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Storytime With Reddit
Storytime With Reddit Aylar önce
Thanks for watching - share your stories below!
꧁TealKitsuneArtz꧂ 23 gün önce
Alicia Vega is it animal jam?
Alicia Vega
Alicia Vega 23 gün önce
So I was on a game where you trade pets and items and I said if anyone has this item someone said they did so I offered them something good they said well idk this item costs this much and that item doesn't and then I said well this is item was limited hard to get and most likely would get something else than this they left the game
ナイス Aylar önce
This one kid said “Why y’all childish for over a touch” when we were playing around tag for fun because we were bored I said “Why are you so childish of pecking people/bulling people who don’t know how to defend themselves back?” He looked at me so mad he tried to say something but didn’t He left the school. I pressed him so hard 😂 💀 😳. He was my bully also and pecking on me all the time.
꧁TealKitsuneArtz꧂ Aylar önce
Sea Emperess bwahahaha that’s actually hilarious
Sea Emperess
Sea Emperess Aylar önce
Sisters are so savage. My story does not involve my brothers but yeah. Some kid in school was like “kiss my @$$.” “If I had anything to kiss it with, maybe” is what I responded. The entire class bursted out laughing
Regular Invader
Regular Invader Gün önce
My college writing teacher of my senior year of high school usually made jokes about losing his glasses as a way to ask students to read something out loud. One time he asked a student to read out loud a paragraph after saying "my glasses are upside down." I couldn't help but respond "well maybe you're upside down," and then the whole class laughed it off because they thought it was a clever comeback. My teacher admitted that it was funny.😆
DrakeyC 20 gün önce
At work one time working drive-thru, a female co-worker is starting her shift while I'm already on the floor in drive-thru. I must preface the joke with A, she was black, and B, she was a friend and we ribbed each other all the time. As she punches in on my till, she asks "any cute black guys today?" I didn't quite catch what she said, so I just said "huh?" "Any black guys come through the drive-thru today?" I reply "A few. Don't worry, I called the cops." She was speechless and had to stare a moment before walking away. She did laugh about it later when I apologized if it was over the line, she said it was funny but out of nowhere like that, it left her stunned.
The True Lads!
The True Lads! 21 gün önce
It's not that good, but their reaction? Different. I basically was in an argument with someone and then they said "UNO Reverse" i said UNO Skip. they didn't show up for the whole rest of the week, and when they did, they actually had a cut on their arm (just one). holy fuck.
Stuffy Things8585
Stuffy Things8585 22 gün önce
I'm fat so one day someone asked me "are you like 60 kgs you fat ass" so I replied" Yeah 60 cm in your mom"
cody Gottman
cody Gottman 23 gün önce
Had a classmate in high school getting made fun of by a teacher but refused to fight back.He was also his football coach so I'm sure that had somthing to do with it. So the teacher said, "Were Is your comback!!" And the kid just said," if I wanted my come back I would ask your wife to open her mouth." And it just stunned the entire class.
WolfStar Magi
WolfStar Magi 24 gün önce
Since I dress like a boy sometimes some rude boy (this was on some live chat game where I accidentally turned on my camera on some game it was on Discord before I left cause Hoes be Toxic. He kept messing with me so I said looking right into the camera with my evil kid smile and said, "At least I can pussy unlike you." Chat went wild. Dude left the server I was a hero cause people hated him.
Bethany Unik
Bethany Unik 24 gün önce
This one mean Girl: I I wanted to kill myself id climb your ego and jump to your IQ. Me: Your right, you probably can’t jump that high! That was the best comeback I’ve ever had and it was backstage at a concert right before we went on. I still don’t know how I came up with it that fast.
nuggistrike 24 gün önce
Cs go ! 13/0 ! We won 13/15 !
Emoji Wars
Emoji Wars 24 gün önce
My best was when my sister was joking around and said you need to learn to be prettier and I said, "your not going to be the one to teach me."
coolas120 24 gün önce
99% of these didn't happen but they're still funny.
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice 19 gün önce
coolas120 you don’t know that.
Bean Balf
Bean Balf 25 gün önce
Ok so someone made fun of my hair, so I used my stand「CRAZY DIAMOND」 to punch the guy’s fucking face in.
Samantha Zamora
Samantha Zamora 25 gün önce
John 26 gün önce
I was working at a supermarket decades ago and there was this other employee, a large girl, who was useless. This was a union job out here in California. This person wanted me to pick up a 50 lbs bag of water softener salt for the customer she was helping. I said no way, do you job. The customer pipes up saying that she is a lady and shouldn't pick up something so heavy. I reply by saying that this is a union job with the same tittle, pay scale and job requirements and she is not a lady but an employee so she can either do the job or quit. This rather wide girl then tells me, in front of customers, managers and other employees mind you, that I can kiss her ass. (Here it comes.) Without taking a breath I reply with, " that could take all week."
Gael Gomez
Gael Gomez 26 gün önce
In 7th grade this girl in my table group said to me "when I first saw you I thought you were stupid." And without thinking I said "I thought the same thing about you, expect I was right."
Rich Kendall
Rich Kendall 26 gün önce
trump 2020
Vysheslav Uzumati
Vysheslav Uzumati 27 gün önce
3:56 this is why correct punctuation is important.
Michael Choi
Michael Choi 27 gün önce
I once made a pretty nasty comeback at a friend while playing Catan. He had made this extented road in an attempt to reach a valuable resource. He was playing as brown so all his pieces were brown, this is important for later. I was playing orange and right before he reached his destination I managed to build 3 roads and cut him off. As soon as I cut him off he gave me a grave look whilst I smugly smiled at him. I said “whats wrong? Disappointed that you shat all those roads out for nothing?” He said “I’d be worried if my shit was orange” I replied “I’d be worried if my jokes were that bad.” We still think back to that time fondly every now and then.
Henrik Høyrup
Henrik Høyrup 27 gün önce
Coule of tipsy girls at a bar. One yells "Oh GOD!" Me having spent the evening drinking my courage level up went over to them. "You called for God, so here I am." Girl gives me one glance, then firmly says: "I can see the similarities between you and God. I don't believe in you either!" I had absolutely nothing to come back with, so I just silently walked back to my chair.
Aoi 27 gün önce
Already feel like I’ll love this
metal wellington
metal wellington 29 gün önce
I know you are but what am i
Ariane Savard
Ariane Savard 29 gün önce
Itz Strikez
Itz Strikez 29 gün önce
Someone said “I didn’t ask” I responded with “why were you listening?”
Bhavee Rathod
Bhavee Rathod 29 gün önce
I had 2 friends one was very judgy and the other was sort of crazy and they were arguing then I just said “you’re judgemental, and you’re just mental” we all laughed it off 😂😂
JBROTHERS 2910 29 gün önce
I had a friend who is an avid soccer player. It’s just his hobby but whenever he leaves the party on xbox, he says he has to do “real life things” (soccer) knowing that my friend and I don’t do sports. He kept boasting about that whenever he had soccer practice and it was really annoying. Then, it was my friends breaking point. Shortly after the soccer enthusiast died in the game, he had to go for soccer practice. My friend made a cheeky remark “Oh yeah that’s right soccer players don’t know how to use their hands” It still sends me-
Neal Ruhl
Neal Ruhl 29 gün önce
2:10 plot twist: they're brothers
Cruz Florero
Cruz Florero 29 gün önce
NewLife101-민서- 29 gün önce
Anyone know where I can find the background music? The video was removed 😞
Ormus Aylar önce
I used to work with a guy who constantly bragged about how many women he's slept with. After a while it got kind of annoying so I said to him, in front of the whole receiving crew, "Yeah, yeah.We know. You get so much pussy you have to gargle with summer's eve." He just say there with a dumb look on his face. Never heard him brag again.
Nina Ahmad
Nina Ahmad Aylar önce
Is your friend who brings up the father-left-me story, Justin Michaelson from MPGIS?
WinderBlitz Aylar önce
I have visual impairment. one day I was walking down the street when I accidentally knocked a jar that was on the floor near a house door. fortunately it didn't break. at one point I heard a voice say "can't you watch where you're going, boy?" I stopped suddenly, turned around slowly and showed her the white cane "honestly, I can't even watch where you are" The lady apologized to me in at least 10 different ways. She didn't know where to turn. i was internally laughting
Kitty Cakez
Kitty Cakez Aylar önce
Zentaurius Aylar önce
Ok the most random thing that happened to me today was that I watched this video and saw that one of the people that replied to the reddit post has „Skuggsja“ as their username. That‘s also my username on almost all platforms but I write it with a „y“ bc the original spelling was taken on Instagram. Idk it was just so random and a little glitch in the matrix moment for me that made me stop the video and try to understand what I was seeing xD
Douglas W
Douglas W Aylar önce
I got a million. One Halloween a smart a-s teen came to the door and when I answered the door he said "what are you dressed up as?" (I was in normal clothes), I smiled and said a serial killer. True story
Douglas W
Douglas W Aylar önce
One of my kids was a real pill at times and would say "I hate you daddy"...I'd laugh and say "join the club"
Douglas W
Douglas W Aylar önce
off beat humor is a family trait...my granddad would come come into the kitchen every Thanksgiving, look at the turkey neck and gibblets and say "Oh my god they killed old Rover!"
Douglas W
Douglas W Aylar önce
Wife is from europe and had some of her friends from the old country over...they were speaking their native language and one gal stopped and said "oh sorry didnt mean to speak ....in front of you" I replied "no problem...I wouldnt have been listening if you were speaking English"
Douglas W
Douglas W Aylar önce
A young coworker was a quick thinker. I mentioned the wife was a GI nurse and she said "no wonder she thinks you look good" ...I was her boss ha ha
Douglas W
Douglas W Aylar önce
When we first met I asked her to say something in her native language...she said "like what" Thought for a moment and said "bird". The response was something with 3-4 syllables and I said "I meant one bird not the whole flock"
Erik Cruz
Erik Cruz Aylar önce
7:20 SmAlL bIg DIcK
Insane 2
Insane 2 Aylar önce
1:18, How much is 6+1? 7
TheAsylumchild Aylar önce
Nerds in video games would often say "your momma" and think they really had you until my girlfriend replied once "at least I have a mom and not two dads and a hole in the wall". That shut them up really quick.
ナイス Aylar önce
This one girl called us stupids I said “I think I have Alzheimer's because I don’t remember asking.” Every one said “OHH SHE GOT TOASTED TF OUT!” She looked at me pissed She never said that again once it happened
Jack Gaede
Jack Gaede Aylar önce
The best I've come up with: Random Kid: you suck Bruh: you swallow Me: not on your tiny dick
Comrade Commissar Yuri
Comrade Commissar Yuri Aylar önce
Not the greatest but the one I remember right now In a restaurant with family something happened that got me to say “Jesus Christ!!” My dad said “don’t swear” I replied “I think you’ll find dad that, that was blasphemy” He wasn’t happy 😂
Isaiah B
Isaiah B Aylar önce
The first one caught me off guard and I was about to start laughing out loud in the middle of class 😂
Mary Wray
Mary Wray Aylar önce
I wondering why the narrator keeps calling penises BIG DICKS.it was wrote sick but the not added BIG everytime
Brock Perry
Brock Perry Aylar önce
There was this girl (she was also fat) in high school who was incapable of being nice to anyone. One day she goes up to me and says "I wouldn't show up to school if I have a face like yours." I just replied, "Yea, tough talk from someone who is a weight hazard on a fucking cargo bridge." She never talked to me again
FidNip theFrog
FidNip theFrog Aylar önce
I wonder what that Funny junk link was
CoffeeWithTheCynic Aylar önce
Me: Alright kids, its time for bed! Daughter: I'm not tired! Me: It's. Time. For. Bed. Daughter: I HATE YOU! Me: Well, I'm not your biggest fan right now either. Time for bed.
Koko Koko
Koko Koko Aylar önce
“You do cast a wide shadow.” LMAO IM FUCKIN DEAD
Noah Shackelford
Noah Shackelford Aylar önce
One time I thought of an amazing comeback, 15 years after it happened.
supr_ Aylar önce
And then everyone clapped
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Aylar önce
*"Pusay"* 😌
BTFOOMNY Aylar önce
Fraternity brother spent most of lunch aiming one line jokes at me, "Is that your nose, or are you eating a banana?" type stuff. Twenty-five people in the dining room. When he finally slowed down, I tapped my glass with my fork, stood up and said, "Brother Jim, here, has been reeling of a bunch of one line jokes at me for the last ten minutes. After lunch, he and I are going up stairs, and I am going to teach him how to do TWO line jokes." Jim shut up.
Just A Random Comment
Just A Random Comment Aylar önce
Story time. There were two siblings at my school and one was a person trying to become a teacher and they happen to be in the same class as me. They were telling stories about when they’re were young and one told her sibling she was adopted through out their childhood. And I said “Atleast they wanted her.” She was speechless and laughed awkwardly and left the room- I have no regrets.
Amy Chong
Amy Chong Aylar önce
I’m Canadian, and my mom and I went to the states for the weekend on a shopping trip. My brother was jealous because we got to go to the Olive Garden, and I sent him pictures of all of the delicious food I was eating. Later that day he asked me how the Olive Garden was, and I told him it was great and that I was super full and felt like I ate my weight in food. I was in Walmart about half an hour later when he texted me to ask how I was getting across the border back in to Canada. Confused, I asked him what he meant. That’s when he told me that they won’t let me back in to Canada because there’s a weight limit 😂😂 I almost pissed myself I laughed so hard, people probably thought I was insane.
wut Aylar önce
Classmate: u suck Me: its ur mom Classmate: ur my mom Me: your adopted
Gale Aylar önce
Bailey Townsend
Bailey Townsend Aylar önce
Are you a flex tape commercial? Cause that’s a lot of damage. I’m waiting to tell this. I made it up.
Troy .Penney
Troy .Penney Aylar önce
19:14 the correct comeback is "you are home"
healthy corn
healthy corn Aylar önce
Love your channel. Just a tip though, maybe stop censoring the d word with "big d word" and use something else
Jayden Bunker
Jayden Bunker Aylar önce
I absolutely burned some 9th grader gesterday and they quietly whispered at me. No u and lulled out an uno reverse card. That was slick
Raptor22 Aylar önce
Does anyone know the name of the song in the background of these videos? The link in the description no longer works, and the Wayback Machine doesn't help either (while I was able to see page, the video would not play, and the title was just a generic "No Copyright Lofi Chill" or something like that).
BootyTenders Aylar önce
No one: Text to speech: poOsay
matthew natividad
matthew natividad Aylar önce
Ducking drew Gus
Nick DeGugs
Nick DeGugs Aylar önce
1:12 Perfect comback to this comeback: Yes?
FailerShino Aylar önce
I don't know about dis
FallenAfterling Aylar önce
Eugene Dascoli
Eugene Dascoli Aylar önce
The place where I used to work raised all there prices on hot beverages. So when a woman came to buy her daily tea, she was furious it cost $0.79 more than yesterday. Went on and on... I told her to start a revolution about it.
I know this is going to sound stupid, but
I know this is going to sound stupid, but Aylar önce
You Are a fucking asshole Who profits off lazy content. Stop making content this platform doesn’t need you
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali Aylar önce
Just look at the number of views he gets trying to spread positive messages. This guy is the toast!
LT. GAMING Aylar önce
These vids are usually good
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali Aylar önce
Like your boyfriend! Lol jk
SwellSauce Aylar önce
“I’d get on your level, but the fall would kill me.”
Bailey Townsend
Bailey Townsend Aylar önce
The Devil
The Devil Aylar önce
Friend #1: Wanna hear a joke? Friend #2 Sure. Friend #1: Your mom is a joke. Friend #3: I get it, you don't.
Tobs457 Aylar önce
FailerShino Aylar önce
Cadon Strain
Cadon Strain Aylar önce
Had a roast circle in high school that left me speechless: Other: "Spit me some facts, nerd." Me: "You are as straight as Sa-TURN." Other: "At least I am straighter than Uranus." I was left speechless wondering, "WTF just happened!?"
Islam is peace
Islam is peace Aylar önce
Cadon Strain
Cadon Strain Aylar önce
@Fumblia It was a few year ago, but I was a bit cringy lol.
Fumblia Aylar önce
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