Why Shane Dawson Was Dropped By YouTube

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H3 Podcast Highlights

H3 Podcast Highlights

28 gün önce

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Bbwong 4 saatler önce
Actually there is evidence
666muffintop 9 saatler önce
oh my god. didn’t y’all know that lipton is a RACIST tea??!!! shame on h3h3. Yerba Maté for life bitches.
MarsOE 10 saatler önce
Anna Sun
Anna Sun 16 saatler önce
Did they talk about how they've had Shane on this podcast before and their history with him? He talked about his previous allegations with them before!
A. Aziz
A. Aziz Gün önce
I never liked Shane Dawson, and shocking as this is, it's not too surprising in retrospect. He often tried to be funny in a creepy way and the audience cheered him on, sadly.
doubleOT Gün önce
Shane and Chrissy 2020
spiros botos
spiros botos Gün önce
Na that dude needs his legs broken
princesstamika 2 gün önce
that whole psychological thing is why he constantly crosses this boundary. constantly, it's an over-arching theme for years and he needs help with that.
Marlee Ebbert
Marlee Ebbert 2 gün önce
Oh God, my friends read 4chan and the one thing they showed me was seriously the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in my life
Karissa Brathwaite
Karissa Brathwaite 2 gün önce
Shane is really being dumb with these “jokes”. If you see a pattern of ppl calling you out for stuff like this just DONT do it
Princess Huddini
Princess Huddini 2 gün önce
This podcast is spilling the tea. Lipton should have sponsored it.
Arthur Edens
Arthur Edens 2 gün önce
Jeffree Star next please
Belle Birk
Belle Birk 2 gün önce
Back then it was funny. That was his humour and people found it funny hence why he got so popular. Its disgusting now but people really be out acting like they didnt fucking laugh. I get it if you're young, its obviously a cultural shift. But Filthy Frank and Iddubz have the exact same humour, Iddubz says racial slurs so did Frank. It's just one portion of people getting angry and then the majority follow. The difference is that Shane got involved with the beauty community, which is more known for drama than makeup. That's what fans thrive on. Pedophilia was a fucking joke back then. It wasnt taken seriously which is incredibly fucked up! It's like male abuse victims are still not quite taken seriously. I dont think Shane has abused any kids. Is it possible he has unresolved trauma or a messed up mentality? Yeah, probably, and he lived in a culture where he could act out because it enabled it. Being gross was funny, it's why people like Lovely Peaches. Does it justify it? Absolutely not. But I believe Shane when he says hes disgusted by who he used to be. I think he should get shit, people are rightfully pissed off but taking down his channel or trying to tear down his businesses would be punishing a shane that no longer exists when current Shane knows how fucking wrong all of that was.
Michelle Versace
Michelle Versace 3 gün önce
why are their so many lipton tea boxes behind them?
dupadupadoo69 3 gün önce
The clip of him talking about the 6 yo instagrammer wasn't even that heavily edited....
Shme 3 gün önce
Ok so how many people out there who are adults understand that this guys 12 million subscriber popularity, was mostly children. Very young impressionable children that looked up to this Dawson guy. I am not talking on teens I am speaking to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders that watched every single video he put out. Yes, the high majority of subs from this era were children. So what does the words this man says to his audience of children say to these children? It's ok if a man wants to have sex with you, he only wants to do this because although he is in a mans body, he is a child in his mind. Seriously, this is not ok now, it was not ok then and I swear I just found out maybe a month ago who this Dawson person even was and it was because of a video with him and one of the Paul brothers who I only know about because of the suicide woods video. This is insane to me that these creators are paid tons of money are treated like stars and get away with saying this kind of bullshit and ok, you were molested, lets not sit and pretend that was ok, I don't care who is trying to make themselves feel better. What do we wait till a young man finally is brave enough to say he was abused to take action? No, this is the wrong fucking message to send period.
Zen Dissonance
Zen Dissonance 3 gün önce
Danny H
Danny H 3 gün önce
Good job publicly attacking your former friend and throwing him away like a piece of trash. Since Shane can't help your career anymore might as well attack and eat your own. No loyalty. You don't have to defend him, but you don't have to kill the guy.
MtShastaVideos 2 gün önce
uhh god forbid they arent loyal to their racist pedophile 'friend'
Adam 4 gün önce
How on earth hahs Shane been such a figure on youtube for so long with clips like this floating around... What a creep. My jaw hit the fucking floor when he was talking about googling naked baby and wondering whats wrong with it.... Unbelievable.
Maggie Baby
Maggie Baby 4 gün önce
I thought I saw it all..then I saw the Justin Bieber clip. Ugh dude that's so fked up.
Kevin Schayes
Kevin Schayes 4 gün önce
I was 10-12 when I was watching shane and thought he was hilarious. Looking back I obviously don't think that anymore. But i also look back at Smosh and RWJ and they're humor (although a little cringy) still holds up and nobody's out to cancel them, so....
MegaChill 4 gün önce
there's tea everywhere.
Pl Pl
Pl Pl 4 gün önce
- Wasn't there a movement to normalise pedophilia? - Yeah, it's called 4chan. Savage Dan
Alex the Kaiju Fan
Alex the Kaiju Fan 4 gün önce
Whoever is the guy with Ethan and Hila as a Godzilla sweater.
StreakyBaconMan 4 gün önce
I don't even get why people give so much of a shit. If you watch his content then stop watching it. If there are still people that want to watch him then whatever. Why should I even care that he made these shitty unfunny jokes in some dumb attempt to be edgy many years ago? Why should I even care if he did it today? If someone was acting like that in real life I'd just tell them how lame and unfunny what they were saying was and move on, and I wouldn't be friends with that person because I don't like hanging around lame unfunny people. It's really dumb how much people online LOOOOVE to find some opportunity to crucify someone and try and destroy their entire life over some dumb mistake they made as though what they did was totally unforgivable, and they can NEVER redeem themselves as long as they live. If someone molests children, or has sexual conversations or tries to solicit nudes from children or if they are some type of evil murderer or have actually intentionally caused other people very serious harm then I would understand people coming after them so hard for merely existing on any platform. But for this? Really? SURELY there are worse people on the platform actually abusing people to go after.
Charles M.
Charles M. 4 gün önce
One "influencer" down, many more to go. Glad I won't see him on trending, was getting tired of it.
KamikazeYazzie 5 gün önce
Hold up.. Didn't these guys have this guy on their podcast a while back, so why didn't they bring up these questions to him back then... I mean they had to have known the background to his content to invite him on the podcast... ?
Elly Tellem
Elly Tellem 5 gün önce
If you watch dangelowallace's video on Shane, you will realize how problematic he really is. Shane has kissed a 12 year old fan on the lips, made another young fan twerk for him on a video chat, asked his extremely young fan base to post pictures of their orgasm faces, feet, lips, etc. And to top it off, there's actual video proof of him touching children and making them to do inappropriate things. He completely abuses his platform and it sickens me how all of this shit has been swept under the rug for this fucking long.
hddd 5 gün önce
all of shanes jokes really just seem like a victim trying to deal with his own abuse through humor wether or not you find it funny is up to you but i dont think hes actually a pedo and acting like he is seems like a stretch
Earthjoi 5 gün önce
idk why but i want lipton tea..........lol
theBlunt 5 gün önce
Also you didnt hear the creep audio to THE END where he actually says the baby is sexy and wants to go on before he is stopped by the other person. In another audio he laughs! when he is told a real story of a real baby that was raped to death. He then says "Awesome!" and wants to know the grossest details. Complete lack of empathy. Just for context. I know its disturbing to really look into this, but when you make this video, you have to.
theBlunt 5 gün önce
We have no proof he actually hurt anyone (Except for using his platform for grooming children, probably, as some of them say now they are old enogh to speak up)? We also have no proof he got molested! For someone who got sexually taken advantage of, he sure makes a lotta rape jokes. That can NOT be the normal reaction, are you kidddinnngg. He would say anything to manipulate us in my opinion. Making himself the victim makes him look less like a sociopathic criminal. Normal people just dont want to believe it, we keep going like Naww, he didnt mean thaat, when he obviously. obviously. does. For SO long.
Golip Polyp
Golip Polyp 5 gün önce
Trauma victims rationalize which also translates to an identification with their perpetrator and the respective behaviors. Pedophiles usually have a crippling inferiority complex. This guy needed help but what’s happening now is inexcusable. Someone’s trauma is not an excuse for shit like this.
Hoang Nam Nguyen
Hoang Nam Nguyen 6 gün önce
Closes eyes and enters astral projecting
reasons 6 gün önce
I’d love to see
Ryan B
Ryan B 6 gün önce
Actually young children up to around 5 are s3xual because they have high levels of s3x hormones at that age. But they may not be conscious of it because they don't understand what it is. Their s3xuality goes dormant around 5 years old as the s3x hormone levels decrease and doesn't come back until the s3x hormone levels rise again at puberty.
alicia bromley
alicia bromley 6 gün önce
3:52 R kelly and Shane are the same in this way...
FBP 6 gün önce
WTF I've always thought Shane was a bit creepy but damn.
Demi Hogue
Demi Hogue 6 gün önce
I just love how all these TRwomenrs are so politically correct these days and they're ALL above Shane and his old videos as if they weren't there watching and laughing not saying a thing but BOOM as soon as there's controversy with past actions, quotes, videos they all say how wrong that TRwomenr is and how distasteful it was and how they were wrong to do it EVEN IF THAT PERSON HAS APOLOGIZED MULTIPLE TIMES FOR THEIR PAST and their content is absolutely nothing like the "bad" content. SMDH. Gah forbid "cancel culture" can't stop being a hypocritical twats and stop crying about shit that has been addressed and delt with and keep bringing shit up and stirring the pot just because theyre offended because they saw it now and not 10 fucking years ago even though there was/are videos from years ago with apologizes. All y'all are fake as fuck and just jump on the bandwagon because that's what sheeple do.
kiko 1
kiko 1 6 gün önce
Edgy jokes are one thing but talking that way to a 12 year old is fucking weird. This is less about freedom of speech and just not being a creep.
whitexchina 6 gün önce
Why did this creepy lunatic became so popular in the 1st place?
whitexchina 6 gün önce
Milo was canceled for far less. He made one comment, talking & making light about his abuse. Look at what Shane did & people still defend him. He even kissed a 12 year old on the mouth, groped girls & told a teen to twerk & undress for him.
Ali McGarel
Ali McGarel 6 gün önce
...was there enough product placement tho?
CaptainObvious 7 gün önce
I feel like almost every TRwomenr's career can be summed up a batman said "you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain" recently all these shady pasts are coming up its just a matter of time
Free Bee
Free Bee 7 gün önce
this chick is so un-charismatic
hddd 5 gün önce
ive seen dead fish that are more animated
Faith Vivian
Faith Vivian 7 gün önce
I thought that video was fake! Wow... As if I supported him! And bought his palette.
Nate SoFla
Nate SoFla 7 gün önce
Wow.... Shane is Evil. Period.
Baccuus 7 gün önce
When Lipton gives you $20 to show their product on your podcast.
Stringer Strang
Stringer Strang 7 gün önce
The new Shane Dawson haircut is the equivalent of the curly hair fade that all the TikTok boys have now
Alexis D
Alexis D 7 gün önce
Can someone leave the link of the girl who compiled the Shane Dawson kid videos?
Shine baby shine
Shine baby shine 7 gün önce
Y’all should watch Dangelowallace’ new Shane video. He literally obliterated him. So much so that Shane MAY need to be investigated by authorities. I would never allow him around my children or my....animals
Aerith Martin
Aerith Martin 7 gün önce
You cannot compare pedophilia to a foot fetish
Keryn Lafferty
Keryn Lafferty 7 gün önce
no sane human agreeeeees so stop asking "DOES ANYONE AGREE"
Rob Mulally
Rob Mulally 7 gün önce
I suddenly want some tea and I can't figure out why.
Nicole Geiger
Nicole Geiger 8 gün önce
MAP’s are all over Tumblr...Barcroft also did a short interview with Todd Nickelson called “Life of a Virtuous Paedophile” where he talks about how he’s non-offending and all of that...
Kar Miller
Kar Miller 8 gün önce
JOSE frommarsss
JOSE frommarsss 8 gün önce
Fuck I haven't seen you guys in years you guys came a long way!
Savage Milky
Savage Milky 8 gün önce
I remember he said he always make crazy jokes just to be edgy and so people would listen to him but he doesnt really meant it.
Decks101 8 gün önce
beyond infinity
beyond infinity 8 gün önce
now guys you are talking... when i was saying this shane is a creep
beyond infinity
beyond infinity 8 gün önce
katie morton should have seen these before ...
beyond infinity
beyond infinity 8 gün önce
he has been faking all these things
beyond infinity
beyond infinity 8 gün önce
shame dawason?
Jaana EnKerro
Jaana EnKerro 9 gün önce
so many people are saying he's a pedo, I'm glad h3 are putting out a different narrative
Trucker Rob
Trucker Rob 9 gün önce
Can we talk about Dawson's girlfriend at the time putting a peep between her legs?! She's wack af too.
Trucker Rob
Trucker Rob 9 gün önce
Shawn Dawson is telling his huge audience that hes sympathetic to pedifiles . How did he get big on TRwomen?
Pine Pinace
Pine Pinace 9 gün önce
But how you guys on the podcast with him said that the “allegations against Shane Dawson are trash”?
Preshy Jones
Preshy Jones 9 gün önce
You and your wife encouraged shane last 2 years ago when popblast first called out shane for this behaviours and you guys played it of as a joke.
Andrew Tolan
Andrew Tolan 9 gün önce
Holy shit man. I knew he had dark humor but this is straight fucked up.
Mafia Princess
Mafia Princess 9 gün önce
Don’t forget his audience was teenagers and he was trying for shock value and humor. I mention the teenagers because most would simply laugh and not break it down like we are currently doing. Was he disturbing YES, but it was done for humor. For years he was praised and paid for that humor, don’t forget that.
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