Why I Haven't Been Posting...

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I know I should've uploaded this at the beginning of the year, but here it is... My honest thoughts about youtube and why I haven't been posting. Also, a little preview of what's coming up next!
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op3l Gün önce
dang, didn't know you were still a thing and doing videos. youtube algorithm put you up and good to see you still making videos.
lhdk2712 Gün önce
Arcade trickshot video??? I NEED TO SEE THAT!!!
Uyen Pham
Uyen Pham Gün önce
RIGHT. I can't find it, someone pls tell us the title. Graci
TheOfficalApple Gün önce
I was 110 years old Now you made me to 112 years old.
Joshua Cho
Joshua Cho 3 gün önce
No hate but I find it funny that it’s ten minutes
Angelika Haroon
Angelika Haroon 4 gün önce
I am watching this video after a long time you uploaded anotger video and now u stopped posting when I saw this I thought it was for the other vid
Darinka Ham
Darinka Ham 4 gün önce
I remember watching his old videos with my sister when I was 6. I wanna say that a year later my dad got me my first computer and I vividly remember asking my sister how to spell nigahiga. Unfortunately, she was an ass and would tell me to sound it out... I did eventually find the videos but damn... I can vote now
Darth Dunny
Darth Dunny 5 gün önce
2:15 "for the longest time....." WOAH-OH-UH-OH
Reinhart Michael
Reinhart Michael 6 gün önce
This is getting recommended when rhpc is falling apart.
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 7 gün önce
I love you Ryan
Ponfuripon 7 gün önce
It's might be late for me to say this but, thanks for make a great, funny, and basically everything content you already made :) i just found you like 1 years a go and i really love your content and YOU and everyone behind your video. I hope you'll always have fun at making video :)
Ponfuripon 7 gün önce
And watching you really courage myself to be myself :D i just draw what i want and love. Thank you soo much ryan ♥️
Ponfuripon 7 gün önce
Actually i really get motivation by watching you... i love drawing as a hobby. And at first i truly just draw for having fun. But when i started posting my art on ig i feel pressured to follow the trend, algorithm etc. And i had a hiatus for like 2/3 years because i lost my fun. But then i came back and now i feel better :) finally i draw whatever i want, just no matter how long it takes i just do what i love to do
sandrakim9 8 gün önce
Had an “off the pill” moment at the end there 😂 it’s not a video editing problem it’s just the typical being Ryan. I don’t care who edits and even if you’re using iMovie (even unironically) this channel has always made me break into a smile for one reason. Clearly still has the entertainer at heart that just wants to make the people around him laugh. And that’s what’s most important to be able to endure so long on TRwomen in my opinion. All the other stuff is just the spice and dressings.
Ahma Nin-nin
Ahma Nin-nin 9 gün önce
all these years and you still get me to physically laugh/giggle. i usually just mental laugh these days
Alan Zhang
Alan Zhang 9 gün önce
Ryan is the most creative and genuine creater on TRwomen, he really teaches us what TRwomen is about
Pearl Lugtu
Pearl Lugtu 9 gün önce
This is why I love RHPC
Shooter Craft
Shooter Craft 10 gün önce
Ryan even if you take a year of break I’ll wait. Don’t worry.
Aaromal K . J
Aaromal K . J 10 gün önce
21.4 M subscribers wants your comedy content. We 1.8 M viewers(obviously subscribers) needs you.
Hella Morgan
Hella Morgan 11 gün önce
environmentalbuff 11 gün önce
The only og we should look up too ❤️
Stupid Bro
Stupid Bro 12 gün önce
Raw Doxbin
Raw Doxbin 13 gün önce
And if he stops doing TRwomen I'll always remember 9:48
Kritika Kerdwal
Kritika Kerdwal 13 gün önce
We care. We will always care. Keep posting ♥️♥️♥️♥️👏🏿
Kimzee 16 gün önce
Dear Ryan, have you watched My Hero academia?
Sleepyhead Animations
Sleepyhead Animations 16 gün önce
I do miss the one video every 2 weeks, but I'm here for the good content ^^ have been since 3rd grade I always turn to your videos for a bright side when I'm in a bad mood or having bad days. Thank you for the great youtube videos, new and old.
Sherlyn Alvarez
Sherlyn Alvarez 18 gün önce
i just want to jump out of your screen and hug you :(
shreeya_d _gr8
shreeya_d _gr8 19 gün önce
You are a great person. I love watching your videos. I just started. Please continue. Love you!
Octoblade 20 gün önce
Please never stop making youtube videos
Demogorgon 21 gün önce
I am in love with this guy....
Ryan Dwaine Contrevida
Ryan Dwaine Contrevida 23 gün önce
2019 Me : That's ok, just take a rest. 2020 Me : Where have you been? We need more uploads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim 23 gün önce
Wheres the arcade video????
ParanomiaOfficial 17 gün önce
Dude he can’t go out to the arcade. What do you expect? -_-
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce 24 gün önce
I think when he says the "top of food chain" content, he means people like mrbeast, who exploited the system to get endless sponsors and videos. And also used pewdipie to gain exposure
Platinum Warrior
Platinum Warrior 24 gün önce
TRwomen:8 month’s ago Date:March(which is 3 month’s ago. Me:( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
JSRTheTigerWhisperer 28 gün önce
Hey we never got that arcade trickshot video!
Narancs109 Aylar önce
Please make more videos they are so awesome
sofie adie
sofie adie Aylar önce
When I'm thinking about all my friends in the same age are either happily married or expanding their family and business while I being dismissed from my job due to pandemic, watching all the youtubers video that make me happy back in the day and heard Ryan said: "DON'T HAVE KIDS" You've made my day Ryan. Feel better now... Thank you...
Ashley Aylar önce
Ryan, whether you read this comment or not, I will watch anything you put out. Theres a reason we've stayed since the beginning, we loved watching you have fun in those videos with Sean. The reason why we find you to be such a genuine TRwomenr (Like Jenna Marbles) is because you're honest with your audience, we enjoy when you're having fun. You are always going against the grain and I expect that from you because thats how you genuinely are. Please go against the grain and post whatever you want. When you choose to have your videos be influenced by many factors that define a "successful video" in this saturated algorithm, then that is where you'll loose that genuine spirit you have showed us in all your videos. I enjoyed your painting video!!! You're hilarious. Love ya!
Kasturi Duggaraju
Kasturi Duggaraju Aylar önce
I feel happy for you
Justin Quan
Justin Quan Aylar önce
Man makes a 10 min long video: Puts no ads Man makes 1hr long podcasts: Puts only 3 ads We don't deserve this man
Jasper Lee
Jasper Lee Aylar önce
Just wondering, what ever happened to that arcade trickshot video?
That Penguin Dragon
That Penguin Dragon Aylar önce
Yeah.. youtube has been getting more crappy overtime ngl. Everyone keeps saying "Sub to Pewds" and anytime I would watch his stuff it just felt meh... and yeah Ryan for some reason well just is the most down to earth guy ever on this platform tbh
Bentley Parker
Bentley Parker Aylar önce
Make more dear ryan videos
Will Gregory
Will Gregory Aylar önce
He do be looking the same since I was 13.
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson Aylar önce
Been watching since big bouncy inflatable green ball what a ride
Victoria Michel
Victoria Michel Aylar önce
Hi, love you, k byee
Lifted Sailboat
Lifted Sailboat Aylar önce
Jenna Marbles and Ryan Higa are the only two people keeping me in TRwomen.
i died like 14 years ago
i died like 14 years ago Aylar önce
Why no one talk about he hasn't Post community yet
Kajiwara Family
Kajiwara Family Aylar önce
I really want ur videos to be more recognized and people to know how awesome you are. All that truly matters is that you are happy and healthy
3SKHP 13 gün önce
I want him to hit 22 million subscribers please tell all your friends and loved one's to subscribe to his channel. This way he won't be let down as he will understand that people appreciate his content.
Oh Look it’s a Burrito! 3,000
Oh Look it’s a Burrito! 3,000 Aylar önce
You do you Ryan, Just make sure you enjoy what you do.
Ian Van Oosterhout
Ian Van Oosterhout Aylar önce
Arcade trick shots...?!
Misek Maden
Misek Maden Aylar önce
I think he forgot about it
Rustydingomingo Aylar önce
Everyone cares about the money. Doing it because it makes people happy is lying to yourself. If you didn’t get money from TRwomen anymore you wouldn’t post. It’s not wrong it’s normal to want money for work
3SKHP 13 gün önce
But Ryan started apploadi great content before before youtube even gave money, so we know Ryan is not here for money, so please appreciate him by subscribing. I want him to hit 22million.
Rustydingomingo Aylar önce
0:50 - 0:54 lamp shading is not going to cover for this brake btw.
Zappz! Aylar önce
I'm here from 2020 and we are all in quarantine right now the whole earth 🤯🤯🤯
r7m rblx
r7m rblx Aylar önce
pizza dude productions
pizza dude productions Gün önce
just a friendly blasian what he said
Kjanglehart 6 gün önce
Videos over 10 minutes long get midroll ads
just a friendly blasian
just a friendly blasian 9 gün önce
T S Aylar önce
We love you Ryan , we're still here, you will always be worth it❤
Joseph Castillo
Joseph Castillo Aylar önce
Ryan my friend, I remember watching you since the beginning with Sean, glad you’re doing well. Sincerely- One of your OG subscribers.
3SKHP 13 gün önce
Please tell all your friends and loved ones to subscribe to nigahiga. I want him to hit 22 million.
EGA 1022
EGA 1022 Aylar önce
“For the few of you that cared” We all care about you Ryan. Stay strong and keep doing what you want to do
Liliana Mochi
Liliana Mochi Aylar önce
Hey Ryan, idk if you are going to see this but I start watching your videos since 2015. I love your content, from I Dare You to Cooking, But Not Really. I LOVE the Skitzo. But around 2 years ago, I lost interested in youtube content and recently began getting back to it. I wanna say that you will always be one of my favorite youtube creators. Every now and then, I will go back and rewatched your videos. Your videos always bring laughter and good memories. I LOVE YOU! and stay safe during this time. I will always support you!
renee mercado
renee mercado Aylar önce
so much love and respectttttt for this wonderful human being
Daizy Train
Daizy Train Aylar önce
Everyone knows that saying nigahiga is perfectly fine. NoT RaCiSt
Ivan Aylar önce
aka power creep... you got too good man!
Carlo Cruz
Carlo Cruz Aylar önce
Man after watching PewDiePie for years and watching your videos during quarantine. I realized Ryan Higa content is better than PewDiePie and he deserves also 100 Million views.
3SKHP 13 gün önce
He at the very least needs to get 22 million subscribers.
Laura Maria
Laura Maria 2 aylar önce
I really don’t get fans who complain, it’s not a tv series, it’s TRwomen gee, let people be...
Uvindu Abeysekara
Uvindu Abeysekara 2 aylar önce
U can tell this is genuine since there's no ads lol
Chitoan Doan
Chitoan Doan 2 aylar önce
Anyone else wondering where the arcade trickshot video is?
Yash Kulkarni
Yash Kulkarni 2 aylar önce
Did you read Ryan's book of how to read minds?😂😂
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee 2 aylar önce
I just watched this now. honestly FUCK TRwomen's algorithm - look at the number of great, amazing TRwomenrs who are affected by it, even someone like Ryan. It must be kinda tough to feel like being forgotten and replaced because of all the stats displayed, and those people like the 100k unsubscribers. Just want you to know that fans still care about you, and even people like for me - I've been watching TRwomen less these days - we still root for you and wish you the best!! And, never gonna unsubscribe!!
Fiji Water
Fiji Water 2 aylar önce
I care Ryan, we all care
Alena S.
Alena S. 2 aylar önce
This is such a refreshing video though, might check out some newer videos, it looks like there's a few passion projects again. TRwomen really needs some serious competition.
Lucais Romo
Lucais Romo 2 aylar önce
I feel so bad that Ryan can't just talk. He has to make sure no one gets upset with him.
Lucais Romo
Lucais Romo 2 aylar önce
We never saw that arcade one. Where did it go?
Lucais Romo
Lucais Romo 2 aylar önce
Ryan, how bout you just get rid of this channel and just invest in HigaTV Bring back the other shows when corona is gone.
iNate 2 aylar önce
He didnt post the arcade trickshots :(
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