What's new in iOS 13.4/iPadOS/tvOS! Use your iPhone like a car key + new Apple TV coming soon?

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Brian Tong

Brian Tong

5 aylar önce

The latest iOS 13.4 beta reveals a new "CarKey" feature that can use your iPhone for unlocking and driving your car. Plus, a new Apple TV could be on the way
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Seleez 4 aylar önce
Loving these Applebytes, uhh I meant AppleBits
Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales 4 aylar önce
away new giveaways coming soon... lol
B L 5 aylar önce
Only for white collar people who can afford a $$$$$$$ car.
Vasy Pelmus
Vasy Pelmus 5 aylar önce
sacraa77 5 aylar önce
I would totally buy an apple TV stick if they put one out.
Jacob Tran
Jacob Tran 5 aylar önce
Apple are always behind Android.. they finnaly adopt car key with phone using NFC??
DJ GMONEY 5 aylar önce
I have apps for both of my vehicles on my iPhone. I can lock, unlock, start, beep the born, locate the vehicle from any where in the world, see current mileage, oil life, range based on fuel level, tire pressure and so on and so on. I’ve had them for 2 years.
Beatriz Reynero
Beatriz Reynero 5 aylar önce
Why my iPhone XS Max haven’t received the Update??
Beatriz Reynero
Beatriz Reynero 5 aylar önce
Brian Tong thank you for responding. I just found out that 🙏💕. Hopefully will be out soon 😊
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
13.4 is a beta. It’s not officially out for the public yet
Arnold Nathan
Arnold Nathan 5 aylar önce
I am finally able to use Dolby Vision with this new 13.4 update on my Apple TV!
joevenq 5 aylar önce
i like ur 'new' hair cut :)
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Craig Hindall
Craig Hindall 5 aylar önce
For the new Apple TV I just hope we get a new remote. That is worth purchasing it alone. Do not like the current remote!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Craig, I’m with you. That remote is borderline 🗑🗑🗑
Arnold Nathan
Arnold Nathan 5 aylar önce
Craig Hindall I love that remote craig!
Nicholas Coffey
Nicholas Coffey 5 aylar önce
That’s a good apple 🍎
Jim Scimonetti
Jim Scimonetti 5 aylar önce
Hi Brian, I love ALL your content. You always do such a great job. I have ONE...just ONE request for an iO/S feature. Before I upgraded my iMac to Catalina, the update scanned my computer and notified me if updating to Catalina would be incompatible with any apps I have BEFORE I did an install. I sure wish this feature was on i/OS. I am scared to death to update my iPad. I use it professionally to mix sound on my Behringer PA mixer and when iO/S 13.1 rolled out it rendered my PA system totally inoperable for over a month until Behringer finally got their act together and updated there app. So I sit here with a red dot on my Setting icon because I don’t want to do that again. Behringer doesn’t answer their email so I cannot find out from them about compatibility. I regret doing business with those people. Thank you for what you do. You’re the best.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Damn, that is definitely a pain point and a great suggestion to Apple. I have Apps that no longer are supported and they were just basic games.
oleww50 5 aylar önce
#Scared for life on the internet 😂👌
Juan Carlos González Mena
Juan Carlos González Mena 5 aylar önce
Great content Brian. Thanks a lot and greetings from Ecuador 🇪🇨
Will Harrah
Will Harrah 5 aylar önce
so excited about useing apple devices to unlock cars.
Aaron Floyd
Aaron Floyd 5 aylar önce
NEW Apple TV remote!!
Axel Orri
Axel Orri 5 aylar önce
When Will it work with iPhone 6s?
Rawkfist1501 5 aylar önce
I highly doubt HDMI 2.1 will come to anything soon much less the Apple TV. But since the Apple TV is a longer refresh product I would hope they have the foresight to put in an A13x and go ahead and adopt the HDMI 2.1 standard and they honestly wouldn't need to touch it again for 3-4 years easily.
Tony Nicklow
Tony Nicklow 5 aylar önce
Don't ever think that if Apple adds something it hasn't already been done before. The 2020 Hyundai Sonata already has a digital key. It is only compatible with Android right now. Maybe this car key might make it compatible with iOS devices as well. So Hyundai and Android already have this tech. Apple is always late to the game. You are paying a ridiculous amount of money not to have the latest tech with any Apple product. Apple is never the first with any tech ever. trwomen.com/id/video-0XG3PeemWN0.html Everyone should save a bunch of money and be able to get the latest features and get an Android phone.
ifixmo 4 aylar önce
Tony Nicklow they dont want to be the first. They want to be the best. Iphone 3g touch screen, they are not the first but they perfected it. It took almost 3 yrs for other manufacturer to offer capacitive touchscreens. Touch ID , they are not the first but...every other manufacturer copied it. face ID.... airpod and so on and so on. Why release a half-baked product for the sake of being the first? A half baked facial recognition? A half baked fingerprint in display scanner and so on..just buy what suits your needs well and be happy.
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 5 aylar önce
One of my favorite features with my iPhone is being able to stream my gaming consoles to it. I feel things like PlayStation remote play and the upcoming XCloud by Microsoft don’t get talked about enough. I think it is insanely amazing that we can stream our gaming consoles to our mobile devices
Ron Clark
Ron Clark 5 aylar önce
....live broadcast of the Samsung event today?
Christian Tab
Christian Tab 5 aylar önce
Bro they clowning you at cnet.
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
How? What did they say?
Supreme Etnel
Supreme Etnel 5 aylar önce
I hope my 2018 camaro is nfc compatible. cause i use the GM app already to start my car. but i canceled the service cause $26 a month 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mark Cook
Mark Cook 5 aylar önce
I really want my Memoji to be able to wear AirPods Pro so my stickers look more like me and not some person with regular AirPods 😭
R 5 aylar önce
It's about time they allowed other phones to use iMessage. That would be huge. It became obvious quite quickly that it made more sense to use WhatsApp as it was available on all phones.
Eli 5 aylar önce
Love the short hair on you! very cute. it's very fresh. and what's your skincare routine? whatever it is TOTALLY WORKS! looking good man.
u4site 4u2
u4site 4u2 5 aylar önce
Even if these people are not employees. Go telling secrets about Apple as if they were. And in the process spoiling what's supposed to be a surprise for everybody else? Except Those people who are not Apple fanboys.
u4site 4u2
u4site 4u2 5 aylar önce
Things release before the Keynote It's really getting to be a hassle. Why not just Come out and say what you been slowly leaking through other people. Apple
Gil Lozano
Gil Lozano 5 aylar önce
You da man
Frank W
Frank W 5 aylar önce
new haircuts: 😄
Nehemiah George
Nehemiah George 5 aylar önce
K Edwards
K Edwards 5 aylar önce
It sounds like there’s a clock ticking in the background. Just a heads up it’s pretty noticeable
MTZ384 5 aylar önce
cant wait for the car key thing so ppl can hack it an make it easier to steal a car, way to go, we are looking forward to that.
craigr98 5 aylar önce
How is Apple TV better than the Amazon Fire Stick 4K?
Oleg Kudymov
Oleg Kudymov 5 aylar önce
Fresh haircut. Please not to short.
Marco Moreno
Marco Moreno 5 aylar önce
Saw you today you were at target?
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Haha wow, eagle eyes! Yup. Quick trip to see the fam in the Bay and a special event in SF tomorrow!
Gary Nagle
Gary Nagle 5 aylar önce
Car key sounds sweet.
Felipe Castillo
Felipe Castillo 5 aylar önce
When you say iOS 13, the automatic subtitle says iowa’s 13 and I love it
Danny McNeal
Danny McNeal 5 aylar önce
I would like to see two HDMI outs on the back of the new Apple TV 4K (separate audio & video). Because there is only one, I have to route my audio through my LG OLED and then from the OLED back to my older Onkyo receiver. Consequently, audio from my Apple TV 4K can only be heard in 5.1 Dolby Digital. Bummer!
Danny McNeal
Danny McNeal 5 aylar önce
Terence K - Thank you for your reply-agree on all points. However, while my older Onkyo receiver is not Atmos-capable, I am still able to listen to 7.1 channels from my Sony UBP-X800M2, which is adequate for the time being. I figure a new $200-ish Apple TV 4K model would be much more doable in the short term than the $1,199 to $1,599 Denon receiver I’m saving for. But I agree, would be nice to use only one HDMI cable to my receiver, and then Monitor Out to my B6 LG OLED. Thanks again!
Terence K
Terence K 5 aylar önce
Danny McNeal the issue is not the Apple TV but your other components. You can have Dolby Atmos out of the Apple TV but if your LG tv doesn’t support eARC pass through then it will never work. Same if your receiver is not compatible with Dolby Atmos. Also HDMI carries both audio and video, not sure if it is even possible to split audio and video between two - kinda defeats the point of HDMI as it was meant to replace separate audio and video cables.
Dany Cervantes
Dany Cervantes 5 aylar önce
My car keys already do that. So does Tesla👾👾👾
Eragor the Kindhearted
Eragor the Kindhearted 5 aylar önce
Honestly, I don’t like the idea of a ‘phone key’ for your car, as it makes it possible to hack into it through your phone to steal it (and with cars with the ‘auto summoning’ feature, it could be possible to seal it without even being near the car). Considering how fast computers are getting, especially when it comes to slicing through encryption, I could see this becoming a major problem down the road
Eragor the Kindhearted
Eragor the Kindhearted 5 aylar önce
Also, just in case anyone brings it up, I know that some cars have had this feature for some time. That doesn’t mean it is safe to implement on such a wide scale, though (actually, the opposite is true). Making more and more cars with this feature only incentivizes criminals and terrorist organizations to cause harm
Mikey Guanipa
Mikey Guanipa 5 aylar önce
I think apple needs to just lower the price on the apple TV. At least make the 1080p model $99!
R 5 aylar önce
I don't want separate boxes anymore. I want the app on my LG OLED tv. I have an older SD Apple tv box and it's always been a bit of a faff to use. Especially as there's no 'off' button on the remote.
Eric 5 aylar önce
2:45 9% Battery Life!! Now that's a BAD BRIAN the TONG MAN!!! 😡
Windows 10
Windows 10 5 aylar önce
He used it lol
Nick Meza
Nick Meza 5 aylar önce
Dude you’re so dope
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
How can I be so dope. When you’re so dope?
RadioGuy1000 5 aylar önce
The "car key" idea worries me.
Jason Ong
Jason Ong 5 aylar önce
I could wait for September if Apple will put in an A14 chip instead that’s a 5nm chip.
Ann Ford
Ann Ford 5 aylar önce
My Tesla already uses my iPhone as its key.
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 5 aylar önce
Still cant afford a car with keyless entry but I still update my phone for that feature anyway
starlight665 5 aylar önce
nice hair cut you look good
Ernest Smith
Ernest Smith 5 aylar önce
That unlock feature been around for years & it takes apple forever to adopt & make it sound like they had it 1st, just like everything else.
Ernest Smith
Ernest Smith 5 aylar önce
@RR B that's all apple does. Look at the air drop, they claim they started. Android had the same thing way before apple.
RR B 5 aylar önce
“& make it sound like they had it 1st” dude, they have not even announce that feature yet and you already making up things. You haters are the only one thinks that apple started everything first.
Rahul Chawla
Rahul Chawla 5 aylar önce
Damn! I just bought an Apple TV as I couldn’t wait longer, but maybe it’s ok as for me primary reason to buy was the TV itself and not Apple Arcade. So, current chipset works good for me. 😉 Oh by the way, thanks to TRwomen’s feature to mute play video with subtitles. Couldn’t wait to watch this video but with family sleeping next to me, could not turn up the volume. 😂 Thanks for great video with precise details, BT. 😊
Larry Shackle
Larry Shackle 5 aylar önce
Unless the new Apple TV is an Apple TV stick for around $70 with a completely designed remote there is no way that Apple will ever compete with Amazon and Roku for the TV streaming market. Right now they are a distant fourth behind Roku Amazon and android TV.
Peter Dang
Peter Dang 5 aylar önce
Nothing is new except for Carkey feature
Peter Dang
Peter Dang 5 aylar önce
craigr98 ofc i did
craigr98 5 aylar önce
Peter Dang did you watch the video?
Lherrerajr78 5 aylar önce
I've been unlocking my car starting my car etc since 2007 using android..🤷‍♂️
Eragor the Kindhearted
Eragor the Kindhearted 5 aylar önce
Surprised it hasn’t been stolen
Orion 5 aylar önce
Will your hair ever be one solid color? How often do you dye your blonde streak? Who does your hair?
Bentley's Enigma
Bentley's Enigma 5 aylar önce
Can apple please release a cheaper TV for like under $50 it doesn’t need to be 4K but if they wanna keep up with Amazon & Google, they gotta bring down that price.
Brandon Crabtree
Brandon Crabtree 5 aylar önce
Bentley's Enigma they don’t need to compete with Amazon or Google. That why they haven’t.
Vyyyper - The Man About Tech
Vyyyper - The Man About Tech 5 aylar önce
That CarKey feature could be reeaaallllllll nice!!
Protective Dad Pranks
Protective Dad Pranks 5 aylar önce
ONLY APPLE NEWS channel I watch!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Thanks for watching! I appreciate it so much!
No rapper
No rapper 5 aylar önce
Gadget_uk everything apple pro here😂😂
Gadget_uk 5 aylar önce
yeah sure
KDANIEL 5 aylar önce
Other than what you mentioned regarding the Apple TV, what other features do you think need to be added to improve the experience?
trayNTP 5 aylar önce
They need to bring back the ability to tweet from the Safari share menu in macOS.
Yangyang 5 aylar önce
2nd haha! Tong Love ❤️
Jose Traviesa
Jose Traviesa 5 aylar önce
Second! I don't even have an iPhone, but I love your content Brian! Thinking of getting of getting one, but I feel I'm going to miss some Android features. More G-spot please 🙂
Jose Traviesa
Jose Traviesa 5 aylar önce
@teal'c kree Sounds like an interesting idea, will consider it. Thanks 👍
teal'c kree
teal'c kree 5 aylar önce
Jose Traviesa get ipad instead and u have best of both world
Tony H
Tony H 5 aylar önce
First to show some Tong looooove!
Brian Tong
Brian Tong 5 aylar önce
Thanks Tony H! 🤙🤙🤙
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