The Speech Heard 'Round the World 🎤 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
25 gün önce
Deena, Nicole, and Jenni make a bridesmaids speech at Angelina's wedding... but it doesn't quite go as they planned.
Vinny Tells Angelina How He Really Feels About Her | Jersey Shore Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
The family tells Angelina how they really feel about her, and everyone is shocked by Vinny's revelation. #JSFamilyVacation ...
The Aftermath of The Speech... 😬 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
21 gün önce
After the speech doesn't go over well with Angelina's wedding guests, the guys figure out a way to save the wedding. Will they ...
Pauly D Makes A Move on JWoww | Jersey Shore Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
The roomies watch as magic 10 years in the making ensues between Pauly and Jenni. Will she give him the greenlight?
The Morning After P-Woww | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Aylar önce
The fam reflects on the previous night's events, including Jenni and Pauly almost sealing the deal, and Angelina is left to figure out ...
More Drama for Angelina 👀 Jersey Shore Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
Deena hopes to make amends among the girls before Angelina's Bachelorette Party - while Mike, Vinny, and Pauly plan a Boy's ...
Will P-WOWW Happen at Angelina’s Wedding? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Aylar önce
The roommates want to see Jenni and Pauly hook up. Will it happen on the eve of Angelina's wedding? #JSFamilyVacation ...
Will Jenni & Pauly Hook Up in New Orleans? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
Is this hook up ten years in the making? Jenni and Pauly get flirty at the strip club. #JSFamilyVacation #JerseyShore #MTV ...
Best of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 1
9 aylar önce
Look back at all of the moments the group spiraled, roasted each other, and made lasting memories. Watch #JSFamilyVacation ...
The ABC’s of #JSFamilyVacation Part 2 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
11 aylar önce
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 gave us too many gems to count, so let's just break It down by the alphabet!
Jenni Comes Face-to-Face with Angelina’s Grandmother | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Aylar önce
After talking to Angelina's psychic grandmother over the phone, Jenni comes face-to-face with her at the rehearsal dinner.
Ron’s Scary Phone Call 😬 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
Yıl önce
Ron gets a scary phone call from Jen, but the rest of the fam isn't buying her story. Check out the season finale of ...
Jerzdays Will Never Be The Same 😱 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
4 aylar önce
Homecoming parties, divorce parties, bachelorette parties, and... wedding parties. All of that and so much more is coming up on ...
Jenni Breaks Down Her Divorce | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
10 aylar önce
Jenni and Nicole discuss the situation with Roger. Watch #JSFamilyVacation Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. #JerseyShore ...
MVP Crashes Angelina's Bachelorette Party | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
While tensions brew between Jenni and Vinny, the guys get ready to crash Angelina's Bachelorette Party. #JSFamilyVacation ...
Will Angelina Leave Her Own Wedding? 💍 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
22 gün önce
After the girls' speech, Angelina's emotions take over. Will she leave her own wedding? #JSFamilyVacation #JerseyShore #MTV ...
Angelina Gets Married.... For Real! 👰 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
28 gün önce
Speak now, or shorever hold your peace! Angelina walks down the aisle to marry Chris.... and will Vinny get over the one that got ...
Locked Out | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
11 aylar önce
How many guidos does it take to unlock a car? Watch #JSFamilyVacation Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. #JerseyShore ...
JWoww Checks Angelina 👀 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
9 aylar önce
Angelina confronts Zack, and JWOWW comes to his defense. Watch new episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Thursdays at ...
The Family Vacation Gang Goes Bowling 🎳 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
4 aylar önce
The roommates go bowling with Laurens while they wait for Mike's release date. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns Thursday, ...
Jersey Shore: Famliy Vacation - S03 E28 - The Speech Part 1
25 gün önce
Jersey Shore Family Vacation 2018 ‧ Reality ‧ 3 seasons 6.8/10 · IMDb 91% liked this TV show The original housemates of 'Jersey ...
JWoww Surprises Angelina & MVP Assembles for a Boys Weekend 🤝 Jersey Shore Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
Jenni heads to New Orleans to mend things with Angelina before her Bachelorette Party, while Mike, Vinny, and Pauly take over ...
Mike & Laurens Reveal Heartbreaking News to the Roomies | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Aylar önce
After settling into their new home, Mike and Lauren sit down with the roommates to let them know about their recent miscarriage.
The End For Snooki? 💔 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
18 gün önce
It isn't clear where the roomies stand when Angelina refuses Deena's apology. Emotional after a night of drama, Nicole decides ...
Happy Labor Day, Mawmas! 👶 Jersey Shore Family Vacation | MTV
10 aylar önce
Reliving Nicole, Jenni, and Deena's journeys to motherhood in honor of Labor Day. Catch new episodes of Jersey Shore Family ...
Jersey Shore’s Most-Watched June Videos ft. Wedding Drama & More | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
5 gün önce
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation wrapped up its third season in the middle of June, which meant the month was filled with P.Woww ...
Pauly & Vinny Visit Mike In Prison | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
10 aylar önce
Pauly and Vinny take a trip upstate to visit Mike. Watch #JSFamilyVacation Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. #JerseyShore ...
Ron & Jen’s Rocky Relationship | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
Yıl önce
From the breakups, to the makeups, to the TMZ articles, let's take a look at the highs and lows of Ron and Jen's relationship!
“24” Gets Friendly w/ Angelina 👀 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
9 aylar önce
Jenni has a little too much tequila, while “24” gets handsy with Angelina. Catch new episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation ...
The Road To Angelina’s Wedding 💍 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
14 gün önce
To Angeliner and Chris! From hot dog fights to Chris joining the fam, we're reliving all the moments leading up to their special day.
Girls Night FIGHT 😡 'Sneak Peek' | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
Yıl önce
Girls night out takes a turn when someone at the bar makes a comment at Deena. All new episode of #JSFamilyVacation this ...
Some A--hole Calls Deena Fat 🤬 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
Yıl önce
Tonight on MTV, JWoww threatens to throw down for her friends on 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,' and Gus brings home a girl ...
Pauly D & JWoww’s Relationship Timeline | Jersey Shore + Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Aylar önce
The first night at the Jersey Shore house, sparks flew between Pauly and JWoww. Then, a decade later, at Angelina's bachelorette ...
7 Unforgettable Duck Phone Calls 🦆Ranked: Jersey Shore
6 aylar önce
Ah, the Duck Phone. Never has a landline caused so many problems. When in the 'Jersey Shore' house, the roommates had no ...
8 Times the ‘Jersey Shore’ Crew Should’ve Been Fired | Ranked: Jersey Shore
4 aylar önce
Listen, it's no secret the 'Jersey Shore' crew weren't the biggest fans of work. They took their unemployable skills to the next level, ...
Angelina Has Beef w/ Vinny After THAT Episode Aired | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
Angelina confronts Vinny about the way he spoke to Jenni on a previously aired episode of the series that dealt with the 24 drama.
JWoww & Angelina Squash Their Drama and The Meatballs Get Sauced | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
2 aylar önce
Jenni and Angelina talk through the drama with "24" while the meatballs live their best lives. In Vegas, MVP are worried about ...
All Over TMZ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
10 aylar önce
The group discusses all of the Ron and Jen drama from TMZ and social media. #JerseyShore #JSFamilyVacation #MTV ...
Vinny & Angelina Have Beef In Vegas (Again) | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
10 aylar önce
Angelina arrives in Vegas and already has drama with Vinny. Watch #JSFamilyVacation Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. #JerseyShore ...
I Know What Real Friendship Is | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
11 aylar önce
Ronnie admits to Angelina that he's tired of being the butt of the joke. Watch #JSFamilyVacation Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.