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Storytime With Reddit
Storytime With Reddit Aylar önce
Thanks for watching everyone!
FailerShino Aylar önce
@Casey Is a Queen bomb.com?
Casey Is a Queen
Casey Is a Queen Aylar önce
Thank u for the heart. makes me even more motivated now knowing someone read my comment at least you da bomb.com 😂
꧁TealKitsuneArtz꧂ Aylar önce
At one point of time, I loved to look at furry tik toks. My friend found out because she was showing me something on my phone and I got a notification for a new furry video. Now, I sit here knowing she told her entire family and her mom probably told my mom and I could tell, my mom knew I was a furry, and was cool with that and still seemed a little upset about what I wanted to be. We don’t speak of it very much but my other friends know and they think it’s a little weird but they are fine with it also as long as I’m not like the scary and killer furries. My sister takes every moment she can to make fun of me being a furry. I’m tired of her bullcrap. One like = one prayer to get her to shut up.
tosgem 3 gün önce
I secretly look at pr0n and jack me off
Secretly a celebrity
Secretly a celebrity 4 gün önce
Having sex with that girl that everyone hates. She knows everyone hates her, it depresses her but we accidentally fell in love 🤷
Jane Goldy
Jane Goldy 6 gün önce
A couple people know that I’m getting to be pretty decent at Candy Crush
Rock 1
Rock 1 7 gün önce
The guy planting flowers for his wife ❤❤❤
Alyssa Green
Alyssa Green 8 gün önce
Nobody knows, but I’m trying to quit drinking. Not because I have a problem, but because I want to be in my best shape. My friends all drink and I want to keep myself accountable, so I find excuses not to drink with them. I use a tracker to track the days. I’m looking for a year.
Sams little cosplay
Sams little cosplay 10 gün önce
“What are you doing secretly”. Me : BeInG gAy
Reese Bradley
Reese Bradley 13 gün önce
This is exactly the content I wanted, needed even!! The one about conditioning the dog to like them better sent me 😂
Chaleah Phillips
Chaleah Phillips 14 gün önce
I opened an Etsy shop but told no one in my circle because it’s for a very specific audience and I don’t want unsolicited opinions or leeches
guzy96 17 gün önce
I have a friends who goes on business trip all the time, I also have keys to his house that he gave me once and forgot that he gave them to me, so now when he goes on his trips I go to his house and move everything by inch just to see his reaction after couple month wondering y everything is in different spot
Iron Man
Iron Man 21 gün önce
Watching pornhub for research purposes.
Stephanie Elbert
Stephanie Elbert 22 gün önce
A while ago, I was taking emergency self defense classes in secret. I didn't even tell my family in case someone accidentally said something. My now Ex husband hot possessive and abusive. After threatening murder suicide and getting no help from professionals, I was offered to learn in secret. Once I felt I could put up a good enough fight, I ended the marriage. Best secret ever. Now everyone is better. I have a life, my kids are free to be themselves, and my ex got himself some help.
Carolina W
Carolina W 22 gün önce
Ra_The_RECKER 23 gün önce
Nobody knows about. excpet for reddit and this channel.
KxngGoon Music
KxngGoon Music 24 gün önce
No lie but tht first one sounds like an episode of Malcom In The Middle 😂😂
DoomGoblinslayer 26 gün önce
Me and my inner circle are trying raise money for a trip to a beach with a hotel in Delaware also my friends know that im desperately trying to get away from my boring helicopter parents
zeroryu J
zeroryu J 27 gün önce
Can relate to some of these..for myself, I'm writing a script/book that will never be seen or read..i have the imagination, the ideas, and know how to structure, I'm currently story boarding using my mediocre art skills which for me its easier to convey what I want visually rather than wording. I lack professional writing skills coupled with self esteem issues which means I'll never show it to anyone for fear of being made fun of.
666108 27 gün önce
It probably wont happen as I love my daughter But in my head I constantly think itll be better if I just disappear as due to mental health problems I cant keep or get a job and i feel like a useless human being and parent
Serenity Collingridge
Serenity Collingridge 19 gün önce
You aren't worthless.No one is. You're going to be o.k.Just hold onto hope.I hope things get better soon.I know exactly how you feel in the sense I felt worthless too.Sending you a hug.Feel better soon.
Serenity Collingridge
Serenity Collingridge 19 gün önce
Me too.I wish I could disappear into the woods and never have to come into contact with anyone else because ...well.. It's a Secret.
Chicken Stripz
Chicken Stripz 27 gün önce
Talks shit about a game that pisses a guy (who likes me) off. Im currenty playing that said game and loving it. I plan on running up and PK him on sight as a surprise.
sissi stan
sissi stan 29 gün önce
17:46 Saul Goodman is that you!?
Emma Billingsley
Emma Billingsley 29 gün önce
me and my boyfriend are breaking up when we leave for university. Well have been together for 1.5 yrs. I’m currently writing a series of letters to him in a journal and i’m gonna record myself reading them to him and put it on a usb key for him. I’m gonna give it to him when we leave
phantomvampyress shadowkissed
phantomvampyress shadowkissed Aylar önce
Im a vampire haha
Danhelzo Aylar önce
Roleplaying xd
782000 1
782000 1 Aylar önce
14 mins is so relatable, except I can't find anyone secretly often I do girls to keep the facade I hate it
Jarrod Moore
Jarrod Moore Aylar önce
Can't tell you, it's a secret!
N Kat
N Kat Aylar önce
Most of my life is done in secret! 😂
T SMITH Aylar önce
Jerking off this dick
Redundant Stuff
Redundant Stuff Aylar önce
God i hope my friends dont see this.... basically i secretly love anime, like really like the style of these shows, the thing is is that i painted myself as an anti weeb at school before i started trying out the shit....so now i dont know what to do, guess i just secretly be weeb i guess? hahaha kinda weird
phantomvampyress shadowkissed
phantomvampyress shadowkissed Aylar önce
Anime is seriously awesome. Ive liked it since i was 12. Still love it today . My interest daughter who is 11 likes it alot too
Unicorn Soul
Unicorn Soul Aylar önce
Leaving my toxic narcissistic family
Shyla Aylar önce
Trying to convince my parents to get a dog but in all honesty I’m probably going to get one (have my eye on the sweetest little guy at the moment) and they’ll just have to deal with it lol
alberto ortiz
alberto ortiz Aylar önce
Plotting to overthrow the Jedi order
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Aylar önce
Studying 5+ languages
Cat Rose
Cat Rose Aylar önce
I’v been secretly self harming for about 3 years and no one knows
phantomvampyress shadowkissed
phantomvampyress shadowkissed 19 gün önce
@Serenity Collingridge aww thank you . Just hang in there things get better
Serenity Collingridge
Serenity Collingridge 19 gün önce
@phantomvampyress shadowkissed you're such a sweet understanding person.I wish I'd had a great friend like you when I was going through the hell I went through
Cat Rose
Cat Rose 29 gün önce
phantomvampyress shadowkissed thank you
phantomvampyress shadowkissed
phantomvampyress shadowkissed 29 gün önce
@Cat Rose your welcome wishing you the best
Cat Rose
Cat Rose 29 gün önce
phantomvampyress shadowkissed I will thank you so much 😊
Redditerian Aylar önce
I just want to ask if such Reddit videos will get demonetized as per new you tube monetization policy??
the jacoin
the jacoin Aylar önce
14:10 i think we are gonna be friends, im in the same case im not hooking up with anybody just doing gay/bi stuff... And its kind of hard to come out when you have a religios family and homophobic and transphobic frends.
FailerShino Aylar önce
Well, I'm weird and ugly
Serenity Collingridge
Serenity Collingridge 19 gün önce
Every body has value and something to offer. Sending you a hug.
I know this is going to sound stupid, but
I know this is going to sound stupid, but Aylar önce
You Are a fucking asshole Who profits off lazy content. Stop making content this platform doesn’t need you
guess who
guess who Aylar önce
The secret hamster had me rotfl 😂😂😂
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley Aylar önce
Watching AMSR videos.
Jessica Stimpson
Jessica Stimpson Aylar önce
Trying to figure out why no matter how strongly I act like I have s feeling, I don't and I don't really care but I feel like it's unfair to yell at someone when I'm not even actually mad
Anthony Frew
Anthony Frew Aylar önce
I catfiah guys on discord then block them
johnnyboy2537 Aylar önce
Having panic attacks from PTSD from being horribly sick for years and now possibly dying from mold poisoning. Fun shit.
Tara Tidoni
Tara Tidoni Aylar önce
This was one of my favorite Reddit story channels but I just can't stand the ads every 25 seconds or every other time they tell a story it makes it so unenjoyable I have to find a new Reddit story Channel now I'll check periodically back in to see if they've listen to the ads during the videos but I won't keep my hopes up...
Kerri B
Kerri B 24 gün önce
Skip to the end and then restart it. That should get rid of the ads. I've only done it on my phone though. Idk if it works on a laptop.
djay4487 deved
djay4487 deved Aylar önce
also on top of me being a complete weeb (i forgot no game no life BTW) (and dragon maid, and touhou memorys of phantasm. btw best touhou thing out there by far) i also been learning how to play music using a piano app on my phone.... i plan to get a proper keyboard eveuntaly but aint got the budget atm edit: i have watched mira nakikki or however tf you spell it... you know the one with yuno gasai... that crazy yandere with pink long hair... yeah ive watch that... arguabley the craziest anime to date tbh
djay4487 deved
djay4487 deved Aylar önce
watching porn at not so ungodly times at night (bout 10:00 because who the hell wants to stay up till 3 am just to wank? also i watch anime..... yeah im a weeb but no one knows well no one really knows my dad watches anime but he is not a full on weeb, my sister just watches studio ghibli and my hero acidema and i have watched all kinds of shit neptunia frame arms girls girls und panzer first season of my hero acidema rising of the shield hero isekai quartet 1 and in the midle of season 2 of that dr.stone azure lane kill la kill and some of the spring 2020 stuff such as i hate being in pain (op shield chick named maple) nwo neko para the series high school dxd monster musume... yeah i watched some depraved shit..... yeah not the most proud of it but all of it was fun to watch
George Pig
George Pig Aylar önce
Having a internal conflict with myself over what square on the ground I should take 2 steps in.
Link Knight
Link Knight Aylar önce
Secretly learning to speak thai. Only my sister knows and she only found out like 2 and a half months on when I already was starting to get a grasp on it. Probably tagalog next. I also started learning some spanish a few years ago then left most of that behind but tagalog is LOADED with Spanish. And there's another severely minced up form of english I speak fluently called Bislama.
Rui Almeida
Rui Almeida Aylar önce
I do sports bets, my parents think im stealing money
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt Aylar önce
What's that background music? Sounds great
ra_mry Aylar önce
I post comments under bisexual pride posts on Instagram because I’m deeply closeted at home and it’s nice to see that there are people like me. I’m sort of out at school in that my friends support me. I go to Catholic school though so I can’t be as open as I’d like to be. I have had a boyfriend for two years (I’m female) and I’ve only dated one person, also a guy, before him so my parents have no idea. My mom buys into the bi stereotype of greediness and she doesn’t believe that bisexuality is even real. My dad is less religious and kind of woke so I’m not sure how he’d react. I hope that one day I can be open about it. Sorry about the vent. We had a very transphobic guest speaker at school today and my friend group (multiple LGBT kids) feels unsafe right now.
Jayrod Florence
Jayrod Florence Aylar önce
I recently passed a real certification exam and now need to take my state exam. My family knows but my extended family like aunts and cousins and uncles don’t know. They are toxic and question every move I make and talk crap behind my back.
gnikaw pleasant
gnikaw pleasant Aylar önce
I shaved my head and didn’t tell my family for over a week. I am married and a mom of 3 boys.
Hey Sisters
Hey Sisters Aylar önce
Crying myself to sleep, I’m sure at least one of my classmates can tell I’m depressed as fuck Watching yaoi, it’s funny, cute and entertaining unlike a lot of things I’ve watched
CreativityRules4Ever Aylar önce
Watching a lot of Reddit videos on gross topics like decomposition, death & gore (I don't tell anyone I know this personally) Addicted to Reddit videos! A place I can come to relate is here!
Storytime With Reddit
Storytime With Reddit Aylar önce
That's awesome, I'll post some scary videos soon!
Casey Is a Queen
Casey Is a Queen Aylar önce
Literally in the same boat as the guy who went to volunteering bc jobs wouldn’t call and figured it would open better opportunities and give me more knowledge and doing something bc I want too not because it’s obligated and I have been thinking about volunteering too at shelters for homeless and animals
I'm bored
I'm bored Aylar önce
Self harm
I'm bored
I'm bored 23 gün önce
i do try, i really do. its just hard sometimes
Kerri B
Kerri B 24 gün önce
I'm so sorry your going through that. I'll be a year clean of self-harm at the end of April. I hope you can find a better way to cope.
Unicorn Soul
Unicorn Soul Aylar önce
I'm bored Don't panic and know your not alone but please seek help, you're worth it❤️😘
ASH Ole Aylar önce
17:49 Better Call Saul
Y S Aylar önce
17:50 wait a second...Jimmy? Jimmy McGill?
Laura Buska
Laura Buska 23 gün önce
Y S. Lmao! that’s funny as hell.
w x n t e r b l x s s x m s
w x n t e r b l x s s x m s Aylar önce
I'm secretly making animations for all of my friends birthdays.. so far ive given them to 2 of them.. its going to be a long year
all mighty Julian
all mighty Julian Aylar önce
I won't tell you it's secret
Gabriele Simionato
Gabriele Simionato Aylar önce
I reply on reddit
QuickHand Cam
QuickHand Cam Aylar önce
0:42 That's because women want gardens and never want to attend to them. It's like... "I want a car, but don't want to put gas or oil in it"
hizokuto Aylar önce
First post was a copy pasta of a skit from "Limmy's Show - What's yer 'hing" trwomen.com/id/video-itKhvrUekDs.html
Zeena Imam
Zeena Imam Aylar önce
this has become my new favorite channel
Storytime With Reddit
Storytime With Reddit Aylar önce
Meishawn1374 Aylar önce
A friend is secretly making moves to leave her abusive husband ...I'm helping by storing some items and copies of important paperwork papers. And documenting. And a friend of mine is training her for CPL certification.
Serenity Collingridge
Serenity Collingridge 19 gün önce
Yay! Awesome, Frickin Awesome.Youre an awesome person.Every abused spouse needs someone like u.We could all learn from you.Big hug to you
Meishawn1374 Aylar önce
@Jeweled Doubtful. But we have to chance it.
Sesquac Aylar önce
Molon Llabe 🇺🇸 good luck
Jeweled Aylar önce
What if he sees this
Shayne Ashley
Shayne Ashley Aylar önce
Good work! Got my fingers crossed for you both and that it goes well ❤
Nishant Kumar Jha
Nishant Kumar Jha Aylar önce
Wrote two novels of the same genre which was read a lot by females in 2013 and made them available for free on smashword. Nobody knows it, not my family for obvious reasons and not even my best friend because they are very cliche and predictable and in all honesty not good. Got 1200 downloads in 4 months.
phantomvampyress shadowkissed
phantomvampyress shadowkissed Aylar önce
That's really great .
Solarcry Aylar önce
Come on man, you can't just say that and not give us a link
That Jeff
That Jeff Aylar önce
Good for you! I wrote some fanfic for my kids a while back but never had the nerve to post them anywhere. At least you put yourself out there to be read.
nathaniel Gonzales
nathaniel Gonzales Aylar önce
i made a working pc out of scrap in my room by my self and hooked it up to my xbox so that it looks like all that's there is my xbox and my parents don't know about it
Alfiebettispaghettios Aylar önce
just a throwaway so nobody knows :3
Kenny is a dummy hoodie man
Kenny is a dummy hoodie man Aylar önce
I’m secretly keeping storytime with reddit hostage.
Link Knight
Link Knight Aylar önce
Storytime with reddit holds my sleep hostage.
Lilly Aylar önce
I’m secretly getting married and not announcing it until the day of the wedding. Yikes hope no one I know watches this
Lilly Aylar önce
Rony Mendoza definitely
Rony Mendoza
Rony Mendoza Aylar önce
No way you are running away with little Timmy😲😲🤔😂😂
Lilly Aylar önce
Tim V lmao who u
Tim V
Tim V Aylar önce
Lilly? Omg
luciq1007 Aylar önce
I secretly got married, my two best friends were our witnesses, but I don't plan to tell my family until I move out of state to join my husband (he relocated for work 6 months before we got married). My family is very toxic unfortunately.
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