different direction, and I need to remain safe, and there are customers hitting, and I need to do my job - I can't go out on the field to do my work...
Gaby5011 24 gün önce
I work in a call center for a big commercial company. We have to dress business casual at all times, just in case a customer wants to visit the office. And yeah that never happens...
xenomas 24 gün önce
That one about the travel distance was a bitch! Some asshole authority says it's 250 driving distance or 250 straight line distance. And all the other crap is true. Damn military!
Mr Whiskey
Mr Whiskey 24 gün önce
4:00 and yet you guys still manage to not be safe, beat your wives, drink and drive and crumble under the stress ;v)
ImJC 24 gün önce
And here I thought my workplace was shit with rules.
Dave Rudabaugh
Dave Rudabaugh 25 gün önce
Nobody: Reddit TTS voice: "sTARBUCKs!"
Cemetery of Choice
Cemetery of Choice 25 gün önce
That item exchange at the programming office actually sounds really cool.
Cemetery of Choice
Cemetery of Choice 25 gün önce
The "no disposing of personal trash" -- did they expect female staff to pack out used feminine hygiene items?
Cemetery of Choice
Cemetery of Choice 25 gün önce
We had an anti-cell-phone policy at an agency I worked for that ran group homes for the intellectually disabled. Of course, we all used them for work -- GPS to find places we were supposed to transport clients to, mostly. But in one case we had a Type 1 diabetic client and the staff at that home would google carb counts for foods on our phones. Then they put freaking CAMERAS in all the houses so if you wanted to google a carb count you had to go into the bathroom so you didn't get caught. And no, we couldn't google it on the computer because they blocked all internet except email and the programs used for meds and documentation.
Cemetery of Choice
Cemetery of Choice 25 gün önce
OMG I worked someplace where the boss freaked out if women lifted things! One co-worker and I were setting up some folding tables and Boss came in and said to let the guys do that. It became a running joke that women can't lift anything because it will make your uterus fall out. If Boss was out of the office the women would just behave normally, but if he might catch you, you'd poke your head in a male co-worker's office and say, "My uterus might fall out" to let him know that you needed for Boss to see HIM being the one to move something.
Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses 5 gün önce
Companies constantly get sued of "lifting" Worker's comp cases. It's ridiculous.
Cemetery of Choice
Cemetery of Choice 25 gün önce
The working late thing also took me right back to Korea. Koreans don't value efficiency -- they value being busy. When the foreign teachers were attending government trainings, you could tell which ones traveled on their own and which were dropped off by Korean co-workers because the ones who came independently were all on time and the ones that were dropped off by Koreans were late. Being on time is a sign that you are not busy and are thus a bad worker. Of course, this means that Koreans will dawdle something awful in order to avoid being finished with work at quitting time. Interesting cultural moment: At one school where I was teaching (half foreign staff, half local Koreans), the blank lesson plans were kept near the administrator's desk at the farthest corner from the copy machine. I got tired of making so many pointless trips back and forth across the room that I asked the administrator (who, fortunately, had spent his teens and early 20s in the US so he understood the American obsession with efficiency) if we could just put the binders with the blank lesson plans next to the copier. He said sure. I later found out that the Korean teachers groused about how lazy the foreigners were that they couldn't bother walking back and forth. This led to a very interesting discussion!
Cemetery of Choice
Cemetery of Choice 25 gün önce
Writing somebody's name in red ink is considered a death threat in Korea, and it's so taboo that though I've been back in the US for over 5 years, I still won't write a person's name in red. I've actually put down a pen I was writing with and changed colors when I realized I was going to have to write a name. Though once I was really, really fed up with somebody, I broke the rule. Everybody in the office laughed when I said, "I've had it with Mike! I'm writing his name in RED INK!"
Pete W
Pete W 25 gün önce
3:58 sounds like military
G3ars97 26 gün önce
I had a delivery driver for a supermarket stop by my work the other day for breakfast. I asked what they were up to and he told me he had to go to work for a training course. On top of that he said he’d done the same 9 hour course last year, but didn’t get the certificate because the instructor didn’t have him down to be there. Now THAT is stupid
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri 26 gün önce
Boss doesn't like red shirts. Are you sure he's not a Spanish Fighting Bull?
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri 26 gün önce
I think the most moronic thing I've ran into are bosses freaking out if you're five minutes late on a job where you're not actively relieving someone (9-5). How many times have I stayed 5, 10, 20 minutes, even 1-2 hours late for bullshit? Yet you're going to yell at me for being five minutes late. Fuck you.
Bryan Stacy
Bryan Stacy 26 gün önce
I used to work for a manufacturing company as a welder. If you had to shut down your welding cell for any reason, you had to first inform your supervisor. The supervisors’ desks were all in the office about 5 minutes away from the actual welding department. This meant that what would’ve been a 2 minute stop to clear a jam in an automated weld-nut feeder turned into a 15 minute stop minimum to walk to the supervisor, explain the situation, then walk back and fix it. This was the improved situation from when I first started there. Back then, you had to do all of the same, but the welders weren’t allowed to fix anything, so that 2 minute jammed feeder turned into a 2 hour wait for maintenance to show up. P.S. To fix a jam, which happened frequently, all you had to do was turn off the feeder, disconnect the tube, and let gravity pull the offending nut into your waiting, gloved hand. Without the air pressure from the feeder, the nut won’t be jammed anymore.
KOSMOS1701A 26 gün önce
14:00 i work at a jack in the box and you will NEVER have food out in under 4 minutes unless you are ordering something light like a handfull of tacos, anything else is made fresh which takes time. Fastest order we had was a whopping 20 seconds because a guy came through the drive thru and ordered cup of water with ice.
Tyler Lowder
Tyler Lowder 26 gün önce
Fuck. Jack. In. The. Box!
kjs498 26 gün önce
I wanna know why it’s illegal to talk about salary with other people? I also live in the US and didn’t know this??
László Kocsi
László Kocsi 25 gün önce
@kjs498 yepp
kjs498 25 gün önce
Right, so then you would go negotiate your pay with your employer.
László Kocsi
László Kocsi 26 gün önce
For example you working in the same place for 12$/h and a new employe got 19 or 20$/h then you realize you just as much deserve the same amount. And for a lot of similar reasons.
technological akshually void spaghetti seeds
technological akshually void spaghetti seeds 26 gün önce
At the corporation i work for (~3000 people) we aren't allowed to have MAIL FILTERING RULES IN OUTLOOK. i wish i was joking smfh.
Mike Vasquez
Mike Vasquez 26 gün önce
This wasn't so much a rule, but I used to get a lot of grief from management at a certain major retailer during equipment inspections when I actually inspected at the equipment rather than just checking all the boxes on the inspection form.
Cemetery of Choice
Cemetery of Choice 25 gün önce
I quit a job on the first day because they wanted me to sigh off that I had read training materials they hadn't provided.
Mike Vasquez
Mike Vasquez 26 gün önce
Stupid policies are inevitable when antiquated business practices converge with new technologies.
gerble36 26 gün önce
Umm, it's illegal to forbid employees from discussing salary. Employers can't do that, employees have the right to discuss it. Employers just frown on it because it limits how much they can f you over when it comes time to negotiate salaries. Actually, several of the items here are pretty illegal... Amazing how much crap some employers are getting away with.
Seth Myers
Seth Myers 24 gün önce
Actually it was once illegal to discuss your salary with other employees. It is no longer illegal and it kind of irks me that people still think that it is.
dustojnikhummer 27 gün önce
I mean, redshirts always die first!
MARLEY ROSE 27 gün önce
Not me but my mum used to help disabled people at a home she had to help them with everything give medications change them clean them but she had to sign out and how much money she was taking out to buy milk across the road
matman 27 gün önce
In mist states in the US if your employer requires you to punch in 15 min before your shift they have to pay you. Some large corps where sued for rounding time cards to start times.
Michael Holub
Michael Holub 27 gün önce
We're not allowed to enter a home with loose pets, every breed/species. I love all pets. I feel so much less stress over my job when I can pet an animal. But no, because insurance companies and total bureaucratic bullshit I'm stuck with the joyless assholerly of ordering the pets be kenneled/locked up before I can enter a home. If I somehow get killed/injured by a stray bullet while in someones home, my parents/me gets stuck with the cost of my funeral/treatment because if the insurance bureaucrats find out the pets were loose, my coverage is null and void. (I also would be fired even though the pet had nothing to do with my injury) I've literally had to refuse to enter several businesses because they allowed dogs onsite, and had no facilities to contain them. My boss has had to negate several complaints, so I can get my typical raise, because of this rule. I'm pretty sure he hates me because I demand he negates those negative reviews every time, and it's probably a painful paper-chore. I was nearly bitten by a tiny pom just approaching the customer's home, (thankfully he only got shoe and my light kick was enough to drive him off) I'm pretty sure I would have been fired if I even mentioned this.
Dylen Worthington
Dylen Worthington 27 gün önce
Were people trying to call the Korean guy racist for calling his boss superstitious
no no
no no 25 gün önce
Most likely more along the lines of "Not all Koreans are like that!" rather than calling him racist.
True Epicness
True Epicness 27 gün önce
Everytime the voice says Starbucks is golden.
TheLinkroy1 27 gün önce
About the one stopping people from leaving at lunch, in some place they can "legally" do that but then it becomes paid lunch break.
turkey 115
turkey 115 27 gün önce
Cant lift anything over 10 lbs with 1 hand
That Bearded Guy
That Bearded Guy 27 gün önce
most ridiciluous thing i ever heard came from my uncle. now my uncle is turning 40 this year, is 2.02/110kg hasn't swimmed in his life, couldn't swim if even his life depended on it. beach holidays with with him and my aunt were something special because - my aunt (40) also can't swim. they have kids who swim like a fish. it'd always be funny watching my nieces/nethwbwhews swim out 5 meters, where the depth would be more than 2m and taunt them, and they'd be unable to do anything because they'd drown. of course, rest of the family wouldn't help, but rather swim out with kiddies and we'd all taunt them family-stlye xD my uncle is security guard. at a court. in the middle of our city. nearest body of water, the river that runs through our city, is more than 4km away. he is requiered by law to be able to swim to keep his job . ''WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SWIM? TO SAVE SOMEONE FROM THE SINK???'' he learned how to swim. he did the mandatory course. he failed it because he didn't swim 5 times olympic lenght of a pool within certain period of time. my comment was - DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT YOU BEING ACTUALLY ABLE TO SWIM OLYMPIC LENGHT 5 TIMES IS LIKE, ENDEAVOUR COMPARABLE TO JESUS' SECOND COMMING, PROBABLY?!?! :D '' almost got my ass kicked by my uncle. he was really pissed he had to take that 5-week course AGAIN just to build up some speed. xD so now my aunt in the only person in my whole family who can't swim. :D can't wait for the next holiday
Josh Maine
Josh Maine 27 gün önce
At my job, I do a lot of work with GPG keys. Across the many environments... production, UAT, QA, etc... the number of these keys starts to add up. With any (hopefully) IT company, there are generally rules or guidelines that must be followed in the creation of these keys. One day, I sent an email out to our QA team advising them that they're going to want to use for the work they were doing. Immediately I got reprimanded by my manager. I wasn't sure as to why - so he goes on to explain that WAAAY back in 2005, the old Ops team had created this key, AND MADE THE KEYS PASSPHRASE THE SAME AS THE NAME OF THE KEY. They inadvertently created this Voldemort situation. Not only can you not refer to this key by name across email, you can't refer to this key by name AT ALL. That includes by voice. It's just such a ridiculous situation, but the testing this QA team does is so deeply ingrained with this key that just replacing it is out of the question. Unbelievable...
Lilly 27 gün önce
The contract at my last job stated that you had to call in sick at least 2 hours before work started. I had to start at 7:45 and HR started at 8:30. There was no answering machine. So if I felt sick I had to go to work, wait 45 minutes until the HR girls arrive and then ask to go home/the doctor.
Xavier Jefferson
Xavier Jefferson 27 gün önce
We have to have supervisor or managerial staff SUGN US OFF FOR LEAVING. We're overhead at a food court. We're supposed to leave when we finish.
Just another youtube User
Just another youtube User 27 gün önce
5:20 it's not illegal, its legal, just looked down upon, but pay is affected by many variables, so your pay may be different from your coworkers but reasonable
Just another youtube User
Just another youtube User 27 gün önce
@arott1994 Maybe I phrased it weird but I said that discussing salary is legal and that you can have different pay but its legal because of variables
Tasker Matic
Tasker Matic 28 gün önce
I work as a narrator for TRwomen videos. I’ve been told that when I narrate the word Starbucks I have to imagine someone’s just stuck a dildo up my ass. 6.40.
The XGamer_
The XGamer_ 28 gün önce
9:17 this isnt a dumb rule but rather for safety. Its safer if you have your hands free in case you fall so you can catch yourself.
Dreamer12888 28 gün önce
Learn ASL and sign to the players on the team. They wouldn't verbally be talking...
leathernluv 28 gün önce
In some Las Vegas casinos, dealers are not allowed to use customer rest rooms because of customer complaints about the dealers not washing their hands. They don't get the dealers to wash their hands, they just make them hide that they don't. I work in a casino in LV, NV, and this is the reason the rule was created at my casino. I won't tell you which casino.
Samuel Plyler
Samuel Plyler 28 gün önce
It is illegal for workplaces to forbid employees from drinking water. Businesses may prevent their employees from drinking other beverages but they are expected to ensure you have a proper means to get water to drink or else they are in violation of numerous safe working standards and can be fined heavily.
Samuel Plyler
Samuel Plyler 25 gün önce
@no no I am aware of that but they still can not forbid the drinking of water. Where I work we are not allowed any liquids on the floor but they have a drinking fountain with water and another station with water and lemonade and during the summer they have Gatorade to ensure people are able to keep hydrated and keep their electrolytes up since the factory floor gets hot. Furthermore the company encourages you to get a drink whenever necessary especially during the summer. Now where I work does not have to provide Gatorade and lemonade but they must supply water. The lemonade and Gatorade is just cause they care about us as employees.
no no
no no 25 gün önce
They can't forbid you from drinking water, but they can forbid you from having water bottles in certain areas. Every place I've worked except Home Depot refused to allow water bottles outside of breakrooms. You have to walk to a water fountain or return to the breakroom to drink.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 28 gün önce
Dang i wish we got 4 minutes to get food out. I work fast food also and we are supposed to get it out in like 2:35 We do have a pretty small menu tho.
Scarlet Marie
Scarlet Marie 28 gün önce
I worked for a vet hospital in St. Louis once as a receptionist and management would only give you 1 pen and when that 1 pen would run out of ink you had to take it back to management and they would test it to make sure it was empty before giving you another pen.
Harry B'
Harry B' 28 gün önce
We were not supposed to take tips from a customer, no matter how small or big it is. And also we were not to be bribed if someone asks us to prioritize them. Not even a few days that I've work there one of the supervisor already broke the rule they themselves had set. And it really inspired me. Took all the tips I can get lmao. Total of $5
no no
no no 25 gün önce
Omg in my area pretty much every customer knows about no-tip policies for retail employees (somehow) and we now have people regularly giving out a filled stamp card for coffee places like Dutch Brothers or Black Rock as tips! It escapes notice since they technically have no monetary value, it's great!
_ ASleepyDragon _
_ ASleepyDragon _ 28 gün önce
XD a cell phone is a part of our brains I would leave that job
Honest John
Honest John 28 gün önce
A whistling woman and a Korean ( crowing) hen........Ain't no use to beast nor men.
hainsay 29 gün önce
that version control workaround sounds awesome tbh
Esan McCrow
Esan McCrow 29 gün önce
3:00 I'm pretty dure that's classed as discrimination
Vincent Weatherly
Vincent Weatherly 29 gün önce
The manager with red shirts just watch’s too much Star Trek and is considering your safety
Cliff Rhodes
Cliff Rhodes 29 gün önce
The guy who hated red shirts is obviously a bull
Kevin Counihan
Kevin Counihan 23 gün önce
Or a Crip. 03-04-2020.
QueenJosephine 29 gün önce
PumpJack McGee
PumpJack McGee 29 gün önce
Safety glasses across all departments. I drive the forklift in the shipping sector. Nowhere near production. Since we make wooden doors, the shop is kept at a balmy 25C (about 80ish F, I think) and high humidity at all times to keep the raw timber conditioned, and there's no AC. In other words, the glasses fog up pretty often. Which isn't ideal when I'm trying to get 1000$ French doors out of racks about 40ft up.
Seth Myers
Seth Myers 24 gün önce
I believe that is more of a OSHA thing than a company thing, not entirely sure though.
Tabitha Johnson
Tabitha Johnson 29 gün önce
Group home resident here. I can't change the lightbulb in my personal lamp or the smoke detector. If it goes out on a Thursday, I'm screwed all weekend. And I have to listen to the beeping of the dying smoke detector every thirty fricking seconds the entire time. Also can't have anything in front of a window.
Theo M - T
Theo M - T 29 gün önce
Dustin Petersen
Dustin Petersen 29 gün önce
About having to call the district manager before the police, even in the event of an emergency: I once worked at the fuel desk/convenience store half of a truck stop. We used a small building on our lot as a TV lounge for the truck drivers. A driver came in and said that it was full of smoke, so we called the fire department. A ballast in one of the lights was smoking. After having heard about it, the owner berated us and told us to call him first next time. One of my coworkers, ever the wiseass, asked, "Why? Do you have a fire truck?" The owner got flustered and said "No! I just want to know first."
PokeFan 28
PokeFan 28 27 gün önce
Thats illegal.
niq872 29 gün önce
why does it yell starbucks like that ?
Angel Goldheart
Angel Goldheart 29 gün önce
Dude who’s fired if you’re punched if you ever leave that job punch every other god damn employee
Pohaku Mayo
Pohaku Mayo 25 gün önce
@Sam Rogers but puts the company without any employees. XD I guess?
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers 28 gün önce
Angel Goldheart then comes the 38 counts of assault
Angel Goldheart
Angel Goldheart 29 gün önce
So not a work thing or at my school but ZERO TOLERANCE CAN GO TO FUCKING HELL
Kalerat 29 gün önce
That rule about leaving disabled people on the second floor behind in case of a fire isn't actually a "dumb" rule tho. It has a very good reason to be there even tho it might seem cruel. Imagine you tried to help that weelchair bound guy down the stairs. If there are still other people up there too you are now blocking at least a large part of that stair if not the whole stair and slow down everyone else. So by helping this 1 guy you risk the life of everyone behind you. Even if there is noone behind you anymore it still means you gonna take longer to get out of there, which in turn increases the risk of you NOT making it out in time. If the firefighters now try to rescue anyone left behind they have to rescue 2 people instead of 1 making their job vastly more difficult and risky, putting even more people at risk.
Adrian Parsons
Adrian Parsons 29 gün önce
There is also the much more likely scenario of it being a false alarm and there is a non-zero chance of either the wheelchair bound person or the "helper" that is helping them getting hurt (falling down the stairs or pulling a muscle) when there was no reason to even attempt moving them.
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